Questions and Answers about TOS #9


Apr 8th, 2016

I am syKim from “Tree of Savior (TOS)” development team.

This is 9th  post on Questions and Answers about TOS which answers the questions and the suggestions from all of you who are waiting and cheering for TOS.  TOS is currently under development so the answers that are given below can be changed when we start the official service of the game.

Q) I want to know if there’s day and night system in the game.

A) There is no day and night system in the game.

Q) I heard that we can climb onto the objects in the game.  Can we also find hidden items or do some special actions when we climb onto those objects?  I like looking for hidden dungeons or items.

A)  We have some hidden contents at the places that are not clearly visible in the game.


Q) Is there marriage system in the game?

A) At the moment, we don’t have marriage system in the game.  However if there are lots of users who want this system, then maybe in the future, we could think about adding this system in the game.  Please give us your suggestions.

Q) I have a question on costumes.  Do the costumes exist for collection purpose or dressing purpose?  Or maybe do they exist to add some options to the characters?

A) In TOS, each costume makes your character look different from the others.  Therefore, they are different from the armors which have defensive attributes.  Even if you don’t wear the costume that you newly obtained in the game and stay in the previous costume, there will be no disadvantage in terms of stats.  Exclusive costumes for each class can be obtained from Class Master NPC when you advance your class to higher class.

Q) I saw Chronomancer’s skill which restores the past time. Then is it possible to revive the friends who are dead?  What about the items that we acquired before we restore the time?  How about the monsters which are dead?  Do they resurrect?
A) First of all, this skill can’t be used often since some time needs to be passed in order to use this skill again. However, if there were dead friends or monsters, they will resurrect. The items that you acquired before you restore the time will remain even if you restore the time. You can understand it as in Sci-Fi movies where the main character who go to the past using time slip still has a cell phone or other things in his/her pocket which are not possible to be existed in the past.

So now more class introductions.



▲“Thaumaturge” is a class which can change attributes.

Monsters’ traps can be used as if they are yours, and you can either shrink or enlarge enemies’ sizes.  Some of the skills of the other classes get influenced by the sizes of the enemies so if you use this skill cleverly, then you will change the outcome of the battles.

You can also enlarge specific parts of your character’s body.  For example, if you enlarge the hand which is equipped with a weapon, then attack stats will increase.  If you enlarge the hand which is equipped with a shield, then defense stats will increase.



▲“Archer” is a basic class in archer-type classes.

Arrow’s attack power will vary depending on the character’s distance from the enemies.  If you change the stance of your character, then you won’t be able to move, but then the effective attack range will increase.

If the monsters get attacked by a strong arrow attack, sometimes they will be hooked together and as a result you can attack these monsters easily as if you are handing just one monster.

Archer can move while it is attacking the monsters so it is useful when you are in battle with boss monsters or the monsters that are big.



▲ "Pyromancer" is a class which uses fire magic.

Fire attacks inflict continuous damages on monsters so it is useful to use this class when you are facing multiple enemies.  “Fire Wall”, which you can place it on the ground, can be used using directional keys when you draw a wall on the ground while casting this skill.

“Fireball” can be moved around by attacking it directly from short ranges so it will be useful in many ways when you are in party.


▲ "Centurion” class can order commands to other characters.

If players participate “Formation”, then the characters’ control will be controlled by Centurion until they go out of Formation. Formation can be changed into various types depending on various situations and each type of formation has its own unique characteristic.

For example, “Winged Formation” which surrounds the enemies and concentrate on firing on those enemies, is effective when you are facing with a huge boss, and “Phalanx” which temporarily gathers all Blocking stats to the players in the first row is effective when you are facing with multiple enemies at once.




This week’s bonus : Klaipeda soldier NPC design (by AD Maggi)

Next week, I will answer the questions that are coming to us repeatedly related to the items in the game in details.

If you have further questions or suggestions, please forward them to TOS Facebook or Developers’ blog.  Thanks.