Steam TOS Service Improvement Plan


May 27th, 2016

Greetings, Saviors!

First of all, we would like to thank you for the love and support you’ve been showing for Tree of Savior. We hope this post addresses some of the most pressing issues you’ve been asking about and sheds some light on how we are working to improve them.


Client Lag Issue

The graphic engine optimization is currently in process. We had some major progress and the patch is being prepared.
How much it smoothed the overall experience and improved the performance is going to be announced through our Dev Blog.


Server Lag Issue

As stated in our previous announcement, temporary restrictions limiting access for new players to Tree of Savior are now in place. We will alleviate the “slow server process speed” symptoms through temporary maintenance before we permanently solve this server lag issue. As previously announced, there have been other DDoS attacks on the [SA] Silute server. Every attack results in the particular machine getting banned, which means far lower machines compared to the user count, and we have been denied adding more machines to the server. The SA server shall be moved to a NA location due to the fact that normal service operation is practically impossible with the current local service provider. The regional pricing will remain the same even after the machine’s location transfer. The server will stay in NA until we find a good solution to the SA problem.


Persistent Bot Problem

The Bot Classifier for [SEA] Telsiai, [SA] Silute and [SEA] Varena servers is under maintenance and has not been fully operational. This is a problem related to DB backup, which cannot be solved easily and requires extended maintenance to fix, which is why we are putting it on hold for now. In the case of [SA] Silute, the problem should be solved and the situation normalized after today’s relocation. We also expect to solve the problem for [SEA] Telsiai and Varena and get back to normal operation on those servers as soon as possible.


Why haven’t you applied to iTOS the same patch as kTOS?

The regions for iTOS are more and diverse and applying a patch for each region takes some time. Our previous patches also had problems of that sort. Such problems resulted in the updates and the game access being unavailable. Also, after we update the Korean version and receive feedback from the users there, we sometimes end up making changes to it again, so getting a final version of the update that we can apply to iTOS can take some time. That is the reason why we were unable to apply patches frequently. 


Feedback and Communication from the Staff Are Insufficient

From now on, we will have a regular Q&A time with the Dev Team based on the opinions from you, the users. Also, a CM will gather up questions raised on the forum and forward them to the Dev Team and provide our users with answers.


Token Prices

Our players have long been voicing out their opinions about the price of Tokens, and after some internal discussion we’ve decided to lower Token prices. We plan to compensate those who are currently using or have recently purchased Tokens as a result. Details will be announced in a separate news post. link :


Thank you for reading and have fun playing Tree of Savior.