New Class - Pontifex and the Black Market


Dec 1st, 2023

Greetings, Savior!


This is [GM] Kiwi.

It's that time of year again: the cold winter months and a brand new year 2024 are upon us.


The Fruit GMs are hard-working like always to make sure the Saviors have a happy adventure next year!


In this GM’s Letter, we are going to introduce an upcoming new class and a new Black Market content.


Let's take a look!


[New Class - Pontifex]


A new class, Pontifex, is arriving at Tree of Savior very soon.


Pontifex is an extremely powerful casting class, who finds the greatest satisfaction in judging evil heresies in the name of faith.


Pontifex also has a unique mechanic called "Sin" and "Pardon" that can grant you special effects according to how it is used!


Surely, I’m not the only one feeling like even the mightiest boss in Tree of Savior is shuddering at the arrival of Pontifex, right?



Special Class

<Concep Art of Pontifex>

Pontifex is a Special Class that comes with a costume and a set of fancy skills to match.


Pontifex's Class Unlock Voucher is said to be available exclusively through the upcoming Leticia's Secret Cube! We're rooting for your successful advancement!


Along with the release of the Special Class, improvements will also be made to Leticia's Secret Cube.


The previous Leticia's Secret Cube rewarded you with a random S Rank item for the 200th open, but the new Leticia's Secret Cube will allow you to choose your own S Rank item!


We're working for the arrival of Pontifex and the improvements of the Leticia's Secret Cube to be released during the Tuesday, December 5th update!


Stay tuned and don’t miss it!



[Black Market (BM)]


The Black Market is a new auction event content coming to Tree of Savior. (※ We'll notify in advance when the event content ends.)


Let's take a quick look at what it is!


Auctions and Rewards

Auctions in the Black Market start on a pre-announced schedule and feature a variety of rare items like Lada Stat Armor and Goddess Grace Ichor.


Saviors can spend their Goddess Tokens (Lada) to bid on special auctions in the Black Market, and the Savior with the highest bid at the end of the auction will win the item.


Auction Status and Current Highest


From My Auction Status UI, you can see the current high bid (second place), as well as the amount you have bid to date (first place).

① The current highest will show the second high bid of all bids.
② My Bidding will show the quantity of Goddess Tokens (Lada) you are currently bidding for.


The highest bid is said to be hidden so that only the Savior who bid that amount will know. Please keep this in mind if you're participating in an auction.


Winning Bid in an Auction


If you bid the highest amount and the auction ends, you win the item.


If you are successful, you will win the item for the amount stated as the current high bid, and if your bid is higher, you will receive Goddess Tokens (Lada) for the difference.


All items will be delivered to the Market Retrieve Tab of the character who placed the bid!


!!TIP - If you are outbid, your Goddess Tokens (Lada) will be fully returned.


The first auction on the Black Market is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, December 19th, so run out and collect your Goddess Tokens before the auction opens!


These were the highlights of the upcoming content!


There's a lot more to come that we didn't get to cover in this GM Letter, but we're looking forward to helping the Saviors on your epic journey with the renewed Popo Boost, so stay with us!


Thank you, Saviors, for reading through the post and we'll be back with more good news next time:)


This has been your [GM] Kiwi!



※ Please note that the above is subject to change when the update goes live.



[GM Kiwi’s Surprise Quiz]


- Period : until December 8, 2023, KST 23:59

- Leave your server, exact team name, and the correct answer to the quiz in the FORUM comments of this post!

- The savior with the correct answer will receive 100,000 Goddess Tokens (Lada)!



Q) Which base class can advance to the new class, Pontifex?


▶ Comment Example:
 - Server: Klaipeda (NA)
 - Team Name: GM Kiwi
 - A: Swordsman


※ Important

- The reward will be given to the mailbox within 7 days after the end of the event period.
- The reward will not be given if any of the required information is missing or incorrect.
- You can only participate in this event once per team, and duplicate participation counts as 1 event participation.