Winners: [Fan Art Festival] NPC with Changed Gender

By STAFF_Brand

Aug 31st, 2021


Greetings saviors!


The [Fan Art Festival] NPC with Changed Gender has finally ended! Thank you for showing us your marvelous artwork and participation in the vote!



※ We have excluded votes casted by forum accounts that shared the same IP addresses after reviewing the accounts.

※ Rewards will be given to the team name written in the submitted post on the scheduled maintenance on August 31, 2021.

- Rewards will be sent to the Mailbox and be deleted after 2 weeks.

- Rewards: In-Game Title (Apolonija's Prank), [EVENT] 500TP, Your art as an in-game loading screen



Here are the winners of the [Fan Art Festival] NPC with Changed Gender. Congratulations!


- User picks


1st place: <Sorry Laima, I’m not your sister>

[SEA] Telsial - ThornsSimp

Total votes: 198


2nd place: <Summer Prank!>

[SEA] Telsial - Shakie

Total votes: 195


3rd place: <Choose what I want to be a Sage Master!>

[SEA] Telsial - DDxStory

Total votes: 187


4th place: <Cooler than ever Onmyoji Master>

[SEA] Telsial - Nifelheim

Total votes: 174


5th place: <A Good Day>

[SA] Silute - Mabu

Total votes: 138



- GM picks

[GM] Kiwi: <Adventure Time>

[NA] Klaipeda - Lumenaurum



[GM] Watermelon: <Sorry Giltine, I’m not your henchman>

[SEA] Telsiai - Mhee


[GM] Mango: <Greetings Saviors!>

[SEA] Telsiai - Sheryl


[GM] Lemon: <Joha is so confused.>

[SEA] Telsiai - SillyDog


[GM] Pomegranate: <The Oracle’s Experiments>

[NA] Klaipeda - Tsugami