Regarding Fan Art Voting Thread

By STAFF_Brand

Apr 19th, 2022

Greetings saviors,


We are sincerely sorry for causing inconvenience regarding the Fan Art voting thread on the forum.

We've decided to delete the current voting thread and repost a new voting thread again on April 20th.

Every Artwork submitted before the new voting thread will be posted on the new voting thread.


With our sincere apologies, we are sending Free Hair Dye Coupon x1 and Free Hair Coupon x1 to the participants who submitted the Fan Artwork.

※ Items will be sent on April 20th, to the Mailbox. Please receive it within 2 weeks.


The new voting period will be from April 20 to April 27 (EST).


Thank you again for your loving support, and please vote for the Fan Artworks again.


Thank you.



IMC staff