Fashion Museum: Halloween the Wild Chance

By STAFF_Sawyer

Oct 31st, 2023

【Fashion Museum Ⅱ: Blessed Cube Chance Item List and Probability】


Rank Item Name Chance
S Helena Morpho Butterfly Wing 0.50%
S Chipmuck Fluffy Tail 0.50%
S Gumiho Tails 0.50%
S Ocelot Backpack 0.50%
S Noble Popo Selection Voucher 0.50%
S Malayan Tapir Egg 0.50%
S Toddle Waddle Ducklings Box 0.50%
S Raccoon's Leaf 0.50%
S Midnight Starlight 0.50%
S MusCATeer Tracks 0.50%
A Raccoon Helmet Costume 1.00%
A Raccoon Costume 1.00%
A Black Bear Helmet 1.00%
A Black Bear Costume 1.00%
A Ocelot Head Costume 1.00%
A Ocelot Costume 1.00%
A Flower Deer Helmet 1.00%
A Flower Deer Costume 1.00%
A Malayan Tapir Helmet Costume 1.00%
A Malayan Tapir Costume 1.00%
A Moon Rabbit Helmet 1.00%
A Moon Rabbit Costume 1.00%
A Fluffy Penguin Helmet 1.00%
A Fluffy Penguin Costume 1.00%
A Panda Helmet Costume 1.00%
A Panda Costume 1.00%
A Red Fox Helmet Costume 1.00%
A Red Fox Costume 1.00%
A Golden Puppy Head 1.00%
A Golden Puppy Body 1.00%
B Baby Chick 1.88%
B Blue Magpie Headband 1.88%
B Snowy Deer Antlers 1.88%
B Snowy Reindeer Antlers 1.88%
B Golden Pup Doll 1.88%
B Bunny Cupcake 1.88%
B Slacking Sloth 1.88%
B Sleeping Leopard 1.88%
B Boss Bear Hat 1.88%
B Octopus Roll 1.88%
B Salmon Sushi 1.88%
B Tuna Sushi 1.88%
B Shrimp Sushi 1.88%
B Penguin 1.88%
B Flamingo 1.88%
B Seagull on Top 1.88%
B Siamese Kitten on Top 1.88%
B Shorthair Kitten on Top 1.88%
B Ragdoll Kitten on Top 1.88%
B Cheese Kitten on Top 1.88%
B Tabby Kitten on Top 1.88%
B Black Kitten on Top 1.88%
B Cookie Kitten on Top 1.88%
B Owl 1.88%
B Black Bear Ears 1.88%
B Elegant Snow Fox Ears 1.88%
B Cozy Polar Bear Ears 1.88%
B Black Cat Ears 1.88%
B Ocelot Ears 1.88%
B Panda Hairpin 1.88%
B White Snowflake Unicorn Horn 1.88%
B Orange Rabbit Ears 1.88%
B Orange Cat Ears 1.88%
B Grey Rabbit Ears 1.88%
B Bubble Tea Headband 1.88%
B Golden Rabbit Hairpin 1.88%
B Panda Sleeping Mask 1.88%
B Wolf Mask 1.88%
B Golden Pup Paw Print 1.88%
B Cat Hairpin 1.88%