[Fan Art Festival] NPC with Changed Gender

By STAFF_Brand

Jul 22nd, 2021


Greetings Saviors! We are here with an Fan Art Festival:)

This time around the Fan Art Festival theme is…

NPC with Changed Gender!


The prank of Oracle master Apolonija has changed the NPC's gender!
What would it be like when the gender of NPC changes?! Show us your creativity!



Event Period

- Fan Art Reception Period:

From July 22, 2021

To  August 15, 2021, at 23:59 (Server time)


- Voting Period:


From August 17, 2021

To  August 25, 2021




Who can Participate

- All users




How to Participate 

- Draw 'NPC' with changed Gender' and upload it on Forum>Fansites>Fan Art category.


- Please write [Apolonija] on the head of the title.


- Write the correct Title of the Artwork/Server/Team Name in the post.




* Rewards will be given to 10 users

- User picks -  5 saviors 


The voting thread will be on the Forum>Fansites>Fan Art category

- GM picks -  5 saviors 



Rewards: In-Game Title (Apolonija's Prank), [EVENT] 500TP, Your art as an in-game loading screen


* Winners will be announced on August 30, 2021

* The rewards will be given during the scheduled maintenance on August 31, 2021.




Art Requirements


- Format: JPG/PNG/PSD

- Size: 1920*1080px, 300dpi

- The art must be related to the theme

- Acceptable mediums:


Comic panels

※ An image that utilizes in-game screenshots or material, Real-life photography, or images that utilize such, will not be accepted

Please note: We will exclude votes cast by forum accounts that shared the same IP addresses after reviewing the accounts. The results of the user vote are a reflection of this change. 





- The Fan Art can be posted on the website, SNS pages, Tree of saviors official Channel, so the participation of the event is regarded as consenting to the uploads.

- You may be penalized for stealing or plagiarizing someone else's work.

- Fan artworks that don't fit the topic won't go up to the vote.

- Incorrect Title of the Artwork/Server name/Team name of the character will not be counted.

- Rewards will be sent to the Mailbox and be deleted after 2 weeks.

- If the Artwork has problems such as sensationalism, violence, or hatred comment, it will be excluded and deleted.


Policies and Disclaimers

imcGAMES will not be held responsible for (a) any contest disruptions, injuries, losses or damages, caused by events beyond the control of imcGAMES; (b) damages caused by plagiarized work submitted by the artist; or (c) inconvenience caused by human error or typographical errors in the rules or promotional material.

ImcGAMES reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel the contest if, in imcGAMES discretion, intervening circumstances warrant such action.  

Contest Overview:

This contest is held by imcGAMES and is open to all Tree of Savior fans.
Artist interested in participating may submit a design of fan artwork. 
Please keep in mind that vote-selling of any kind is discouraged and could result in disqualification. 

General Contest Conditions:

By entering this competition, you are granting us a non-exclusive perpetual license to reproduce images of your artwork into in-game loading screens and in posts on the forums ( when introducing the works selected.
Artworks selected might undergo modification when applying them to loading screens.
Artworks will not be used for any other purpose than that which is stated here.
Loading screen images are subject to change without prior notification. 

Original Work of Authorship:

By submitting your work you hereby warrant and represent that your submitted art is, in fact, original works of authorship on your part and have not been copied, in whole or in part, from any other work and do not violate, misappropriate or infringe any copyright, trademark or other proprietary rights of any other person or entity. 

You may not post materials that are sexually explicit, offensive to certain groups, or generally inappropriate for the game’s Trating.

Artists who violate these policies are subject to disqualification from entry and should plagiarism or IP theft is confirmed, imcGAMES holds the rights to revoke all benefits and prizes given to the artist.