Announcement regarding recent add-on incidents

By STAFF_Ethan

Jun 24th, 2016

Greetings Saviors,

As we are now re-defining our policy on add-ons, it is only fair for us to lift any such restrictions made on June 14th regarding first and second time offenders that used certain functions of the cxAnywhere add-on to inappropriately access repair and selling functions. However, please note that any players found using the same add-on to will be penalized.

We also believe that most of those players will now be more careful when selecting add-ons in the future. However, we will be much more strict should these players should be caught using abusive add-ons again. 

There will be no compensation as the add-ons in question allowed inappropriate access to certain game functions. 

It has also come to our attention that there is a specific add-on claiming to boost the luck of players. We would like to re-emphasize that any and all percentage based in-game content, such as item drop rates, are all controlled server-side. No client side alterations will affect the actual rate of server-side calculations.

We also did some in-house testing of the add-on as soon as it came to our attention and confirmed that it did not affect any actual in-game data or any critical client-side files. While we do believe that the creator of the add-on in question meant no harm, this particular add-on caused quite a bit of confusion within the community, especially since the add-on creator made a video that could mislead players into believing that the add-on could help their chances when opening cubes.

Please note that such add-ons that mislead players and cause unnecessary confusion amongst the playerbase may cause the creator of the add-on be penalized as well.

IMC Staff