Questions and Answers about TOS #6


Apr 8th, 2016

Hello.  I am syKim.
I will answer the questions that we received during the last week from Facebook and Developers’ blog. Please note that the answers that are given below can be changed in the future.

Q) Can Companions grow in terms of their appearances? Such as Pocket***ster’s evolution.

A) We don’t have any evolution system as of yet. Instead, you will be able to level up your companions, increase their stats or attributes and equip items onto them.


Q) If there are not enough spaces in barrack, do we have to delete a companion in order to add one more character?

A) No. You don’t have to. You can move to bigger barrack.

▲ Bigger barrack. You will want to invite your friends. Of course, bigger = more expensive

Q) How do you get rid of the acquired items? Do we sell them to NPCs? Or Do monsters drop only in-game currency?

A) No. They will also drop other items besides in-game currency. These items can be sold to NPCs or they can also be used as ingredients for crafting or cooking and they can also be used as level up for Gem items. I will tell you more about Gems, Card items and their level ups in the future.

Q) Is there Monk Class?

A) Yes. There is.

Monk class belongs to Cleric type classes. Fist is used in skills, but separate knuckle item does not exist. Instead, it will apply the equipped item’s stats on its skills.


▲For your reference, female monk looks like this.

Q) Are there any special classes that we haven’t seen from the other games before?

A) Since we have about 80 classes, we do have special, diverse classes that you haven’t expected before. In TOS, there are master NPCs who help the growth of each class, to put it in other word, there are various types of classes as there are various types of NPCs. For example, if you met an Appraiser NPC in the game, there may be an Appraiser class. Or if you met a Shepherd NPC, you may be able to change your character’s class to Shepherd class.

class_rodelero_m class_necromancer_f class_dievdirbys_f

▲ Rodelero, Sorcerer, Dievdirbys
- the image which was named Necromancer on the last post is actuallly Sorcerer. Sorry.

Q) Do we have to buy arrows or bullets when we play with an Archer?

A) No. You don’t have to buy arrows. However, for certain skills, you need specific arrows for those skills. There is a separate class which is specialized in crafting and using these specific arrows or items.


I will tell you more about various classes in the game from the next week. I want to say thank you to

ya all who cheer us and support us all the time.