UPDATEGM's Mission Possible Event


Sep 11th, 2023

Greetings, Saviors!


GMs are challenging the Saviors on a Mission.... Possible! And according to the level of the mission cleared, the compensation also awaits you ;) 



Event Period

From August 31, 2023 00:00 EST
To September 13, 2023 23:59 EST



Who Can Participate

- Saviors of [NA] Klaipeda, [EU] Fedimian, [SA] Silute




How to Participate

STEP 1. Clear the Auto Match contents the following number of times to reach Lv5 within the event period!


Level Thurible of Salvation: Auto Match Challenge Mode: Auto Match Division Singularity: Auto Match
Lv1 200 1900 1700
Lv2 280 2150 1950
Lv3 350 2300 2100
Lv4 400 2400 2200
Lv5 430 2480 2280

※ The number of times cleared will be counted as a sum of all 3 servers.



STEP 2. According to the number of Levels cleared, these rewards will be given to all saviors in the participating servers.


Level Item Quantity
Lv1 [PP] Beauty Shop Coupon Box 3
x16 EXP Tome (14 Days) 2
Lv2 Challenge Mode One Entry Voucher (14 Days) 5
Thurible of Salvation (Auto/Solo) One Entry Voucher (7 Days) 3
Lv3 [Appearance Change] Glacia Weapon Selection Box 2
Enchant Scroll(Untradable) 5
Lv4 [Event] Class Change Voucher Lv. 3 (14 Days) 3
Division Singularity One Entry Voucher (1 Day) 3
Lv5 Stat Reset Potion (14 Days) 1
x32 EXP Tome 1


- The rewards will be given according to the achieved level during the scheduled maintenance on September 19, 2023, to your mailbox

- Remember to receive the reward within 2 weeks!



STEP 3. Check the event status via the event announcement!


- The achievement status will be updated on 9/3 22:00 EST, and 9/5 4:00 EST in the image below.


Glacia is bidding farewell to the Content Status Board and departing for a world of tranquility.

Before she left, she wished the Saviors well on their journey and froze the Fruit GMs! (Event end date extended to 9/13)