Winners: Guide Event

By STAFF_Brand

Oct 12th, 2021

Greetings Saviors:)

Here are the winners of the Forum Guide Event! Thank you all for your participation:)



Congrats to all those who won the Guide Event!

Here are the winners' Guide:)



Goddess Update / Equipment Storage / Goddess Equipment / Ark + Luciferie Storage

: [NA] - Tsugami



Early/Efficient Silver Guide - 100m-200m Silvers a Month!

: [NA] - Tsugami

※ Please be noted that there are limits on using the market for new/returning players for a certain amount of time. 



Heroic Tale - Basic Guide

: [NA] - Tsugami



Heroic’s Tale Equipment Option Guide

: [SEA] - lKurogane



Bounty Hunt and Aether Gem guide

: [SEA] -  Redrelle




Selected Guides will be uploaded in Forum - Community Guide and shared on Tree of Savior Facebook official page.


We hope these guides may help lots of saviors:) 

Thank you again for your interest!