TOS Newbie Guide

By STAFF_Brand

Sep 13th, 2021

Greetings savior!

This is a basic guide for new/returning saviors who are not familiar with TOS system:)

If you have trouble starting to play TOS, please read this guide!




1. Benefit only for New Saviors



Attendance check for 14 days, prepared for New Saviors

New/Returning saviors can receive 3 kinds of Attendance reward!


New/Returning Player only TP Shop 

Chance to buy Premium Token in half of the price!

If you want to know more about Token, please read the rest of the guide:)


New/Returning Savior Buff Activation Scroll (30 days)

Visit the [Wings of Vaivora] NPC and get a crucial buff to grow your character!

Right-click on the [New/Returning Savior Buff Activation Scroll] to get the buff for 4 hours.

▶ When the buff is expired, you can right-click on the buff to re-apply the buff.

Press the [F6] key to create a party with other saviors. The special buff will be applied when you have a party with 2 or more party members.

▶ Character buff: HP + (character level * 10), SP +(character level * 4), Movement Speed +3, Physical/Magic Attack +(chacracter level * 10), Physical/Magic Defense +(character level * 10)

▶ Party(2 or more) buff: [New/Returning Savior] - Looting Chance + 2000, [Party member] - Looting Chance + 1000, [Common] - EXP gain +50% 




2. Wings of Vaivora, Necessary Point for New Saviors



Let's go to the Wings of Vaivora to receive [New/Returning Savior Buff Activation Scroll]!

Wings of Vaivora NPC is in Klaipeda and Orsha.

You can check the location of NPC via "NPC" tab on the World Map(N).



Wings of Vaivora Coin Shop 

Use the Wings of Vaivora Coin obtained from Attendance Check!
You can collect the coin to exchange for usable items.


Exploring Map Reward/Additional Revelation Reward/Goddess Statue Activation

If you have completed exploring the map, a special reward will be given.

Also, it activates the Goddess Statue of unvisited areas based on the progress.


※ Receive various items that support you from NPC during the level up!


Kedoran Merchant Support Supplies

If you have received level 40/75/120/170/220/270/315/350/380/420/440, you can receive Kedoran equipment and EXP cards!

Equipment will be given up to Lv.380. Lv.350 and Lv.380 equipment are Enhanced and Transcended.

Equipment is not given from Lv.420, but you can receive powerful equipment by clearing episodes.

Don't invest in Enhancement and Transcendence! Kedoran equipment is not the final equipment!

Clear the [Episode 11~12] to receive special 'Legend rank equipment'!

※ You can also check how to use Wings of Vaivora via Tutorial - [Mission: Intermediate. Clear the mission and get rewards! 




3. TOS Day 1, you'd better start with us!



If you feel lost, Episode quest is the start of the TOS!

Press [F5] key and clear from the main quest().

A special reward will be given once per team when clearing each episode.


Stat, the basic of character growth

You can check the [stat] via [F1] key. Stat is divided into STR, CON, INT, SPR, and DEX and each stat is automatically divided based on class according to character level.

Stat can be obtained by clearing the quest and reaching levels!


Advance to various classes! Each character can choose 3 classes to advance.


Learn special [skills] for the advanced class and [Attribute] that can enhance the skills. Click [F3] right now!
Skill can be learned by using skill points given according to advanced class' level.

There are limits on the maximum level for each skill, and additional skill points will be given when reaching a certain level.

Attribute can enhance skill or change to new function. The attribute can be received by using 'Attribute Points'. Right-click on [Attribute Point] given from the Attendance check to receive Attribute Points!

When learning an attribute, attribute level increases by 10 if right-clicking on '+' button.


You can change Stat/Skill/Attribute/Class anytime!

You can reset Stat/Skill/Attribute by using Reset Potion anytime. (Excludes Common Attribute)

Focus on class attributes first and invest in common attributes later!

You can receive Reset Potion from a certain episode reward, Wings of Vaivora Shop, Event, etc.


You can change class from [Advancement Info], and 1,000 [Class Change Point] will be consumed when changing 1 class.

If you lack points, try changing the class by using [Class Change Voucher] obtained from Attendance Check!


Hunting in the Field

Are you confused because [Mercenary Badge]/Goddess Token (Gabija) is given instead of Silver?

You can obtain silver by clearing Challenge Mode.

Mercenary Badge/Goddess Token (Gabija) are usable! Check the details below:)



Use [Token] obtained from New Attendance Check!

The effect will be applied to every character in the team, and it helps you to play the TOS system usefully.

Especially, there are exemptions on warping via Goddess Statue, and 'Token Travel' service is provided so that you can move easily via World Map [N].


Free TP

Did you know that Free TP is given?

Free 1 TP is saving per 2 hours even you are not logged in! (up to 5TP)

Free TP is consumed first when purchasing items at the TP shop:)


Use Chat

When the chat window appears by pressing [Enter], set the chat by [Tab] key to Normal/Shout/Whisper/Party/Guild and enter the contents!

[Megaphone] is consumed when using Shout, and you can purchase [Megaphone] via TP shop.

Let's communicate with every savior on the server by Shouting!

TIP. You can receive Megaphone from [New/Returning Savior Support Box] which is day 12 reward of Newbie Attendance Check.


Geraldasia  Gem Merchant

Gem is an item that gives additional effect by equipping on the equipment. You can equip it after having a socket on an item.

You can receive Gem or Abrasive needed for enhancing Gem via [Kedora Alliance Geraldasia] at towns.

Don't miss the daily opportunity to have luck!




4. Don't miss these even you're busy leveling up!



Mercenary Badge Shop

Right-click on the [Mercenary Badge] item and convert it into points and purchase it for an item at Mercenary Badge Shop.

You can purchase various consumables, equipment, and content entry vouchers.

Some items have purchase limits, so please be cautious!


Goddess' Statue/Miracle Seeds

Let's grow the character fastly by using the buff!

▶ Goddess' Statue: EXP gain +20%, Increases HP/SP Recovery, Max. HP +10%, Movement Speed +1

▶ Miracle Seeds: EXP gain +50%, Movement Speed +3, Max. HP +2000

TIP. You can get Goddess' Statue and Miracle Seed from [New/Returning Savior Support Box] and [Support Box] which is a reward for day 2 Attendance Check.


EXP Tome

EXP Tome is an item that increases obtained EXP and Stamina recovery. You can craft it to item with higher efficiency by using lower-level items.

▶ EXP Tome: EXP gain +30%, Stamina Recovery x2

▶ x4 EXP Tome: EXP gain +150%, Stamina Recovery x5

▶ x8 EXP Tome: EXP gain +300%, Stamina Recovery x9

▶ x32 EXP Tome: EXP gain +1200%, Stamina Recovery x9


[Recipe - x32 EXP Tome] can be received by a certain chance when defeating monsters with lv.100 or above in every field, cannot be received when the level gap with the monster exceeds 20. (unable to receive from challenge mode)


Craft EXP Tome with a higher level

Purchase 'EXP Tome' recipe from [Item Merchant] → Press [Insert]-[S] key to craft 2 x4 EXP Tome → Craft x8 EXP Tome with x4 EXP Tome!

※ Timed EXP Tome can be used as material for EXP Tome, and crafted EXP Tome won't have a time limit.

(EX. when crafting x4 EXP Tome with 4 EXP Tome (14 days), x4 EXP without time limit will be received!)


Spell Shop  

Do you know the Spell Shop owned by saviors in towns?

If the monster's attack becomes harder and harder, purchase the buff from the Spell Shop! (800 silver each)

TIP. If you want to purchase all buff, click purchase button for all, and Click yes.




5. Basic of the equipment



There are Normal/Magic/Rare/Unique/Legend/Goddess ranks.

Each equipment varies the type of class that can equip the equipment, so please check before receiving it.


There are 4 parts of Armors with 3 types (Cloth/Leather/Plate). Apply 4 parts of armor with the same type to receive the additional effect.

▶ Cloth: Decreases Magic Damage

▶ Leather: Increases Damage

▶ Plate: Decreases Physical Damage

TIP. For Dealer class, increase the Defense with Plate type first, and select Leather type after increasing your ability!


Equipment is set according to the skill per each class, and you can check it via skill tooltip.

TIP. If you equip a Two-handed weapon, only Trinket can be equipped to the sub weapon.

Accessory is divided into bracelet and necklace, and you can equip 2 bracelets and 1 necklace.


Identify the unidentified equipment

Unidentified equipment can be used after identifying via [Blacksmith] NPC/[Private Spell Shop] and applying [Random Stat].


Enhance/Transcendence Equipment (under Goddess grade)

It is unable to enhance and transcendence episode 12 equipment but it can be enhanced by using Enhance/Transcendence Scroll.

Enhance/Transcendence Scroll can be obtained by participating in events. Go visit the [Event Shop]!


Repair Equipment

Were you worried that your equipment's durabilities are decreasing during the combat?

Durability can be recovered by 'Repair' or by using [Repair Kit]. Also, you can have a special effect by using Personal Repair Shop!


Card (Monster Card/Master Card/Goddess Card)

Open the card slot from Inventory[F2] and equip various card items to check each effect.

▶ Monster Card: by defeating a certain monster/via Mercenary Badge Shop

▶ Master NPC Card: by clearing certain episode/Master Card Selection Card Album/Fedimian Public House

▶ Goddess Card: Reputation Shop



Market/Personal Trade

If you are suffering from crafting equipment or Ichor, use the 'Market' and 'Trade'!

You can use the Market via [Market Manager] NPC. Search for the item and purchase it!


Let's do personal Trade!

If the character is not using [Premium Token], the traded item is bounded to the character (unable to trade).


Enchant Scroll

[Enchant Scroll] is an item that you can use to 'hair costume' to apply various stats. (Max. 3).

Apply stats for both efficiency and fashion!



6. Play various content!

Content Status Board 

Press [F10] to see the content of TOS.

Check the entry level, and play the content!

You can check the guide for all contents in Guide category on our website:)


Play content, Get Contents Point!

You can receive Contents Point by clearing multiple contents.

You can exchange for Contents Point with specific items.

Collect the Contents Point and purchase special items from [Content Point Shop] via [Magic Association] NPC in Klaipeda and Orsha!



7. For saviors who have cleared up to Ep.11


Use Ep.11 Savionose Dysnai equipment

Have you received Savinose Dysnai equipment after clearing Ep.11?

Because Savinose Dysnai equipment is an [Unidentified Equipment], you need to identify and apply 'random stat' to use the equipment.

If you suffer from clearing Ep.12 due to strong monsters, please refer to the contents below!

▶ Equip Fixed Ichor

We recommend you to play Ep.12 after equipping 'Fixed Ichor' to the Ep11 equipment.

You can get the Fixed Ichor by extracting the Ichor from contents of [Kedora Merchant Alliance Galimive Armor Box].

(You can have 4 parts of Armor from 1 Kedora Merchant Alliance Galimive Armor Box)

▶ 'Plate' Armor + 'CON' Random Stat

EP12 is an area where the monsters' HP /ATK gets higher extremely.

If you have low Defense, how about having the EP.11 Armor with Plate and CON stat for Random stat?!





Hope this guide helps new/returning players play TOS with more joy:)


Thank you!