Questions and Answers about TOS #10


Apr 8th, 2016

Hello. I am syKim from “Tree of Savior (TOS)” Development Team.

This is 10th time of Questions and Answers about TOS which answers the questions coming from all of you. TOS is currently under development so the answers that are given below can be changed when we start the official service of the game.

Q) When players go into Rest Mode, do they receive some benefits such as HP restoration? What about the fire place which was shown in the screenshot before? Does it automatically appear when players go into Rest Mode?

A) In Rest Mode, HP restores faster. There are also various activities that players can undertake during Rest Mode such as crafting consumables… You can set up a fire place when you are in Rest Mode. It enables faster HP restoration and if there are other players nearby, then those players will also receive benefits from it.

▲ Fire places that can be set up anywhere on the field can be used by anyone. It extinguishes fast though…

Q) Do you have characters that represent each country or cultural area?

A) A few classes’ concepts are based on the specific cultural areas’ historic heritage, but they don’t represent certain civilizations or countries.

Q) I want to know if the game will be in sync with mobile devices.

A) We don’t have any specific plans as of yet.

Q) I saw an introduction about Centurion class from the last post. It looks very interesting, but I have some worries that it may be misused on bots, farms, trollings or etc. Do you have any plans to avoid these?

A) ‘Formation’ skill will not make the game confusing since this skill will not be maintained for a long time after using it. You use this skill when you feel you need it, and you stop using it after achieving your objective. We don’t worry about it that much inside our development team.

Q) If there are more than two Chronomancers, then isn’t it possible to multiply the number of rewards?

A) Once a certain place has been used to restore the time, then that place will be distorted for some time so that it is not possible to restore the time within that place for some amount of time.

Q) Are there any mounted classes in Archer-type classes?

A) Yes we have a few. Hackapell class represents a mounted class in Archer-type classes.


▲Hackapell Class

Q) The BGM which was used in the last post was done by a musician named Symphonix. What happened?

A) Yes. A few of our staffs in development team really like the music of Symphonix who is an electronic musician in Germany. We signed a contract with them since we believed that their music will fit really well into a few scenes in TOS. You will be able to listen to a few of their albums as BGM in TOS.

Q) TOS Brazilian community is talking about Archer class a lot. Can you tell us more about Archer class?

A) Archer is a very unique and strong class. I will tell you more about it in the near future.

Q) There are lots of opinions on the characters’ voices in one of Japan’s online communities. Do you also localize characters’ voices?

A) The voices in the game right now are all proto-types. Since the version of the game that we are working on is not the official service version, even the voices of our developers and designers are included in the game at the moment, which were done inside our studio’s recording booth. Of course we will re-work on the voices for the official service version of the game, and when the localizations are needed, then we will make so that players will be able to select the voice pack that they want. It’s like that they can select in-game texts in the language that they prefer.

Q) All female characters look pretty and cute. Can you also show a male character’s artwork?

A) Okay. I will show you a male NPC’s artwork.

▲ Centurion Master

Okay, now, we will answer you, the questions regarding the items, which have been sent to us repetitively.


Generally, items’ tooltips look like the above. ★ above indicates the item’s grade. If there are, more ★ on an item, then that means the item’s grade is higher.   There are options on certain items such as Splash, which is indicated above, lets you attack the multiple enemies at once, and Critical Occurrence increases the possibility of Critical attacks. The items which your character can equip may be limited depending on your character’s level or its class.

Potential indicates the margin at which you can upgrade your item stronger. Whenever you upgrade your item, this gauge decreases by 1.


[From left, normal – magic – rare – unique grades]

Uniqueness of items is divided into four levels and these can be distinguished by the background colors of item illustrations.

Even if you have the same items, additional options or Potential may be added depending on the uniqueness level of those items. Each item has its own weight. There is a limit on how heavy you can equip your items, and if the weight of the equipped items exceeds the maximum weight you can carry, your movement speed will be reduced along with the penalty which you can’t obtain additional items any more. The maximum weight you can carry varies with the growth of your character’s stats.


If you use the items that compose a set, then the additional options will be activated. The composition of a set can be seen from items’ tooltips.



In order to craft an item, you need a manual. Manuals will be registered at Adventure Journal so when you have corresponding ingredients for a particular item, then you can craft it anytime during Rest Mode. When you craft an item, you can freely change its name and you can also add some descriptions on its tooltip.


db10_item_make_3 db10_item_make_4

▲ When you add texts like the above while crafting an item, these texts will be shown to the other player as well when this item is given to the other player.


There are 3 methods to upgrade an item.

db10_item_reinf_1 db10_item_reinf_2

An item’s basic stats will be enhanced using Advancement. After placing an item onto something called Moru, hit it to advance it to the next level. The numbers such as +1, +2 … will be displayed on the advanced item to indicate the item’s advancement level.



You can also give special options to the items by inserting jewels onto them. There are 4 types of jewels; round-type, quadrangle-type, diamond-type, and star-type. You can only insert each type of jewel that fit into the corresponding holes on the items. There are the items that already have these holes, but if you need an additional hole, then you can go meet ironsmith in the villages to make a hole in your item. By making a hole, the item’s Potential will be reduced by 1.


Lastly, you can endow attributes to an item by adding Magic Amulet. For example, there is an option such as [When you succeed in Critical + Overkill simultaneously, the maximum attack speed will increase by 10 seconds with 3% possibility].


▲ Magic Amulet influences an item’s appearance. The shield with 3 red skulls looks like this.


We will skip on class introductions this week. If you have any questions, please forward them to our Facebook or Developers’ blog. Or if you want to send your questions anonymously, then please forward them to We read all of your questions so please do not hesitate to send them to us. Thanks.

This week’s bonus image.

▲The initial design of “Archer” class (by AD Maggi)