Questions and Answers about TOS #7


Apr 8th, 2016

Hello. I am syKim from Tree of Savior Development Team.
I will introduce several classes and answer the questions that we received during the last week.  Since we are still developing TOS, the answers that are given below can be changed in the future.

Q) I don’t want to get interrupted by the quests in the game. I want to play freely.

A) As I told you before, there are lots of quests in the game, but you can play the game freely without clearing the majority of the quests. However, since there may be some important or crucial rewards from those quests, play the game by clearing the quests that you think that are important.

Q) Can Monk class also equip weapons?

A) Monk class can equip diverse weapons like Swordsman class can equip wands or Wizard class can equip hammers.

▲ Monk is equipped with weapons on both hands

Q) Is SoundTeMP team responsible for the music in the game?

A) SoundTeMP team is one of the musicians who have created the music in the game. They are still working on in-game music these days. Sevin, who is the sound director of TOS, used to be the founding member of SoundTeMP team and so was I. It’s so great to work with him again.
▲ TOS sound director, Sevin

Q) You told me that there is Shepherd class in the game. Are there any other classes such as Cook or Fisherman who are not really involved in battles? I really want to play Cook class.
A) There are classes which are specialized in the skills that are useful in battles and there are other classes that have skills which are not really relevant in battles. At the moment, Cook or Fisherman classes are not in the game, but since we will have Cooking feature in the game, we may have Fisherman class or Cook class in the future.

This week, we will describe briefly on several classes from Wizard and Cleric classes.


▲ “Linker” either links characters together or monsters together

The monsters that are linked together will receive damages or de-buffs simultaneously.  These monsters can be pulled and gathered at one place to help other players to attack them easier.  When Linker links allies together, the effects from potions or buffs can be shared each other and the damages received by monsters can be reduced.



▲ “Psychokino” is a class which uses psychokinesis for its skills.

It can attack the monsters directly using psychokinesis or it can pull and align the monsters in one line. This skill will be very useful when playing in a party. It can also use “telekinesis” to change monsters’ locations and it can make monsters to collide each other to inflict damages on them.



▲”Necromancer” is a class which collects the dead bodies of the monsters.

The dead bodies will be stored in “Necronomicon” and they will be used for various skills of necromancy. It can form a protective shell or attack monsters using the dead bodies. Among different boss monster cards, beast-type boss cards can be inserted on “Necronomicon” and this card will influence AI, stats, and the appearance of “Shoggoth” when it gets summoned.



▲ “Sadhu” can use out-of-body skills.

Even though, the spirit, which gets alienated from its body, can’t move far away from its body, it can move rather fast within the possible radius.  The body without the spirit  becomes more vulnerable and receives greater damages when it gets attacked from the monsters.  If you explode the spirit yourself, then strong damages will be dealt on many monsters.



So that’s it for this week’s weekly TOS news. If you have other questions or opinions, please send them to us via TOS Facebook or Developers’ blog.