Watermelon Fishing

By STAFF_Brand

Aug 2nd, 2021


Greetings Savior!


Watermelon Fishing is here in TOS! Give the Watermelon Fish to the NPC and get Fresh Watermelon to receive rewards:)




Event Period



From the scheduled maintenance on August 3, 2021

To  the scheduled maintenance on August 24, 2021




Who can Participate



- All saviors




How to Participate



STEP 1. Receive [Event] Octopus Tentacle Bait from Fishing Manager Joha NPC!


- You can receive 250 [Event] Octopus Tentacle Bait via [Fishing Shop] Joha's Tackle Box per day.

※ You can purchase additional Octopus Tentacle Bait via Fishing Manager Joha, Joha's Tackle Box event shop.



STEP 2. Give [Event] Watermelon Fish to the cat!


- Give 1 [Event] Watermelon Fish to the cat to receive Meowlicious! buff and [Event] Fresh Watermelon.


Meowlicious! buff: EXP Gain+30%, Looting Chance +500, Maximum HP +3000, Maximum SP +1000

※ Buff Duration: 30 minutes, cannot be stacked, Duration resets when re-applying the buff during the buff.


- Exchange limit is 110 times. You can receive [Event] Yellow Watermelon Costume Selection Box after exchanging 110 times.

- After 110 times, you will only receive the buff.

- 1 [Event] Angler Token is given per exchange of [Event] Fresh Watermelon.

- Use Fresh Watermelon to receive one of the following rewards.

Item Name Team Storage Market/Trade Amount
[Watermelon Fishing] Enchant Scroll O X 5
[Event] Unidentified Mystic Tome O X 1
[Watermelon Fishing] Attribute Points 10,000 O X 1
[Watermelon Fishing] Challenge Mode One Entry Voucher O X 1
[Watermelon Fishing] Mercenary Badge Voucher : 1,000 O X 1
[Watermelon Fishing] Golden Ichor Extraction Kit O X 2
[Watermelon Fishing] Blessed Ruby Anvil O X 1
[Watermelon Fishing] Blessed Golden Anvil O X 2
[Watermelon Fishing] Sandra's Magnifier O X 2
[Event] Combat Support Box O X 1
[Event] Sole Hunt One Entry Voucher(14 Days) O X 5
[Event] Yellow Watermelon Costume Selection Box O X 1



STEP 3. Log in on Weekends and get Fresh Watermelon!


- [Watermelon Fishing] Fresh Watermelon will be given when maintaining logged in for 1 hour.

※ Can be received 2 times per team daily. Sat: 6 AM ~ Sun 5: 59 AM, Sun: 6 AM ~ 5:59 on Mon.



STEP 4. Scroll Shop 


- Items you can exchange with [Event] Angler Token from Scroll Shop are as follows: 

Name Amount Trade/Market Team Storage Coin needed Exchange Limit (per team)
[EP12] Weapon Stage 8 Transcendence Scroll 1 X O 3 2
[EP12] Armor Stage 8 Transcendence Scroll 1 X O 3 4
[EP12] Weapon 11 ENH Scroll 1 X O 3 2
[EP12] Armor 11 ENH Scroll 1 X O 3 4
[EP12] Main Weapon Vaivora Enchant Scroll 1 X O 10 1
[EP12] Sub-Weapon Vaivora Enchant Scroll 1 X O 10 1
[EP12] Armor Set Stats Scroll 1 X O 5 4
[EP12] Weapon Set Stats Scroll 1 X O 5 2
[Event] Octopus Tentacle Bait 100 X O 1 50

※ Every Transcendence Scroll, ENH Scroll of Weapon and Armor shares the purchase limit. (If you've purchased from a previous event, an additional purchase is unavailable)

※ Items with [EP12] header can be used to [EP12] Savinose Dysnai equipment given as [EP 12-1] reward. (cannot be used to [Event] Savinose Dysnai])

※ Vaivora Enchant Scroll cannot be restored once used. So please be cautious when using the item.





- Reward status for logging in on weekends can be checked via /fishingcheck command.

- Number of [Event] Octopus Tentacle Bait received and remaining counts of exchanging Fresh Watermelon can be checked via /fishingcat command.

- Every daily acquisition resets at 6 am (server time).

- [Event] Watermelon Fish, [Event] Octopus Tentacle Bait, [Event] Angler Token will be deleted during the scheduled maintenance on August 24, 2021.

- Items with [Watermelon Fishing] header will be deleted on the scheduled maintenance on August 31, 2021.