Weekly Question and Answer - June 10, 2016


Jun 10th, 2016

Greetings, Saviors!

We've compiled another list of questions gathered from our forums to answer this week; read them below.


1. Regarding the Client and Server Lags

First, regarding the client, we have prepared a couple of additional updates as a follow-up to the previous update. They are ready to be included in the future patch. We can expect enhanced performance in a crowded situation.

As for the server lag problem, we’ve tracked down the factors suspected to be related to server resource leaks and we applied corrective measures during our latest patch. We can only confirm the server issues a few days after the fact, so we are constantly checking the system.


2. When will you reopen the servers?

The rationale behind closing the servers was to create a controlled environment so that the issues such as bots, lags and payment issues can be solved. The ultimate goal was to provide our users with optimal gameplay and experience.

After implementing certain fixes for bot and exploit issues, we are planning to reopen the servers for newcomers. Look out for further announcements about this.


3. When can we expect to hear about Rank 8 classes?

We are currently developing Rank 8 classes. The information about those classes are soon to be revealed. We hope to show you what we have prepared and polished very soon.


4. Will Monster Gems and Cards ever become tradable? 

The original intention behind them was to encourage users to explore various fields and invest a certain amount of time to obtain the desired items. That is why we set them as untradeable. We have no plans to make them tradable yet.


5. Could you let us know which add-ons are allowed and which aren’t? 

We have no plans on restricting add-ons that conveniently display information which can be obtained from external communities or between users.

However, we are sternly against add-ons that allow abnormal gameplay such as being able to use NPC stores on a field or an auto-play program. Those are prohibited and its user is liable to be banned. 


6. Lv 160 and Lv 175 dungeons are very stingy with EXP compared to other dungeons; are there any plans to revitalize them?

It is true that there are unpopular dungeons or mercenary missions. We believe that even if we simply adjust EXP and Silver yields from dungeons, it will only rearrange the popularity list and will not solve the problem fundamentally.

That is why in kTOS, we have included unique rewards that are dungeon-specific in certain dungeons. And we plan to expand such practice to other dungeons as well.

In addition, this week’s patch will change all the dungeons’ BGMs to their own themes.


7. Will there be a housing system and/or guild castle customization?  

At the moment, the degree of customization is limited to changing the Lodge theme. However, we are considering the system which players can furnish the lodge with certain items or exhibit the trophies earned.

Likewise, the guild hangouts will have a place where the players can place their trophies.