[UPDATED] TP Shop Token Prices Reduced


May 30th, 2016

Greetings, Saviors!

As announced through our developer’s blog, we will be permanently reducing the price of 30-day Tokens in the TP shop from 198 TP to 99 TP. Furthermore, we plan to compensate those who have already purchased and/or are currently using Tokens ahead of the price change. Make sure to read the details below.

Price Reduction Schedule

The new reduced Token prices will come into effect after our weekly maintenance on Tuesday, June 7, 2016.

Users Eligible for Compensation

Note: Conditions apply exclusively to regular 30-day Tokens. Event Tokens such as 7, 15 or 60-day Tokens will not be considered for compensation purposes.

   A. Those using at least one Token at the time of the price change.

   B. Those possessing at least one Token within their team at the time of the price change (includes those possessing a Veteran’s Pack DLC unopened in their Inventory or Message Box).

Compensation Items

Note: Compensation will be given to each eligible team individually (i.e. users with more than one team across multiple servers will receive compensation for each of their teams).

   - 99 TP per Token being used or possessed (according to the conditions above): sent directly to each eligible team’s Inventory

   - 7-day Token time extension (applied to all Tokens being used, regardless of type)

Compensation Schedule

Eligible users will receive compensation on the day of the price change during the weekly maintenance period (see schedule above).

‚ÄčIMC Staff


Q. Who will receive compensation for Tokens bought on the Market with silver?

A. Compensation will be given to the player that has end ownership of the Token. 

This is due to the fact that we see the transaction between players on the Market as an agreement between the two on the exchange of ownership of items.

As both players have agreed to change ownership of the item, the player that ends up with the item will be compensated.