Regarding the Giltine's Crown of Thorns level

By STAFF_Brand

Jul 6th, 2022

Greetings, saviors!

This posting is to announce the official decision for Giltine's Crown of Thorns level.


We are removing the level limitation of Giltine's Crown of Thorns by stages.



This message is from CEO Hakkyu, Kim to the saviors of TOS:


Hello saviors, this is Hakkyu Kim.


Previously, I have discussed the Res Sacrae with users at the official Discord channel and stated that there will be no Giltine's Crown of Thorns Lv.20.
However, after discussing the current status and the future update with the dev team, we have come to the conclusion that the removal of the level limit is inevitable.


The reason we've decided to remove the level limitation is as follows:
1. Balance gap between Tree of Savior (Korean Ver.) (which has Lv.20 Res Sacrae) and Tree of Savior (English ver.) is and will be getting bigger as new contents are updated according to the development plans.

2. Because the maximum level of Res Sacrae in Tree of Savior (Korean Ver.) is 20, many saviors have already collected the materials to level up assuming that it will be applied ITos as well in the future.

3. The average level of the users has increased over time after the Res Sacrae has been updated, and a sufficient amount of materials required to enhance Res Sacrae were released ingame.


However, we will expand the level limit stage by stage to ease the gap between users who've already collected the materials and who have not.

We will also return the items for those who've already exchanged the Res Sacrae materials into Contents Points.


- Hakkyu Kim




A. Schedule for expanding Max. level of Res Sacrae


- 1st expansion will be up to Lv.14 and applied during the scheduled maintenance on July 12th.

※ The reason we've decided to apply Lv.14 on July 12th is because our next big update (lama patch) is due on the same day. It seemed reasonable since this update includes the Demonic Sanctuary (Solo) and Res Sacrae Solo (hard).

- The level will be expanded to Lv.16, 18, and 20 by order. (specific dates will be announced later)




B. For those who have exchanged the materials via contents point shop


We will return the items for those who've already exchanged the Res Sacrae materials into Contents Points.

- Items exchanged into Contents Points from June 27th to July 10th: Exchanged back to items during the scheduled maintenance on July 12th
▶ Target Items: Purified Breath of Power, Breath of Power Purifier, Breath of Power
- Contents Points obtained will be retrieved and the items will be given to the market retrieve tab.

※ If the points have already been used and are not enough to deduct, the points you have will be set as - (minus).




Thank you all for your support and interest in Tree of Savior.





IMC Staffs.