UPDATEFAQ about Brief Plans for 2021 Update

By STAFF_Brand

May 4th, 2021

Greetings, Saviors. This is the Tree of Savior Development Team. 


In this posting, we will be answering the most frequently asked questions about the Brief Plans for 2021 Update.




Q1. Feedback about Res Sacrae


Q1-1. Depending on the level of Res Sacrae, the DPS gap is so severe that it determines whether the top raids are cleared or not. Is there an appropriate way to solve this?

Q1-2. Excessive probability factors are involved in acquiring and enhancing Res Sacrae. Why isn’t there a ceiling in these systems?

Q1-3. The difference between activating Res Sacrae or not is so huge that it causes the difference in the number of hits in PvE and the situation is determined by the on/off of Res Sacrae in PvP. How will the development team respond to this?


After the online presentation, many Saviors sent us inquiries about the Res Sacrae system. Thank you for your sincere interest in Tree of Savior, and the development team also considers the Res Sacrae system as a priority issue.


Intentions and Settings of Res Sacrae


Res Sacrae was originally planned to be the final item to upgrade after Seal, Ark, Vaivora, and Luciferie Accessory. Here's the performance of Res Sacrae that the development team intended.


The effect of Goddess Magenta Gem is very strong with Attack +4000 per level, but in general PvE content, it can only be opened once in one session, so the maximum duration is 100 seconds.

Assuming that the clear time of White Witch's Forest Hard mode is around 6 minutes and 30 seconds for a party with an average capability, Res Sacrae is activated during 20% of the total playtime.

Based on Lv.6 Res Sacrae Gem, 24000 Attack increases, which is 53% of character with an average Attack of 45000, and  53%(ATK increased) x 0.2(Duration) = 10.6% Attack increases per content.

The 10.6% increase in Attack has an effect of 12-14% increase in the actual final damage, reducing the clear time to about 5 minutes and 30 seconds, a minute shorter than the previous 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

The calculation is based on the condition that all party members are equipped with Lv.12 Crown of Thorns and Lv.6 Goddess Magenta Res Sacrae Gem.


In addition to the effect of Magenta Gem, Res Sacrae also has features such as its separate stat, Cyan Gem's activation factor, and Black Gem's constant effect, but it was not intended to make an overwhelming performance gap compared to other equipment (Lv. 10 Crafted Ark, Luciferie, Seal, Lv.4 Vaivora).

However, it is true that it has a great effect in contents with shorter duration, contents such as PvP, where Team Fight at important moments contributes greatly to victory, and in Giltine Raid, where Res Sacrae buff lasts 10 times longer.


As previously mentioned, Res Sacrae's overall performance is not overwhelmingly high in general situations compared to other higher-level equipment such as Crafted Ark, Luciferie Accessory, and Vaivora.

However, considering that Res Sacrae's effect in certain contents or situations distorts the game's intentions and because the requirements of Res Sacrae is too high compared to other high-grade equipment/items at the current stage of supply and demand, we will proceed with the following measures.


Increase the reward of normal Res Sacrae Dungeon


We will increase the drop rate of Res Sacrae Gem Box and Res Sacrae Dungeon Entry Voucher in Auto Match Res Sacrae Dungeon. Level of Crown of Thorns will be shared by the team by the future updates and we are planning to widen the chance to obtain Prism Coal and additional Res Sacrae Gem, which is likely to become increasingly scarce when trying to equip different types of Res Sacrae Gems for multiple characters after the future reorganization.


About enhancing Res Sacrae Gem


Currently, Res Sacrae Gem enhancement works only by probability without a ceiling. Although this won’t be a big problem if the one-time trial cost is low, we understand that there is a big economic and psychological blow and no promise to reach the desired level when Gem level continues to fail at the moment.

It's hard to implement a ceiling system or reduce the required ingredients immediately as we've been using these probability systems for months, but we believe that the upcoming decrease in Giltine Hard Raid's difficulty will make the supply of Res Sacrae Gem Catalyst smoother.

We will take time to reflect on the supply and events of goods so that we can gradually reduce the fatigue of Res Sacrae Gem enhancement.


Res Sacrae Efficiency Deviation due to Difference in Number of Hits


In Res Sacrae Dungeon and Giltine Raid included during the Res Sacrae update, monsters had a very high Defense in preparation to the “to be increased ATK”, reducing the frequency of maximum damage as much as possible, but Attacks with a very high factor are still blocked to maximum damage.

Also, we recognize that 'high factor in single-hit' characters will be relatively disadvantaged in the future because we still don't have that high defense other than the Res Sacrae content. We will increase the limit of maximum damage to 20,000,000 or 30,000,000 but also make sure at the same time that it is applied within 10 million without any reversal phenomenon through calculation correction.


PvP Balance


The balance of PvP is considered to bring distortion to the competition, so even if it turns out as a nerf, we will adjust it as we have done in the balance patch.

We will carry out the patch by reviewing direct PvP value correction of Res Sacrae Gem (Factor of Cyan Gem, Increase value of Magenta Gem), Cooltime of charging RP during GTW, and the use of Res Sacrae Liberation in the Team Battle League. 




Q2. In order for a character-level system to be applied ideally, it must be advantageous to complete a small number of high-level content with a single character rather than completing low-level content with a handful of characters. That means there must be a definite return for the investment. I wonder how the development team plans to convert the current team-based reward system to the above.


You are very correct. Currently, the acquisition of the main goods of TOS is mostly done in Challenge Mode, Division Singularity, and Legend Raid, which will lose its meaning if only the characters are increased and content goods are not distributed.


There was an introduction about Hunting Grounds in the Brief Plans for 2021 Update, which will require high entry conditions, battle against strong monsters, but provides a reasonable reward in return. Also, the biggest change of the Goddess Season (Stated as season for convenience.) is that each character can participate in the Goddess raid, and since it is a Raid content, a certain level of investment and playtime (ex; conditions of entry, difficulty, etc.) is required to obtain goods proportionally. The Goddess material will now be used not only for the crafting of the equipment, but also for the enhancement, transcendence, stat, awaken, and enchantment of the equipment.

Even if you grow multiple characters, we will allow strong characters to get more (effective) goods and those who do not get less goods.

We will be careful not to repeat the time of challenge mode at Outer Wall District 14 with 40 Schwarzer Reiter in the past.


And the number of clear time and rewards of the team content currently concentrated in Auto Match Challenge Mode and Division Singularity will be redistributed to fit the contents added and changed in the Goddess Season. There is additional information in Q4 below. 



Q3. Does a decrease in Silver dependency means making a new currency? If so, what is the plan for the users who have massive silver?


Because silver is a standard currency that can be used at the market, you may know the side effects when inflation occurs. We can decrease the inflation by increasing the number of silver consumption points, but this becomes a burden on new users. This phenomenon is also amplified because silver is used directly for playing content and increasing capabilities of the character. 

Standard currency has to be produced and deleted at a low speed (on whole worlds) but in-game, silver is produced massively like the normal goods and demands using it as a necessity for growth.


After the adjustment, silver needed for increasing the corresponding season’s capability will be changed to ‘Token of the Goddess‘ which is a concept of seasonal goods. 

With this adjustment, standard currency ‘Silver’ will be obtained less and season currency for content consumption/increasing capability will be obtained more in Challenge Mode, an essential content. Seasonal currency is not permanent. On the next episode or next equipment, a new ‘Token of the Goddess’ will be supplied and needed and the former token will be used only at the archive system (such as the content point). And if necessary, Token of the Goddess can be purchased with silver anytime. If you possess a lot of silver, you can have fast feedback in the game. Purchasing Silver by Token of the Goddess is unavailable.



Q4. The biggest reason why I play online games is to communicate with people. But with the recent patch, field challenge has lost its meaning and there is no content that we can communicate with people while playing due to Auto Match. Will these parts return in future content?


We have explained the necessity of Auto Match contents so far, but it is true that the frequency of communication has decreased as a side effect. 

We think this is a phenomenon that stands out even more because a large part of the current playtime in TOS is concentrated in Auto Match Challenge Mode and Division Singularity. 

For now, Legend raid entry count is shared as a team, so users have to spend their time on Auto Match contents, but after the adjustment, entry count will be provided per each character and adjustment will be done on the massive team count content (practically), Challenge mode. 

Even afterwards, we will make an effort to maintain Auto Match content as a content where users can obtain minimum goods needed for the game. This means it won’t be giving out too much so that you can earn enough goods by only clearing Auto Match, or put the user on too much challenge by forcing to party + requiring high investment.



Q5. You’ve said that the Vaivora weapon is 2 times of certain skill, but it differs by which skill so in fact it doesn’t at all. Vaivora such as Double Marking has multiple times of difference when equipped, but Vaivora like Reinforced Bowstring has no difference. I am asking if the development team is aware of this, and if there is a plan to adjust the balance. 


Because each skill has different efficiency, there are differences in increasing the final damage dealing capability of the character depending on what skill stat Vaivora has. Because the same cost is needed when getting the Vaivora and leveling up, the increased rate of damage is set equally. (2 times for the normal skill with an adequate cooldown, lower than 2 times when the importance of the giving damage (such as normal attack) is much higher.)


At the beginning of Vaivora, we haven’t directly modified the item’s performance, but from last year we are modifying when there is an issue about the combination with Vaivora to improve the point you've suggested.

Please understand that we are processing it sequentially due to plans, and we will improve them quickly and continuously so that you can receive feedback that is appropriate for your investment in the game.



Q6. Although the storyline of Orsha is removed, the story flow is still proceeded based on the assumption that the ‘Saviors are already aware of the Orsha storyline before’. New users cannot understand the dialogue of the Goddess in the EP13 area. Does the development team have a plan for this?


If there are insufficient descriptions of the major characters or historical events of the Tree of Savior, we will constantly update them through quests or other devices to make up for it.

We are planning to introduce the former Orsha story on Episode 13-2 and 14 which is about the historical events and descriptions of characters to make the game more interesting. Also, we’re preparing for a sub-quest to supplement this on episode 13-2. 



Q7. You’ve said that if there are 2 slots, you divide the ability average of each slot by 2. Then do we divide by 1 when you have only 1 equipment in the slot?


Actually, it is (1 + 1) / 2. It means that all slots have to be equipped with equipment to have a similar Attack and Defense rate with the existing 1 set. (Goddess rank has higher Attack/Defense value than the Lv.440 Legend rank) 

To support this, we provide 2 sets of main weapon + sub weapon for free, and the cost to craft/upgrade weapons that will be 4 slots will be decreased similarly to armors with 4 slots. 



Q8. There used to be limitations on equipping parts for existing skill gems. Will there be changes on limitations when skill gem is only applied on armors? 


Limitations on armors such as top/bottom/gloves/shoes will be removed. But it is the same as before in that only 1 effect of the same skill gem will be applied.








This concludes the FAQ about Brief Plans for 2021 Update.


Thank you.





※ Contents, values, and attached materials described in this posting may be added, deleted, or changed when applying to the live server.