Questions and Answers about TOS #8


Apr 8th, 2016


I am syKim.
I will answer the questions that we received during the last week and also introduce a few other classes. TOS is currently under development so the answers that are given below can be changed in the future.

Q) I know that the characters can jump in the game.  Can they also climb onto roofs of the buildings in the game?

A)  Yes you can.  You can also climb onto other objects besides the buildings.

Q) Can melee classes also evade monsters’ attacks?

A) If you accumulate “Agility” stats, you can evade monsters’ attacks.  And it does not only apply to the classes that are specialized in melee attacks, but it applies to all classes.

Q) Are there any other classes that can use summon skills other than Necromancer?

A) There are a few other classes that can use summon skills besides Necromancer. Such as Sorcerer… However, the methods of controlling summonees are little different.

Q) Are there skill trees in the game?

A) Most of the skills are exposed without any requirements, but a few skills that are related to the other skills can be learned after training those other skills first.  As I told you before, it is possible to train your existing class instead of advancing your class to higher class.  When you do that, new skills and attributes can be learned.

Q) After advancing my class to higher class, is it possible to go back to the previous class?

A) You advance your class to learn new skills so even if you advance your class to higher class, the skills that you have learned will not disappear.

It is also possible to wear the costumes that your previous class used to wear after advancing your class to higher class.

Q) Are there any limits on where I can go? For example, are there any places that I can’t go before I reach certain level?

A) We are trying to allow players to move freely except for a few specific cases.  However, if a player enters a map which requires high level, then it will be hard to play on that map.



Q) I really like Wizard (♀).  I hope you make it in GIF.




We will introduce you a few classes in the game.


“Cataphract” is a cavalry class which is specialized in breaking through a group of monsters or barriers.

Its attacks can reach long ranges and it is useful in facing multiple enemies.  When Cataphract is mounted, its attacks become stronger. It can use skills while it is moving which is very unique for Swordsman type classes.


“Chronomancer” is a class which controls time.

It can increase movement speed, and it can also temporarily increase attack speed as well. It can stop the enemies’ movement and it even restores the time back to a few seconds so that the environment around you are the way they were when they were a few seconds back.



“Quarrel Shooter” is a class which is specialized in using crossbows.

When it uses a one-hand bow, it can either use a sub-weapon or a shield on the other hand so that defense which is the archer’s critical weakness can be enhanced. When it uses a Pavise, which is a shield that can be deployed in the ground, it can protect enemies’ long range attacks so more strategic battles are possible.



“Bokor” is a class which uses Voodoo skills.

It can either attack a monster that it chose as a target from long ranges or it can curse the monsters so that they can turn into zombies. Zombies attack the other monsters that also turn into zombies.  Zombies are very slow and they are hard to control so by placing Veves which summon Lwas, you can help those zombies and order collective commands to the zombies.



This week’s post was delayed a bit due to some internal issue in our development team.  Therefore as compensation for your waiting,



Initial design of “Swordsman Class” by AD Maggi

So that’s it for this week.  We always listen to your suggestions and opinions so please forward your opinions or questions to TOS Facebook or Developers’ blog.  Thanks.