Weekend Burning in November

By STAFF_Sawyer

Oct 31st, 2023

Greetings, Saviors! 


The new Weekend Burning event is here! See the details and let's burn the weekends in ToS!



Event Period


From November 4, 2023

To November 26, 2023



Who can Participate


- All saviors



How to Participate


Step 1. Log-in to Tree of Savior on weekends (server time) during the event period.


Step 2. Play Tree of Savior with special buffs and benefits!


▶The buffs and benefits of the month are as follows:

※ Please note that the timeline will follow the server time(EST/KST).

Date Buff
November 4 (Sat) EXP +100% Increase Sinking Seizure: Goddess (Auto Match) Reward
November 5 (Sun) EXP +100% Increase Challenge Mode Reward
November 11 (Sat) EXP +100% Increase Memory of Flame Reward
November 12 (Sun) EXP +100% Increase Division Singularity (Auto Match, EX) Reward
November 18 (Sat) EXP +100% Increase Reservoir of Corruption: Goddess (Auto Match) Reward
November 19 (Sun) EXP +100% Increase Falouros: Goddess (Auto Match) Reward
November 25 (Sat) EXP +100% Increase Delmore Battlefield: Goddess (Auto Match) Reward
November 26 (Sun) EXP +100% Increase Challenge Mode Reward





- Please note that the buffs do NOT stack. If you receive Saturday's buff at the end of the day and receive a new buff at the start of Sunday, Saturday's buff will be removed and Sunday's buff will be applied.


- The buffs will NOT automatically be granted to your character. You have to talk to the event NPC in order to receive the Weekend Burning Event benefits.