Upcoming New Class: Hakkapeliter

By STAFF_Brand

Mar 2nd, 2022




Expansion of [Hackpell]: [Hakkapeliter]


Hakkapeliter that shares the concept of Swordsman - Hackpell will be added to the Scout class in the next big update!



Hackapell could not gather in groups more than 100 by the Kingdom's law. Due to this law, they have always acted as mercenaries in either small groups or as individuals. This is an outdated law that many feel to be arbitrary in the current age, but it is still yet to be revised by the Kingdom's lawmakers.


Hackapells, who were only able to work in minority groups or individuals due to the old laws of the kingdom, have learned various combat knowledge and secrets through their activities. In particular, as more and more Hackapells choose to overpower the enemy with pistol shots instead of the existing protocol - chasing the enemy - they were named Hakkapeliter even on formal occasions.


Hakkapeliter is a Scout class that uses Pistol. Like Swordman class - Hackapell, he uses skills that can be used only when mounted on companions and adheres to the fighting style of driving attacks at the enemy with excellent maneuverability. However, as it mainly focuses on ranged attacks, it has developed into a form that can understand and utilize more on the battlefield. 




In this update, we have remade the Hackapell in the Swordsman class into Scout. Hackapell has appeared as a Hybrid class that uses One-handed Sword and Crossbow in Archer class at first, but has been moved to the Swordsman class on the Re:Build update.


Scout class consists of Dagger and Pistol dealer, and the subclass is yet enough of class compared to other classes. Also, because it is a class that needs the companion mounting, Hackapell that has melee, distant, and maneuver as a concept joined the Scout. Unlike the Re:Build, the Hackapell is not moving to the Scout class but will be expanded as Hakkapeliter class that uses Pistol attack and added to the Scout class.


Hakkapeliter has attack skills that uses Pistol. It is a skill attacking, mount combatting class that can take advantage of moving and moving shots. Another mount class among Scout, the Schwarzer Reiter, mainly uses a basic attack Limacon, but if you learn other attack skills instead of Limacon, you can create a new build with Hakkapeliter.

Hakkapeliter: Heida


When the One-handed Sword is equipped, C key sub attack is changed to [Blocking] skill.

Temporarily blocks the enemy's Physical (Physical, Missile) attack upon use.

You can block the enemy's physical attack when using Trooper Charge skill.


Hakkapeliter: Starr


Decreases your Accuracy, but increase in Pistol damage increases proportionally to the [Decreased Accuracy]

Hakka Poa


- Hold an attacking stance shout, granting yourself with a [Enrage] buff.

- Increases final damage dealt with Hackapell during [Enrage] buff.

Does not stack with [Espial] buff.



Fire flare bullet to the target and apply [Expose] debuff.

Expose the enemy near [Expose] debuff, and additionally applies Accuracy value when the caster attacks the target under [Expose] debuff with the Hackapell skill.

Ankle Shot


Aim at the target's leg or ankle and fire your pistol.

Decreases attacked target's Movement Speed by 20% for 10 seconds.

Ankle Shot: Rush


Moves fast to the direction you've entered or where you moved before when the Ankle Shot is accurately hit to the enemy.




Look around and apply [Espial] buff to you.

Movement Speed increases and lets you dash during the [Espial] buff.

Does not stack with Hakka Poa's [Enrage] buff.

 Dash is not applied in some combat situations.

Spaning: Rest


[Espial] buff recovers HP as your HP Recovery periodically when moving, instead of the original effect

Recovery is proportion to your HP Recovery.

[Arts] Hakkapeliter: Strategic Shuffle


Hakka Poa's [Enrage] will be applied when there is enemy near the character, Spaning's [Espial] will be applied when there is no enemy near character every 10 seconds.

Buff won't be applied if you're not mounted or the skill is not learned.

Trooper Charge


Check Fire and rush towards the target at an appropriate speed.

Push away to damage the enemy in the way. Enemy receives multiple Trooper Charge attacks according to the direction the enemy is pushed away.


Infinite Assault


Continuously fires toward the fixed target while channeling the skill.

You cannot move while firing the skill. If you get far from the target, the target is changed to another.

Vaivora Vision - Carbine



Lv1 effect

- Ankle Shot Final Damage +50%

- Trooper Charge Final Damage +50%



Lv4 effect

- Number of Infinite Assault hit x2 against Boss monster

- Channeling duration increases when defeating the target with Infinite Assault 


※ Item stat will be announced later.




Changes for Hackapell

Although [Hackapell] and [Hakkapeliter] share the background and some concepts, they still have features distinct to each of their classes. Thus, there will be some updates for some skills.

Change in the image of Hackapell master

[Hackapell Master - Flyntess]

Storm Bolt

Skill is deleted.

Cavalry Charge

Skill scene is changed

 Attack property is changed from [Strike] to [Slash].

Infinite Assault  >

Infinite Slash

Skill name and the scene are changed.

Attack property is changed from Strike to Slash.


[Casting Cavalry Charge after Infinite Slash]


※ Because [Infinite Assault] is added to the [Hakkapelliter], we’ve changed the name for this skill to prevent users to be confused and changed the skill scene accordingly.




Scout Class Update


WIth Hakkapeliter joining the Scout class, some of Scout class will be updated.




Linker is changed to sub-class that applies a single attack skill to a wide area and a new Vaivora Vision is added.

Joint Penalty

The way sharing the damage is changed.

 - The damage received by the subject of the link is changed to share with all of the link targets (including the subject). (Link subject equally receives the damage as the shared amount. Ex. If 5 players are linked and the subject receives damage by 10,000, 5 players receive 2000 damage each.)


Cooldown is changed from 10 seconds to 30 seconds.

Duration is changed from 7 seconds to 10 seconds.


Number of count limit is changed.

- Before: [skill level] times

- After: [skill level] * 10 times


Number of maximum link target is changed.

- Before: 2.5 + [skill level/2] (round down the decimal point)

- After: 3 + [skill level/2] (round down the decimal point)

Joint Penalty: Magic, Physical, Missile

Attribute is deleted.

Joint Penalty: Enhance

Enhance attribute of Joint Penalty is added.

- Damage rate in total of Joint penalty is increased by 1.6% per attribute level.

  * (EX. In level 100, 100% x 1.6 = 160% in total. If 5 is bound, applied as 160% / 5 = 32% each)

[Arts] Joint Penalty: Chain Heart

Effect of the Arts is adjusted

- Condition to increase damage received is changed from Attack every target to Attack only caster.

 - Duration is changed from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.

 - Additional increase in Cooldown is changed from 40 seconds to 30 seconds. (30 seconds + 30 seconds = 60 seconds)

Physical Link

Effect that decreases the damage received by [skill level]% is added.


Duration is changed as follows.

- Before: 60 seconds + [skill level] * 10 seconds

- After: Unlimited (Cooldown by 20 seconds is applied when the link is disconnected.)


Maximum number of link targets is changed as follows.

- Before: 2 + [skill level]

- After: 5 (fixed)

Physical Link: Defense

Effect that increases Physical Defense is changed as follows.

- Before: [number of linked party members * attribute level]%

- After: [attribute level] * 5%

Hangman's Knot

Attack function is added.

 - Skill factor is applied when crashed, and the damage increases by 10% in proportionally to the number of enemy under Joint Penalty.

Enemy that cannot be pulled has no damage, and is not counted as damage increase.


Cooldown is changed from 8 seconds to 30 seconds.


Hangman's Knot debuff duration is changed as follows.

- Before: 1 second + [skill level] * 0.2 seconds

- After: 2 seconds

Electric Shock

Cooldown is changed from 15 seconds to 30 seconds.


Duration is changed as follows.

- Before: 3 seconds + [skill level] * 0.5 seconds

- After: 10 seconds


Link scene is changed.

Electric Shock: Physical Pressure

Effect that increases damage of Electric Shock according to DEX is deleted.

Additional SP consumption is changed from 50% to 25%.


Value of effect that increases the stat is changed.

- Before: [sum of all stats] / 15

- After: ([sum of all stats] / 15) * (0.75 + [skill level] * 0.05)


Duration is changed as follows.

- Before: 60 seconds + [skill level] * 10 seconds

- After: Unlimited


Once the link is disconnected, Cooldown is applied by 20 seconds.

Vaivora Vision - Superstring

Lv1 effect

- Increase Linker's every skill level by 1

- When calculating Joint Penalty's shared damage, apply the number of linked target as half.


Lv4 effect

- Electric Shock final damage increases by 100%


※ Item stat will be announced later.




Enchant Armor Shop skill is deleted and replaced with a continuous attack skill.

Enchant Armor

Skill is deleted.

Enchant Aura

New attack skill is added.

 - Apply a short Aura to your location and damage the enemy in the area periodically.

 - Consumes SP continuously while the area is maintained, and the area is removed when using the skill again.

 - Skill will be removed when you lack of SP or when distance with character and the area gets far.



Vaivora Vision - Empowering

Lv1 effect

- Additional increase in Physical, Magic Attack of Over-Reinforce by 2.5%

Lv4 effect

- Enchant Aura attack cycle halves


※ Item stat will be announced later.




Reversi is deleted and replaced with new skill.


Skill is deleted.


New skill is added.

- Temporarily transmutes the enemy's appearance and damages continuously.

  * When you apply debuff to the monster, the monster's appearance is changed to the monster of equal level. You cannot change some of monsters like boss monster's appearance. (periodic damage is applied)

  * When you apply debuff to the enemy character, the appearance of the character's hair accessory, halmet, and costume can be changed. (※ randomly changes)



Skill effect is changed.

 - The buff will be applied only to yourself, basic attack speed increases during the buff, and the limitation of basic attack's attack speed is removed.


Duration is changed as follows.

- Before: 30 seconds + [skill level] * 6 seconds

- After: 4 seconds + [skill level] * 0.4 seconds


Cooldown is changed from 40 seconds to 60 seconds.



Schwarzer Reiter

Serial Bullet is activated in every pistol-type attack.

Schwarzer Reiter: Additional Damage

Attribute name is changed to Markmanship: Additional Damage.

Concentrated Fire

Skill range is increased.


Serial Bullet

Strike condition for [Serial Bullet] is changed.

- Before: Applied to Limacon's basic attack

- After: Applied to [Pistol] property attack



Bullet Marker

With the change in additional damage attribute change and basic attack of Double Gun Stance, it is now changed to main attack skill and can be set as attack build like the Schwarzer Reiter. 

Markmanship: Additional Damage

Attribute like Schwarzer Reiter's [Schwarzer Reiter: Additional Damage ▶Markmanship: Additional Damage] is added to the Bullet Marker.


Freeze Bullet: Silver Pellet

Attribute is changed.

- When using basic attack instead of freezing the enemy, an additional strike of a holy property will occur during the skill duration by equal chance.

Additional Holy property attack is equal to the basic attack (Double Gun Stance factor).


Double Gun Stance

Skill maximum learn level is changed from Lv.1 to Lv.5.

Enhance attribute/Enhanced Upgrade attribute is added.

Movement Speed during the Double Gun Stance increases by 65% than the original, and the Tracer Bullet effect will be applied.

Bloody Overdrive

Overheat is changed from 2 times to 1 time.

 Cooldown is changed from 30 seconds to 25 seconds.




Classes with Balance Patch


Following classes’ skill factors will be adjusted.
















Schwarzer Reiter

Bullet Marker


Classes may be added or deleted when applying to the live server.




Expand in Cleric class attack property compatibility


Cleric Class is divided into Physical attack (STR) and Magic attack (INT).

Healer/subclass has another stat (SPR) as the main, which enables some classes to convert physical/magic, but the actual build combination is very limited compared to the number of classes in the series. There are classes that have limitations due to various weapons such as Swordsman or Archer, but it can be covered by the dual weapon slot and that it is not divided by the stat and they can change the class by changing the weapon type.



Attribute that changes Physical Stat ↔ Magic Stat in some classes will be unified to Cleric class which is the basic class, and the property that you choose will be applied to every attack of the character.

For example, when the character with Monk (Physical) - Crusader (Magic) - Krivis (Magic) - Krivis(Switching) combination selects ‘Magic Stat’, the Monk skill will be applied as magic property and the damage will be calculated based on Magic Attack (INT).  When the character changes to Physical Stat, every attack will be based on Physical Attack (STR).
Stat Switching is available only to Physical - Magic and is not applied to sub type based on SPR.



Thus, if someone has set the build to Physical with Monk, Inquisitor, and other classes by STR stat, and the other has set the build to Magic with Exorcist, Crusader, and other classes by INT stat, you can combine classes with a different property that couldn’t be combined until now by selecting the property attribute according to the item you have.




 This concludes the posting about Hakkapeliter and other class adjustments.  

Thank you!




※ Contents, values, and attached materials described in this posting may be added, deleted, or changed when applying to the live server.

Details about the skill factor, Enhance, Enhanced Upgrade will be announced via patch note when applying to the live server.