2024 February Update Preview: Episode 16-1


Feb 2nd, 2024

Greetings Saviors!

Here's a quick update preview of what's coming up on Tuesday, February 6, 2024.


Participate in the surprise quiz below and get the reward!

[GM Kiwi’s Surprise Quiz]


- Period : until February 5, 2024, KST 23:59

- Leave your server, exact team name, and the correct answer to the quiz in the FORUM comments of this post!

- The savior with the correct answer will receive 100,000 Goddess Tokens (Lada)!



Q) Which base class can advance to the new class, Winged Hussar?

▶ Comment Example:
 - Server: Klaipeda (NA)
 - Team Name: GM Kiwi
 - A: Swordsman


※ Important

- The reward will be given to the mailbox.
- The reward will not be given if any of the required information is missing or incorrect.
- You can only participate in this event once per team, and duplicate participation counts as 1 event participation.




※ Please note that the above is subject to change when the update goes live.