Questions and Answers about TOS #11


Apr 8th, 2016

saek6Hello.  I am syKim from “Tree of Savior (TOS)” Development team.
This is 11th post of “Questions and Answers about TOS” which answers the questions that we received during the last week. 


Q) How many skills does each class have?
A) It varies from one class to the other.  The class which possesses the least number of skills has five skills.

Q) Is there any class which is specialized in crafting?  Or is crafting done by sub-classes?
A) There are a few classes that have skills related to crafting.  Those classes are not sub-classes and they start at the same level like the other classes.

▲ Alchemist which represents a class specialized in crafting.  So much time and efforts should be spent on crafting items so if you see Alchemists on the road who are burning, boiling, squeezing ingredients, send them a word of cheers.

Q) Can we freely change the keys that are used in the game? If it’s possible, I want to play using NUMPAD.
A) We don’t have any keyboard customization function in the game yet, but we will try our best to include this function in the game before we launch our commercial service.

Q) Please support traditional Chinese letters on the International Version.
A) We know that lots of Taiwanese fans are interested in TOS.  We also have in our mind that we should prepare a comfortable environment for our Taiwanese fans so please wait for our further development.

Q) Are there any classes which have skills that deal damages over time on enemies?
A) There are some classes which have skills that deal damages over time such as Fletcher class which uses special arrows, Wugushi class which uses poison and etc.

Q) Are genders locked for the classes in the game?
A) No.  We don’t have any class yet that only has one gender.

Q) Is it possible to lengthen the life of a fire place by adding some fuels or firewood into it?
A) Yes. It is possible to lengthen the life of a fire place by adding firewood into it.

▲ Fire place that is ignited by someone can be used by all.

Q Can we change colors of the costumes in the game?
A) We are looking for the most optimized solution for this question.  However, if we were to develop such feature, then we want to first change skin colors of the characters.

Q) Can items be damaged when fighting against enemies?
A) Items won’t disappear, but if an item’s durability becomes 0, then you won’t be able to use its maximum performance.  You can fix items’ durability via Ironsmith NPC or a class named Squire can also fix items’ durability.

Q) When is CBT by the way?  It is now summer.
A) Ever since our FGT was over, we focused on the development so that we can launch CBT within this year’s summer, but more time was needed than we had expected on the overall balancing of the game so we think CBT will be delayed a bit.  When the date for CBT gets confirmed, we will announce it to all of you via TOS Facebook and Developers’ Blog so please kindly understand for the delay.

This week’s class introductions.



▲ “Peltasta” is a swordsman-type class which uses a shield and a sword together. 

Peltasta can block enemies’ attacks and attack enemies using a shield and it can even provoke monsters by tapping its shield itself.  Shield attacks deal a great amount of damages on the enemies that are either in Frozen or Petrified status so it is more effective to collaborate with Creomancer or Elementalist classes.
Peltasta can even throw its shield at its enemies, but if you don’t pick it up soon enough, then the shield may disappear.




▲ Pardoner is a cleric-type class which can make different types of scrolls.

It can make Booster items that will be used once automatically whenever you attack or defend, and it can also make one of its skills into a consumable item and either give or sell it to other player.  If you have a skill scroll that is made by Pardoner, then regardless of which class you use, you can use cleric-type magic at any time you want.
“Staying in the field after Log-out” is a feature that makes TOS interesting, and we will tell you more about it in the near future.


▲ Hoplite is a swordsman-type class which uses a spear.

If Hoplite uses “Overhand Thrust” stance, then its Critical rate will temporarily increase in exchange for a decrease in its Evasion rate.  When an enemy is about to attack, it can receive a Counter Bonus when it counter-attacks the enemy using its shield and spear simultaneously.  Spears have longer attack ranges than swords and some skills with a spear will deal bonus damages on the gigantic monsters.



▲ “Sorcerer” is a wizard-type class which summons a devil.

If you insert a card, which you can obtain from defeating devil-type boss monsters, into “Grimoire”, then you can summon the devil which has the appearance of the boss monster you defeated.  You can either order attacks, or order the devil to protect some designated place.  You can also mount onto the devil and control it directly by using attack keys and movement keys.


This week’s bonus image


▲ “Cleric (female)” initial design (by AD Maggi)

Okay so that’s it for this week.  If you have any questions, please forward them to TOS Facebook or Developers’ Blog.  Thanks.