Accounts banned for UI addon use


Jun 14th, 2016

Greetings, Saviors.

Up until recently, a number of players were proven to be making use of addons to modify the game client and allow access to Market, Repair, Personal Storage and Team Storage UIs outside of cities without interacting with their corresponding NPC.

We would like to announce that we have concluded our investigation of this abuse and the aforementioned UIs can no longer be accessed by abnormal means unintended by the game’s design. We will also be applying restrictions to all users found to have used the addons.

A total of 5607 accounts were found to take part in illegal use of addons, of which:

- 1151 had already been permanently banned and therefore their status has not been altered
- 3462 had been previously restricted and will now be banned permanently, as this is their second known offense
- 994 will be banned for a total of 30 days, as this is their first known offense

Please remember that addons which alter any elements of the gameplay are not allowed and are punishable by temporary or permanent ban.

If you find that your account has been unfairly restricted, however, kindly send us a ticket through our Support page so we may review your case.

Thank you.