UPDATE2023 Ghost Maiden's Another Request


Nov 1st, 2023

Greetings Savior!


Collect the Cooking Materials to cook Pumpkin Stew and give it to the refugee!

The Ghost Maiden will reward you with treats that you can exchange for an item:)

Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on October 31, 2023
TO November 28, 2023 05:59 KST


Who Can Participate

- Every savior

How to Participate

Step 1. Obtain the [Event] Cooking Material Box by completing the contents and spending time in the game!

- 300 [Event] Cooking Material Box can be obtained daily. This limit doubles on weekends (Saturday/Sunday). (A day starts at 6 AM and ends at 6 AM the next day. The daily limit resets every 6 AM.)
- You can obtain the [Event] Cooking Material Box until November 28, 05:59 AM

- [UPDATE] The daily maximum amount of [Event] Cooking Material Box you can obtain by logging in is 150

- The contents and the number of [Event] Cooking Material Box are as follows:

Contents Number of [Event] Cooking Material Box
Level Dungeon Lv.400 Weekly Rotation Dungeon 60
Sole Hunt Lv. 440 Tel Harsha 70
Challenge Mode Lv. 480 Solo 70
Lv. 500 Solo 70
Lv. 500 Auto Match (Party) 80
Lv. 500 Division Singularity 80
Lv. 500 Division Singularity (EX) 100
Lepidoptera Junction : Legend Lv. 440 Party (Hard) 50
White Witch's Forest : Legend Lv. 450 Party (Hard) 50
Demonic Sanctuary: Legend Lv. 458 Solo (Normal) 60
Lv. 458 Auto Match (Normal) 70
Lv. 458 Party (Normal) 80
Res Sacrae Raid Lv. 458 Solo (Normal) 60
Lv. 458 Solo (Hard) 70
Lv. 458 Auto Match (Normal) 80
Lv. 458 Auto Match (Hard) 100
Goddess : Saint's Sacellum Lv. 460 Solo  60
Lv. 460 Auto Match (Normal) 70
Lv. 460 Party (Normal) 80
Goddess Message: Memory of Flame Lv. 470 Solo  60
Lv. 470 Party (Normal) 70
Lv. 470 Party (Hard) 80
Lv. 470 Party (Extreme) 100
Goddess : Delmore Battlefield Lv. 470 Solo  60
Lv. 470 Auto Match (Normal) 70
Lv. 470 Party (Hard) 80
Lv. 470 Party (Extreme) 100
Goddess : Sinking Seizure Lv. 470 Solo  70
Lv. 470 Auto Match (Normal) 80
Lv. 470 Party (Hard) 100
Goddess : Turbulent Core Lv. 480 Solo  70
Lv. 480 Auto Match (Normal) 80
Lv. 480 Party (Hard) 100
Goddess : Thurible of Salvation Lv. 490 Solo  70
Lv. 490 Auto Match (Normal) 80
Lv. 490 Party (Hard) 100
Goddess : Dreamy Forest Lv. 500 Solo  100
Lv. 500 Auto Match (Normal) 110
Lv. 500 Party (Hard) 120
Goddess : Abyssal Observer Lv. 500 Solo  100
Lv. 500 Auto Match (Normal) 110
Lv. 500 Party (Hard) 120
Maintain Logged in every 1 hour 30
Team Battle League (PVP) Win 10
Lose 5
Hunting in the field
(within 50 levels up and down)
Hunting in the field 5% 1


Step 2. Brew the [Event] Pumpkin Stew with the collected [Event] Cooking Material Box!

- Saviors can brew the Pumpkin Stew from the [Event] Pumpkin Stew Cauldron in each town by selecting 4 steps, each given 3 choices.
- According to how you brew the stew, the Pumpkin Stew will be made with different ranks! 

- Depending on your choices, there is a low probability that one of the effects below will be applied. (Only one special effect is applied per trial)
  ▶ The number of completed Pumpkin Stew x2
  ▶ The rank of complete Pumpkin Stew ★ +1


- The type and number of the Pumpkin Stew is decided according to the total completion point.
- You can brew 30 Stews per single attempt and 10 '[Event] Cooking Material Box’ will be consumed to make 1 Stew. (No daily limit on brewing attempts)
  ※ Half of the material will be consumed when starting and the other half will be consumed once it is made.
  ※ The brewing will continue from where you left off when talking to the NPC again after moving the map/disconnecting from the game/changing channels/etc.

Step 2-1. Eat the Pumpkin Stew to obtain a special buff!

- Aftertaste of the Pumpkin Stew buff will be applied for 20 minutes when you eat any Pumpkin Stew made.

Aftertaste of the Pumpkin Stew: HP +5000, SP +1000, physical/magic attack +500
  ※ If the buff is already in effect, the buff duration is updated.
  ※ This does not apply in PVP areas and boss raid content. (Team Battle League, Blockade Battle, Guild Territory War, Weekly Boss Raid, Joint Strike Raid, Heroic Tale)


Step 3. Give the  [Event] Pumpkin Stew to the [Event] Fallen City Refugee in each town and obtain the [Event] Halloween Treat Basket!

- The number of [Event] Halloween Treat Baskets given varies according to the rank of the Pumpkin Stew.

Stew Rank Number of [Event] Halloween Treat Basket Given
★★ 30
★★★ 90


- You can exchange the [Event] Halloween Treat Basket with various items from the NPC Ghost Maiden’s event shop.

Quantity [Event] Halloween Treat Basket Required Trade Limit (per team)
[Event] Pink Scientist Costume Box 1 3000 1
[Event] Turquoise Sweats Costume Box 1 3000 1
Abyssal Observer (Auto/Solo) One Entry Voucher (Untradable) 1 600 10
Dreamy Forest (Auto/Solo) One Entry Voucher (Untradable) 1 600 10
[Event] Division Singularity One Entry Voucher 1 450 20
[Event] Challenge Mode One Entry Voucher 1 300 30
Res Sacrae Gem Enhance Scroll (Lv.9) 1 1000 2
Processed Corrupt Corpse Doll Thread 1 30 200
Processed Falouros Leather 1 30 200
[Event] Total Reputation Voucher (EP 13) : 500 1 120 20
[Event] Mystic Tome 1 120 90
[Event] Attribute Points 10,000  1 120 30

※ All items obtained from the event shop can only be traded via team storage.




- You can check the event status by typing '/candy' in the chat.
- You can not brew the Pumpkin Stew while matching.
- [Event] Cooking Material Box, [Event] Pumpkin Stew, and [Event] Halloween Treat Basket will be deleted during the scheduled maintenance on November 28, 2023.