TOS Support Guild Vice Guild Master Regular Selection

By STAFF_Brand

Jul 28th, 2021

Greetings Saviors:)

We are going to announce the regular selection of the TOS Support Guild Vice Guild Master.

Whenever there is a vacancy on Vice Guild Master, we are going to receive applications for the place as follows. 


This time, it is for the [Europe] Fedimian Server.

If you are willing to work as Vice Guild Master of Fedimian Support Guild, please read the following sections and apply for it!



We have selected Bulgogi for the Vice Guild Master:)

We will upload the post again when Support Guild needs another Vice Guild Master!

Thank you all for your participation!



Vice Guild Master Selection

Support Guild is run by selecting one Vice Guild Master for each world.

Vice Guild Masters will share their experience and knowledge about TOS, process various contents, and support the fun and activities that can be enjoyed in the TOS community.



■ Vice Guild Master’s Role


As the main operator body of the TOS Support Guild, Vice Guild Master helps new/returning saviors who joined the guild settle down and play various guild events



■ Vice Guild Master Selection


Recruitment Target

Saviors from [Europe] Fedimian 

Recruit Period

July 19, 2021 ~ August 27, 2021

Announce Date

Whenever there is a suitable candidate
※ Selected Vice Guild Master will be announced via patch note and the selected Vice Guild Master will receive GM message.

Activity Period

From the selected day ~ September 10, 2021
※ Can be continued according to the Vice Guild Master's intention and activity records after September 10, 2021.


3,000 TP [Event] will be given every month
※ The benefit of Vice Guild Master is 3,000 TP. 

※ After reviewing the Vice Guild Master’s activity record, it’ll be given separately on the second Friday of the month and the fourth Friday of the month.

※ If the activity period is 1 week: 750 TP, 2 weeks: 1500 TP

→ The week is based on the selected week's Friday. ex) If you start the activity on August 3, the first benefit (750 TP) will be given on August 13.


- Savior who can consistently log in during the activity period (~9/10)

- Savior who has a wide knowledge of the game

- Savior who can help guild members understand, adapt, and settle in the game

- Savior who has no record of sanctions due to violating the Policy


- Savior who has experience of online cast

- Savior who has been a Guild Master in TOS or other MMORPG

How to apply

- Reply to the following Survey (Google account is needed for the survey)

(Link has been deleted since the selection is over.)

※ There may be a brief meeting in-game after the selection.


※ Guild Master(GM) is not involved in any issues except for the major issues such as Vice Guild Master selection and operation-related issues, and will only monitor the Support Guild to make sure it is operated according to its original purpose. 

※ All records (including authority usage and chat) of the Guild Master(GM) are kept/inspected/managed thoroughly.

※ Total activity period may change due to application status.







Vice Guild Master Activity Guide


Necessary Activity


1. Log in to TOS 3 days or more per week


2. Accept applications of Support Guild when logged in to TOS

a. Approvement route: Alt+G Guild → Settings → Applications

b. Newly created teams will be automatically added to the guild, but other saviors need to be approved manually.

c. Every applicant must be approved. (However, if it is judged that the purpose of applying  is clearly to make conflict/dispute, it may be rejected.) 


3. Play Guild Quest 2 times or more per week

a. How to play Guild Quest: Guild Tower → Guild Quest → Select the Guild Quest you want to play → Go to the Guild Quest area → Enter via Guild Quest pillar after recruiting (space bar)

b. Sulivinas Lair and Demonic Sanctuary cannot be played.

Selective Activity

1. Answer the questions related to playing the game to solve guild member’s curiosity about the game


2. Check Guild Community

a. Reply to inquiries about the game

b. Questions frequently asked by the guild members can be saved in the Community section to help the players.


3. Activate the Guild Chat

a. You can bring energy to the guild chat window by saying hello to the guild chat when you log in or log out, or when other users log in.


Guild Territory War, Guild Wars, Guild Quest: Sulivinas Lair, Demonic Sanctuary cannot be played.

- You cannot declare Guild Territory War and other wars since the purpose of the guild is to help saviors to understand and adjust to the game and since there are too many members. 

- Sulivinas Lair and Demonic Sanctuary are also not available as it is difficult to distribute fairly.




Guild Quest TIP


1. Guild Tower Location: West Siauliai Woods 1 channel, near Statue of Goddess Vakarine

 - This location is only for the 1st guild tower.

 - Location may change from the 2nd guild tower and if so, Vice Guild Masters need to tell the GM by whisper or ticket.


2. How to create Guild Tower: Talk to Uska NPC at Klaipeda → Buy Guild Merchandise → Purchase ‘Build Guild Tower’ → Use the item in the installation location


3. If the participation rate is low, guide the progress and reward.

- Guild Boss Raid: Click the Participate button, move to the location and defeat the boss monster together!

- Guild Mission: Click the Participate button, move to the location and clear the mission!

- ‘Guild Foundation’ repetitive quest is cleared when clearing Guild Quest twice a week.




This concludes the announcement of [Europe] Fedimian - TOS Support Guild.

We look forward to your support and participations:)


Thank you.



※ If we verify excessively repetitive joining and leaving the Support guild for intentional profit-seeking or inappropriate activities, there may be restrictions put to the account according to the policy such as being excluded and permanently banned from the Support Guild.