GM Fruit's ToStuber Debut event


Mar 31st, 2023

The GM Fruits are preparing for their ToStuber debut on April 1, 3023!


What content do you want to see?


How to Participate


Please vote for the content you wish to see the most from >>here<<
The GM that prepared the most voted content will send all Saviors a thank-you gift they prepared!


However... [which GM prepared what gift] will be revealed on April 11 after maintenance.
Please vote carefully! ;)



Voting Period

From April 1, 2023

To April 9, 2023



GM's ToStube Content




List of Gifts

[Gift A]: GM ???
- Elixir of HP/SP Recovery x1


[Gift B]: GM ???
- Mercenary Badge: 1,000 x1


[Gift C]: GM ???
- Even Sweeter Valentine Chocolate x5


[Gift D]: GM ???
- [Lv.480] Advanced Goddess Ichor (Weapon) (Bound) x4

- [Lv.480] Advanced Goddess Ichor (Armor) (Bound) x4

- Advanced Spaulder of Ferocity Fragment (Bound) x1

- Advanced Belt of Insight Fragment (Bound) x1

- Turbulent Core: Solo/Auto Add. Reward Voucher (Untradable) x3



※ The gifts of this event will be sent to the mailbox on April 11 after maintenance. Please receive the item in 2 weeks
※ The gifts obtained from the event can only be transferred via team storage.