On the State of Server's Economy


Apr 17th, 2016

Hello. Today on the Developer's Blog, we would like to address a few rumors circulating the forum.
While we were working on recent issues related to Steam's payment system, we came across a post with a screenshot of a user owning two or three hundred million silver. Some of you commented that it was demotivating. The payment abuse and that screenshot have been reported to a certain Korean website as well and an article came out stating that Steam server has serious problems. Some users even say a server wipe is needed. Is it necessary? You might wonder.
A short answer would be ‘no.’
First, the screenshot is simply not true. We can look through our server database and figure out the actual amount of silver the account in question owns, what the user traded, and the movement of silver on each server. We can even identify which top 100 accounts possess the most silver. We can identify daily changes of total amount of silver. It turned out the user in the screenshot only owned less than a hundredth of the alleged amount.
Due to the nature of MMORPGs, data in the game client can easily be altered. We believe that screenshot is also a result of such practice, and the change only appears on the user's own screen. This altered data doesn't get transmitted to the server that deals with monetary transaction, meaning the game's economy isn't affected.
Contrary to what some users pointed out, the TP obtained through transaction exploit is irrelevant to the silver increase in the game. Even if abusers purchase and sell Tokens using the TP they unfairly gained, it does not generate new silver. The silver simply moved from one account to another during the transaction. During those transactions, actually total amount silver decreases due to 10% market fee. This may have influenced silver's RMT value or Token-to-silver ratio, but we have confirmed that it did not affect the total amount of silver circulating the servers.
We take economical stability seriously, and our GMs monitor the statistics every day. Whenever we make systems related to trades, we make sure to check for possibilities of the damage they may do to the server's economy. We plan to explain the bot problem and the report system we made to counter it in our next blog post. Thank you.