Achievement System Reorganization

By STAFF_Brand

Nov 23rd, 2021

Hello, this is Tree of Savior Dev. Team.
This posting is about Achievement system adjustment.


Achievement reorganization will be about changes in the current UI and introducing a new system

By changing the UI, we are trying to make the Achievement system convenient and easy to use. In addition, by adding a new Achievement system, we expect that saviors who use achievement content will enjoy a positive playing experience. 



UI Adjustment


The achievement list, which could be checked via 'Character Info (F1)' before, will be joined with the 'Adventure Journal (F4)'.




<Currently Adjusting Achievement Window>




<Achievement / Adventure Journal tab>



Achievement is divided into 'Main Achievement', 'Contents Achievement', 'Special Achievement', and 'Event Achievement'. 

Each category has sub-categories, and you can check the total progress and the reward status from the main window of the Achievement.



<Image of Achievement progress in the Main screen>



The achievements are classified again by the sub-category UI button at each main category.

Achievements that savior can receive reward or Achievements with high progress will be exposed on the Achievement list.


You can receive every reward of the completed Achievement in the list via 'Receive All at Once' button below.



<Achievement in category tab>



Details of Achievement you've selected appears on the right side of the main category tab.

'Achievement title', 'Level', 'Progress', Receive Reward', 'Achievement Goal' and 'Achievement reward' will appear.


<Details of Achievement>



There are currently more than 300 Achievements including the Hidden Achievements, but it hasn't been easy to check the reward or title each Achievement gives. 

With this adjustment, saviors will be able to search the Achievement they wish and check the details easily.


You can search for achievements by main category, sub-category, through the presence or absence of rewards and titles, and whether it is timed or not.

In addition, you can check and receive rewards and register achievements without any action on the screen.



<Search Achievement Function>




System Adjustment



The Achievement Level system is added.


You can receive a certain amount of EXP by clearing the Achievement, and the level is determined according to the system.


Achievement Level affects various reward systems related to the Achievement contents. EXP is set for the existing Achievements, and the Achievement level will be calculated automatically according to the completed Achievement during the adjustment.



<Achievement Level and EXP>



You can receive Achievement Level Reward when reaching Achievement Level.



<Achievement Level Reward>



Achievement Item Exchange system will be added.


You can check it on the left bottom side of the main tab. The list will be renewed periodically, and you can exchange it for an item with in-game consumables.


Achievement Item Exchange list includes not only the consumable items but also items that once were provided at the events and Contents Point Shop. (Excludes the items in the TP shop)

We expect that the saviors will be able to acquire the items they couldn't obtain anymore.



<Achievement Item Exchange>




Timed Achievement will be added.


Timed Achievement will be exposed in a certain period via UI, and you can only achieve these Achievements during that period. (When completing the Achievement within the period, the reward can be received regardless of term.)



<Timed Achievement>



When the Timed Achievement is near the ending period, the clock icon turns red.



<Timed Achievement near ending period>



The remaining time of Timed Achievement can be checked via details.



<Remaining time of Timed Achievement>




Rewards for existing Achievement will be added.


Previously, only the title was given as a reward for completing Achievements. But after this adjustment, Attribute Points and Goddess Token will be added as a reward. 

You can receive this additional reward even if the Achievement is already cleared by pressing the 'Receive Reward' UI.



<Reward added to the existing Achievement>




Achievement Tracking system is added.


A maximum of 5 Achievements will be displayed on the main screen by selecting them from the Achievement window. By using this function, you can easily check the Achievement status without opening the UI.



<Achievement Tracking - Register>



<Achievement Tracking - Main Screen>




Play newly added Achievement contents


After the Achievement adjustment, you need to check the Level system.


The Achievement level is a measure of the overall Achievement progress and is a standard for all reward systems related to the Achievement.

In order to increase the Achievement level, you need to gain EXP by clearing the Achievement.




<Gain EXP by clearing Achievement>


You can proceed with the Achievements by selecting various ways such as tracking and clearing Achievements with high progress, clearing Achievement with high reward EXP, and clearing quests or contents altogether.



<You can register Achievement Tracking according to your playing goal>


While enjoying the Achievement Content, you'll be able to receive rewards in 3 ways.



<Individual Achievement Reward>


First, you can receive rewards for Individual Achievement.

Additional reward besides the Title is added to not only the new Achievements but the already existing Achievements.


<Achievement Level Reward>


Secondly, you can receive rewards according to the Achievement Level.

You can helpful items will be given out as rewards when reaching a certain level. (1 time per team)



<Example of items from Achievement Item Exchange>


You can purchase the items from Achievement Item Exchange according to the Achievement Level.




Goal for the New Achievement and Achievement Contents


New Achievement will be added.

'Achievement: Challenge Mode clear' will be expanded.

'Achievement: Challenge Mode: Division Singularity' will be expanded.

'Achievement: Clear Remnants of Bernice certain stage' will be added.

'Achievement: Clear Remnants of Bernice total certain stage' will be added.

'Achievement: Clear Demonic Sanctuary: Legend (Party) total certain stage' will be added.

'Achievement: Clear Res Sacrae Raid: Auto Match (Hard) total certain stage' will be expanded.

'Achievement: Clear Assister Dungeon certain stage' will be added.



Some of the newly added Achievements will be applied retroactively according to the accumulated play data.

We will continuously update the Achievements when new contents are updated so that it can help players enjoy playing the game and receive more rewards.



Goddess Token (Gabija) will be given as an additional reward for the New Achievement. By adding Goddess Token (Gabija) as a reward for new Achievements, we expect that it varifies the supply of Goddess Token (Gabija) and it leads players to enjoy the game.

Event Achievement will be added. Event Achievements are mostly timed.

You can complete the event Achievement by activities related to the current event, and you can receive event coins or items that help the event, title, etc as a reward.




<Image of Event Achievement>



<Event Achievement Title>




This concludes the announcement of Achievement Adjustments. 

There may be changes when it is applied to the live server.




Thank you.