GM End of August Present


Aug 25th, 2022

Greetings Saviors!


GM has prepared presents to say goodbye to August:)

Have a wonderful August, saviors!!



From August 27, 2022

To August 30, 2022



Who can Participate


- All saviors 



How to participate


STEP 1 Check your mailbox during the event period!


STEP 2 Enjoy your time playing Tree of Savior:)


- The gift for each day are as follows:

Saturday (8/27) Sinking Seizure (Auto/Solo) One Entry Voucher (7 Days) 4
Demonic Sanctuary (Auto/Solo) One Entry Voucher (7 Days) 3
Even Sweeter Valentine Chocolate 5
Sunday (8/28) Division Singularity One Entry Voucher (1 Day) 2
[Lv.460] Enhance Aid (Untradable) 12
Even Sweeter Valentine Chocolate 5
Monday (8/29) Saint's Sacellum (Auto/Solo) One Entry Voucher (7 Days) 3
Attribute Points: 10,000 (14 Days) 2
Even Sweeter Valentine Chocolate 5
Tuesday (8/30) Tempting Demon God's Cube 3
Challenge Mode One Entry Voucher (14 Days) 5
Even Sweeter Valentine Chocolate 5

※ Even Sweeter Valentine Chocolate: EXP gains +10%, Max HP +1000, recovers 200 HP/100 SP every 10 seconds for 30 minutes, Looting Chance by 300. Up to 5 can be stacked at a time.




- Items from the event can only be moved to Team Storage

- The date and time are based on server time.

- Items will be given to the mailbox.

- Rewards for each day can only be received within that day.

Tempting Demon God's Cube and Even Sweeter Valentine Chocolate will be deleted during the scheduled maintenance on September 13, 2022.