Upcoming New Class: Keraunos

By STAFF_Brand

Apr 15th, 2022


New Class: Keraunos


Keraunos, a Lightning Type Magic class of Wizard class will be added on the next big update.


“Keraunos are those who have learned how to use the power of lightning in a different way through endless research.”

“They send the current down themselves and quickly pour out powerful attacks for a while.”



Keraunos uses Lightning and controls the Cooldown of attack skills to maximize the firepower.

[Spark] effect can be received by using the normal attack and can control the Cooldown of Keraunos attack skill. Because the ability to control the attack skill’s Cooldown is related to an increase in Keraunos’ firepower, the judgment of how to use the attack skill is crucial.


※ Details of Enhance and Enhanced upgrade will be posted later when applying to the live server, and may change.




Electric Current


- Basic attack is changed to a ranged attack and the attack speed increases.

- You receive 1 [Spark] effect by chance when you attack with basic attack.

- Up to 5 [Current] debuff stacks when you attack with normal attack. The fewer enemies around you, the more stacks of [Current] debuff you get.

- [Spark] effect is consumed when you use Keraunos skill. Cooldown won’t be applied to the skill.

- When you receive [Spark] effect, 1 random skill among Keraunos attack skill will be activated if all learned Keraunos attack skill is under Cooldown.

Electric Shock


- Staggers the enemy under [Current] debuff periodically.

- Cycle shortens per stack of [Current].



- Attacks the enemy under [Current] debuff. 

- Number of hits increases proportionally to the number of [Current] stacks applied to the enemy.

- [Current] debuff is removed when the enemy receives damage.

Electric Orb


- Ball of Electricity slowly moves forward, and damages nearby enemy.

- Ball of Electricity disappears when it touches the obstacle.

- The number of strikes increases proportionally to the number of [Current] stacks applied to the enemy.

- Attacked enemy's [Current] stack decreases periodically.

Electric Orb: Magnetism


- Ball of Electricity follows the nearby enemy.

Lightning Spear


- Throw an explosive Lightning Spear in front.

- The number of strikes increases proportionally to the number of [Current] stacks applied to the enemy.

- [Current] debuff is removed when the enemy receives damage.



- When the target and the nearby enemy is under [Current] debuff, damages the target as the number of [Current] debuff stacks.

- [Current] debuff applied to the damaged enemy and nearby enemies is removed.



Static Field


- Apply [Current: Activate] that remains for a certain period of time to the target.

- Periodically damages the target under [Current: Activate] and nearby targets.

- The number of strikes increases proportionally to the number of [Current] stacks applied to the enemy.

- Decreases the [Current] stack of damaged enemy periodically.

Electric Drive


- Stacks [Spark] effect periodically upon use.

- Once the [Spark] effect received by [Electric Drive] end, the cooldown is applied to [Electric Drive] equal to the reset value of the cooldown during [Spark] effect.

- Decrease in Cooldown and pass effect is not applied.

Electric Drive: AoE


- [Spark] effect cannot be received, but the number of Keraunos skills besides [Electric Drive] increases by the number of stacks.

Vaivora Vision - Electric Flow



- Keraunos Skill level +1

- Deletes the effect that removes Lightning Spear’s [Current] debuff.

- Fires additional Lightning Spear to 5 targets based on the target.

- (Additional Lightning Spear only attacks one target)



- [Static Field] Final Damage increases by 100%






Wizard Class Update


With the Keraunos update, some of the Wizard classes will be adjusted as well.


※ The details may change when applying to the live server. Details about the change in skill factor will be announced via patch note before applying to the live server.



Featherfoot class will be adjusted as a class that changes the combat ability according to the SP rate.

When you activate the Curse of Blood, the basic buff, SP recovery becomes unavailable and as the SP rate decreases, the power of the skill increases and consumes more SP.

Also,  it can recover SP by consuming HP with a certain skill.


※ Attributes related to the Blood Sucking, Bone Pointing, Kurdaitcha, Levitation, Blood Curse will be deleted and new Attribute will be added.



Curse of Blood

- Apply [Blood Curse] to yourself.

- Unable to recover SP but immune to Knockback and Knockdown when you're under [Blood Curse].

- Final Damage of Featherfoot skill increases according to the remaining SP.

- Featherfoot skill SP consumption increases up to 5 times as your SP rate is lower.

Blood Transfusion

- Consume your maximum HP and recover SP as the rate of consumed HP.

- Does not activate when the HP is under 10%.


- Drop a powerful curse of Kundela in front to attack.


[Arts] Kundela: Decay

- Doubles Cooldown and the number of strikes


- Attack the enemy in front to apply [Ngadhundi: Bleeding] debuff.

- Enemy under [Ngadhundi: Bleeding] receives continuous damage for a certain time.

[Arts] Ngadhundi: Infection

- When the target under [Ngadhundi: Bleeding] becomes incapable of combat, the duration renews and transfers to 1 nearby enemy.

Blood Explosion

- Apply [Blood Explosion] debuff to the target.

- Damages the enemy 2 seconds later.

Blood Pool

- Create a Blood Puddle in a designated area.

- Damages the enemy on the puddle. 

- After the duration, the puddle explodes and applies more damage to the enemy.



- Apply [Enervation] to the enemy in front.

- Enemy under [Enervation] receives additional damage when receiving the damage from the caster.


- Apply [Plague] debuff to the enemy in front.

- When the caster attacks the enemy under [Plague] with Featherfoot skill, the damage stacks.

- When the [Plague] debuff is over, damages additionally by a certain rate of stacked damage.

- Every damage is stacked in PVP, and Heal of the target under [Plague] decreases by a certain rate.

Vaivora Vision - Blood Butterfly



- Create a [Blood Butterfly's Territory] around yourself during [Curse of Blood] buff while having [Ngadhundi].

-  Enemy within the [Blood Butterfly's Territory] receives damage equal to the skill factor of Ngadhundi every 2 seconds.

- Cooldown of Featherfoot skill decreases by 1 second when the enemy within [Blood Butterfly's Territory] is defeated by your attack



- Aditional increase in Plague Additional Damage Rate by 10% 


※ Item stat will be announced via patch note when applying to the liver server.





PvP and PvE can be clearly divided by [Arts] Cryomancer: Thin Ice and the skill factor will be adjusted.

Existing Vaivora Vision - Eternal Frozen Land will be changed to a new item that can be used more easily.




[Arts] Cryomancer: Thin Ice

- Final Damage increase rate is changed from 20% to 100%.

- Cryomancer’s factor will be adjusted. 

If you turn on Thin Ice to exclude the freezing effect, you can apply enough damage like other classes, and if you activate the freezing effect (Arts Off), the power of the skill is reduced by half.

Ice Bolt

- Cooldown is changed from 5 seconds to 20 seconds.

- AoE Attack Ratio is changed to the number of targets.

Ice Pike

- The number of targets is changed from 10 to 7.

Frost Pillar

- The number of targets is changed from 20 to 10.

Vaivora Vision - Icy Snow Bubble



- Frost Pillar skill level +1

- Creates Icy Snow Bubble that damages every 0.5 seconds when you install the Frost Pillar

- Damage of Icy Snow Bubble is equal to the Frost Pillar

- Icy Snow Bubble does not apply Freezing and [Chill].



- Ice Bolt number of hits x2





Vaivora Vision will be added and the skill factor will be adjusted.


Vaivora Vision - Vigilant Charm



- Apply Awakening effect to Taoist 1 rank skill

- Flame Radiation Charm: Doubles the number of hits 

- Creeping Death Charm: The range of Creeping Death Charm gets wider and the number of hits doubles

- Divine Punishment: Broad Strike constantly active, apply as 2 consecutive hits, apply the damage as maximum proportionally to the casting even when you cancel casting

- The Awakening effect of the skill remains for the Cooldown of the activated skill.

- Other skills’ Awakening effect does not activate during the corresponding skill’s Awakening effect.



Following effects will be applied during the skill’s awakening effect.

- Flame Radiation Charm: Increases Fire Charm Final Damage by 100%

- Creeping Death Charm: Increases Snow Tempest Charm Final Damage by 100%

- Divine Punishment: Increases Eradication Final Damage by 100%


Flame Radiation Charm


Creeping Death Charm


Divine Punishment




Changes for Goddess Raid

Saint's Sacellum and Delmore Battle field will be changed as follows.


Party (Normal)

● The way you acquire the number of entries is changed from consuming entry voucher to entry given once a week per character by default. (Entry left won’t be passed to the next week.)


● The silver chest will be excluded from the reward when the level gap between the maximum pc level (lv.470) and the entry-level of dungeon is 11 or above. It means that the silver chest can be received only in the recent raid in the same category. The silver chest won’t be given, but the chance to get the main reward such as Vasilisa Scale and Revived Soul Fragment increases by 100%

Recent Raid

● Main Reward (ingredients for enhancement) 100%

● Silver Chest

Previous Raid

● Main Reward (ingredients for enhancement) 200%

● No Silver Chest


● Gear Score limit of Saint's Sacellum is changed from 6800 to 7200.

Auto Match(Normal)

Party (Normal) Entry Voucher is removed from the clear reward.

● Chance to receive ingredients for enhancement (Vasilisa Scale, Revived Soul Fragment) increases by 20%.

Following items will be added to the Mercenary Badge Shop.

● Recipe - Saint's Sacellum: Goddess One Entry Voucher (Untradable) 75,000 badges / 2 per week

● Recipe - Delmore Battlefield: Goddess One Entry Voucher (Untradable) 75,000 badges  / 2 per week


You won’t need to receive party raid recipes via Auto Match. Thus, if you need enhancement ingredients, you can freely play solo content whenever you want.


Also, the drop rate for the recipe is now 20%, the expected recipe was 2 based on 3 characters playing 10 times (2 times x3 players + additional 4 times by purchase). However, when the change is applied, one character can enter 3 times (1 time + additional 2 times by purchase). Other characters can also enter 1 more time each by setting the gear score and party which will lead to more playing in party raid than before.


Entry Vouchers provided by items will still be valid (including the entry voucher crafted by the recipe). The number of entries will be changed from ‘1 time available’ to ‘(0/1)’.




New Boss in Weekly Boss Raid



Succubus will be added to the Weekly Boss Raid! Summons of Succubus appearing in combat will constantly disturb saviors. Title and doll will be given as a reward to the Succubus rankers.





Pilgrim System


Pilgrim system, which consists of a maximum of 5 members is a fixed party system.

You can play a certain difficulty of content by creating a Pilgrim group.



The first contents of Pilgrim are Delmore Battle Field and Goddess Message: Memory of Flame. This can be played only in Extreme mode.  


In Extreme difficulty, you can create a Pilgrim group that the season (week) requests, and will compete by groups with a clear record.


The group can also set Trial (difficulty) in Extreme difficulty. The higher Trial grade and the faster clear time, the higher rank is set. We are planning to count the rank every week and provide Speech Bubble with no time limit or so.





Contents Point Improvement and Additional Item for Achievement Item Exchange


To make saviors get various benefits by playing content continuously, we are planning to improve the Contents Point system.


Weekly acquisition limit of Contents Point will be changed from 5,000 to 50,000.

Also, we are planning to add [Acquisition +200%] for Weekend Burning event.



Also, items that can be purchased at all times will be added to the Contents Point Shop, and exchangeable items will be renewed.



Not only the Contents Point, but also items that can be purchased with various coins will be added to the Achievement Shop. 

Item list is as follows and we are planning to add items continuously.


● [Event] Delmore Battlefield: Goddess One Entry Voucher (7 Days)

● [Event] Saint's Sacellum: Goddess One Entry Voucher (7 Days)

● Purified Breath of Power

● Refined Condensed Vaivora Transmutor

● Refined Blessed Transmutor






This concludes the posting. 

This New Class - Class Adjustment will no longer be periodic but will be updated occasionally from now on in order to make more completion on development.

We are sending you a sincere apology that we couldn’t keep our promise about various updates, but we will focus on making content and balance with better quality. 



Thank you.



※ Contents may change when applying to the live server.