The Monster Card Equip System


Aug 1st, 2016

Greetings, Saviors!

This week on the blog we want to introduce you to a new feature we’re working on for a future update: the Monster Card Equip System. Please note that this feature is still under development and the final version may look different from what we’re showing you here, but this is what you can generally expect. 

What is the Monster Card Equip System?

We plan on making Monster Cards obtainable through the Cubes acquired after defeating field boss monsters and instanced dungeon/mission bosses.

Our goal is to create a function where these cards can be equipped by a character, just like equipment items. The Monster Cards will then have their own effects that are applied to the character when they equip the cards.

Equipping Monster Cards

New Monster Card slots will be added to the characters’ inventories. Each rank of your character will grant them one slot, so for instance, a Rank 5 character will have 5 Monster Card slots in their Inventory.

To equip a card from your inventory, you can either right-click it or drag and drop it on the card slot. You can equip different cards and receive their diverse types of benefits at once, or you can equip multiples of the same card and focus on a single effect that you want to multiply.



Can Monster Cards be Unequipped?

Monster Cards can be freely equipped and unequipped. Unequipping a Monster Card, however, will cause its EXP to decrease. See the images below.