Brief Plans for 2021 Update

By STAFF_Brand

Apr 27th, 2021


Greetings, saviors. This is the Tree of Savior Dev team.


In this posting, we would like to update Plans for 2021 New Contents and System.



Because Tree of Savior is performing team-based contents and shares equipment with the team, farming has been completed with one set of equipment per account. Thus, the acquisition and crafting fee for the equipment has been set high. As a result, the launch of new items and changes in balance have been greatly affected the game, and everyone knows that the barriers that new&returning users have to overcome have become higher and higher over the past updates.


Considering these side effects, we believe the team-based approach has failed.

From now on, Tree of Savior aims to be character-based light games. The following are the essential conditions to fulfill the goals, and the development team aims to achieve them.


1. Character Based Growth System

 1-1. Character Bound Equipment: Goddess Rank

  - Inherit existing Final Equipment and Cheaper Farming/Crafting Fee

 1-2. Existing Final Equipment’s Managing System

  - Equipment Storage and Goddess Rank Accessory


2. Class Adjustments

 2-1. Change in Support Class’ performance and Role: Assure the minimum Independence

 2-2. Common Class System: Build freer Class


3. Arcade Contents 

- Raid designed by performing Tank, Deal, Heal from gimmicks instead of fixed role per class.

  3-1. Stage type Arcade Dungeon Content

  3-2. Assister Arcade Content


4. Field Content

- Field content that you can continuously enjoy with only 1 character set.

 4-1. New Hunting Ground

 4-2. Housing Craft Room


5. PvP Content Organization

 - Organization of Team Battle League and Guild Territory War


6. Scenario Expansion

 - Episode 13-2

 - Episode 14


7. Adjustment for Achievement System and Guild Channel

 - Achievement Unification and Addition

 - Guild Channel System




1. Character Based Growth System


Early Tree of Savior had an individual number of plays in content per character but shared the equipment along with the team. Fostering many characters with the same class builds with the highest efficiency (ex. challenge mode at Outer Wall District 14 with 30 Schwarzer Reiter) has led to an enormous difference in goods acquisition with fostering a few characters to a higher level.


Thus, we’ve adjusted the entry counts as team-based, so that users can focus on fostering few characters. But due to excessive acquisition cost for equipment, this led to reduced motivation to try various class builds, huddle that new users had to reach became extremely high, and the scale of premium sales and events to overcome these became larger that we think this led users to a big loss.


The new Goddess rank equipment system will focus on character-based again, and the cheaper acquisition fee for equipment will allow us to expand our common class and not to mass-produce the same characters with the same class build.

We are planning to distribute the character-based usage and account-based usage according to the reward for not only newly added contents but existing contents.

<Graph of Comparing the Team Based Farming and Character Based Farming>

Difficulty of farming for each character will decrease rather than only focusing on one character like now because  decrease in difficulty of fostering the character and farming is also a key purpose of this update. But we are to adjust  the way of playing ‘Mass-producing the same class build’ which occurred due to sharing the equipment with the team as follows:

   - The cost of preparing equipment for each character

   - Each content will have suitable entry counts to prevent free ride when playing the contents


1-1. Goddess Equipment


 With the new system, Goddess Raid that you can obtain Goddess rank weapons, armors, and materials to craft/enhance those items will be updated.

Goddess equipment and raid have the following property to convert as a character-based system.

1. Goddess Raid will provide entry by character-base
2. Goddess equipment is character bounded
3. Goddess Raid can be played only when you have Goddess equipment


Because there is only Legend equipment that can be shared as a team, you can convert your Lv.440 Legend Equipment (Savinose Dysnai and Glacia Legenda with 8 or above TRA) without any expenses. Also, when you convert the equipment with 10 TRA Legend equipment, some of the current enhancement and Enchant option inherits the Goddess equipment.


Consumables you obtain by clearing the new Raid with Goddess equipment can be traded via Market like the Heart of Glacia and used as variety usage including crafting Goddess equipment.



1-1-1. Enhancement and Transcendence


a. Enhancement


Goddess equipment has different average Enhancement value, performance value increased by enhancement, and the chance of success in Enhance with Legend equipment. You need appropriate items from the raid as material for enhancement, current Golden Anvil or Ruby Anvil will be applied with separate usage and performance according to the system.

Goddess equipment is character bounded, and the enhancement value does not decrease even when failing on Enhancement. Thus, there is no potential. (Contents about the socket are below) 

Chance of success in enhancement is also differently applied: high chance in low enhancement stage, decreases chance as the enhancement stage increases. Also, the chance of success in the current stage will increase when failing in the same stage.


The reason why different enhancement systems are applied is that for now, there are highly economical, mental requirements to reach a certain value (16ENH or 21ENH) and the challenge value becomes very low due to high risk, not easy to restore when reaching a certain point. We think that the new system will be much better than the current system, by consistently trying to enhance little by little every time you have the consumables which will decrease the mental hurdle and maintain the motivation for players to continuously play contents.


b. Transcendence and Set Stats


The performance and cost difference between 0 TRAand 10 TRA is so great that it's practically meaningless to use it before it reaches 10 TRA. (In fact, lots of Goddess’ Blessed Gem is included in crafting)

Set Stat also doesn't really work until applying all 6 pieces, which only led to increasing the hurdle to operate the first equipment as we said above.

Goddess Equipment’s 10 TRA fee will decrease by 20~25% as before, 30% for performance and the Pamoka Solution needed for Set Stats by 20~25%.

Sauk, Balinta, Severty, Rideti, and Charist will be the Set Stats as usual. When equipping 1-2 parts of the growing Goddess parts that you’ve acquired newly, it will have an equal effect if you grant the same set stats as the previous Legend equipment.


c. Auto Swap → Dual Weapon Slot System


Auto Swap of Tos has been performed many times in a short period than other games which affected the Server performance. Because one machine manages lots of sessions, it wasn’t easy to reach a satisfying speed not only for GTW where lots of players are in but also Solo or party raid missions.


Process when you consecutively use Auto swap for a skill with 3 overheats that has 0.5 seconds of casting time are as follows:

- A status - enter skill 1 - Auto Swap to B - Cast for 1st time (0.5 seconds) - Auto Swap to A - Enter skill 2 - Auto Swap to B - Cast for 2nd time (0.5 seconds) - Auto Swap to A - Cast Skill 3 - Auto Swap to B - Cast for 3rd time (0.5 seconds) - Auto Swap to A


Of course, the players want all of those processes to be applied by 1.5 seconds, but even after optimizing, the total casting time has exceeded more than 2 times, and when the number of users increased, users had to experience bad quality. 

Because we couldn’t perform the nerf that stops swapping on the existing contents, we have limited the Weapon Swap on our new system, Auto Match.


From the Goddess equipment, the existing two pairs of Main and Sub weapon slots will be always activated, so that all options of the two sets are always applied without mechanical swap.

If different tree equipment is equipped, the skill activates immediately when at least one of the conditions that each skill requires is satisfied.

All stat values ​​are added, and the Attack and Defense are applied as the average of the two sets of equipment. (2 sets need to be equipped because if the slot is empty, Attack/Defense is applied as 0.)


Example of Swordsman - Doppelsoeldner - Rodelero - Barbarian with Two-handed Sword and Trinket in Slot A, Sword and Shield in Slot B

- Rodelero’s Shooting Star that must have Shield will be casted immediately without Swap

- Zornhau that must have Two-handed Sword will be casted immediately without Swap

- Physical Attack: Average value of Two-handed Sword and One-handed Sword + Trinket

- Physical Defense: Average value of Shield and Trinket(0) (About half of the Defense)

This character has a lower Attack than the usual Two-handed build, but has higher Defense and can use Rodelero skill. Also, this character has higher Attack than the usual Sword-Shield build but has lower Defense and can use Doppelsoeldner skill.


In fact, it is true that the weapon(sub-weapon)’s number of slot is increased from 2 to 4 but the burden of setting will minimize. 

The Legend set, which was a total of 6 pieces, required twice of crafting and managing fee for 2 types of weapons than the 4 types of armor, whereas the Goddess set which is a total of 8 pieces has the same crafting and managing fee for armors and weapon.


In addition, two Goddess Weapon Selection Box will be provided at the same time as the Goddess update to support the addition of slots. And after that, you will not be able to equip/unequip equipment while in combat. 


This dual weapon slot system will lead to a wider build combination than now, not only with the original removal of the Swap lag, but also with the Common Class system that will be introduced later, and the less hard setting fee based on the character.


1-1-2. Stat System

For Goddess equipment, only 1 type exists, unlike Legend equipment (which has 2 types) and random stat is loaded itself just like Savinose type.

To use various random stats like the Ichor change of Legenda, you can save it as a snapshot by using the newly added ‘Engrave’ function.

After configuring the 4 options you want and engraving them, they are saved in the character information, and in this state, you can change only one or two specific stats and then engrave them again to increase the presets.

Specific consumable is needed when engraving, and this activates by chance like the existing Ichor extracting system.

Silver Ichor Extraction Kit, Golden Ichor Extraction kit can be used as sub material to increase the chance to succeed in Engraving.

Basically, a certain number of preset slots are provided, but a certain paid service will be set to increase the number of presets and keep the maximum number of presets.


Fixed option Ichor such as Vaivora and Goddess’/Demon God’s will be applied with a separate system called Ichor Storage. (details are in 1-2. Team Bounded Equipment and Ichor Storage) And, Field, Retribution which are basic stats of Savinose Dysnai and Glacia Legenda equipment will be changed as a basic attribute applied when equipping Goddess Armor as a form of ‘Goddess Armor Mastery’.


1-1-3. Gem Socket

The maximum number of Goddess Armor’s Gem Socket is 2 and only skill gem can be equipped. Only up to 3 color gem can be equipped to the Weapon and Sub-weapon and 2 Sealed Gem Socket is added. 

A separate method is required to open the Sealed Gem Socket, and gems that are higher than the existing colored gems can be equipped. With the change in the Enhancement system of Goddess rank equipment, Gem Socket can be managed regardless of the potential.



1-2. Team Bounded Equipment and Ichor Storage


It is difficult to set multiple characters only with the decrease in the crafting cost of Goddess Weapon and Armor. The high fee of Ark, Accessory, Ichor specialized to a specific class gimmick is applied as limitation. Storage System is added to prevent this.

When you activate each items that Storage provides, each character can create and use it any time. Items created by the Storage are character bounded and can be crafted additionally. The fee required to activate each item in the Storage will be set inexpensively according to the bounding system.

Following items can be managed by Storage System,

- Vaivora Weapon Ichor

- Demon God’s / Goddess’ Armor Ichor

- Luciferie Accessory (Necklace, Bracelet)

- Ark

All of the above items currently in possession will be returned 100% to fully reconfigurable materials.


a. Ark / Accessory Storage

20% of the previous crafting fee is needed to open the Ark. Character can create Lv.1 Ark via Storage. Each Ark can level up with the same method, but the fee required to level up is set at 20% compared to the previous fee.

Accessory Storage is provided from Luciferie rank.

Material needed to open each type is 30% of the previous crafting fee and like the Ark, each character can create and use any set of opened Luciferi.

When the Luciferie accessories are returned, a scroll with current Enhancement value and potential will be provided together. If you use this scroll to the bounded Luciferie newly extracted by the Storage, the Enhancement and Potential value will be transferred.


Ark and Accessory Storage that is divided into several kinds, can be opened by consuming the existing Lv 10 ark to consume the ark storage, and the 10 TRA Luciferi accessory set (3 pieces) to open the Accessory Storage.

Immediately activates every kind of Lv.10 Ark, 10 TRA Luciferie Set after opening, each character can create (character bound) and use any kind of ark or Accessory from this Storage.

Luciferi accessories can extract the current Enhancement value and Potential information before opening the storage. Enhancement and potential values ​​are transferred when using scroll on a newly extracted Bound Luciferi. Luciferi from which the Enhancement and Potential information is extracted can be completely dismantled and used as goods or sold.

Bound Luciferie created from Storage is still Legend rank, but will become basic material for Goddess rank accessory via future update and some of Enhancement value will also inherit like Armor/Weapon.

Goddess-class accessories will also be able to open sockets for relic black gems.

 Also, you are able to open the socket that can equip Res Sacrae Black Gem to the Goddess rank Accessory.

The expansion of Ark’s maximum level is yet here, but after the expanded level, the consumable fee will be set low based on the character bound.


b. Ichor Storage

Vaivora weapon and Goddess/Demon God’s Ichor will be returned to their previous level of equipment, transmutor, and silver.

When transmuting the Vaivora, the Transmutor and silver will be set as the maximum value regardless of the applied chance.

Vaivora, Goddess’, and Demon God’s will be used by increasing the level in the Storage status. That means, if you’ve upgraded Leventador Lv.4 and Coordination Dagger Lv.2 in the Storage, other characters can also grant those level’s option.


Unlike Ark/Accessory Storage, Vaivora weapon and Goddess/Demon God’s Ichor Storage is opened without consuming existing Ichor but does not open all kinds at once, but has to open separately to use.

The total amount of consumables needed to open each item is lower than the existing Vaivora Lv.4 or Goddess/Demon God’s Lv.3 and can be set from Lv.1.

Vaivora and Goddess/Demon God’s Ichor you possess previously will be returned by 100% to the goods and silvers that were needed when crafting, and can be used or sold to open Ichor options needed for additional characters. From the scheduled maintenance on April 20, the transmute value of Vaivora and Goddess/Demon God's Armor has been changed to be fixed to 1.

Existing Fixed Ichor can no longer be equipped with each character’s Goddess equipment, but can be applied only via Ichor Storage.

Thus, a usable Fixed Stat for weapons and Armor that you can use before having Vaivora rank stats will be provided without any consumings.

Additionally, the number and scale of stats for Two-handed weapons and weapon accessories are expected to be set to the same scale as for One-handed + sub weapons, so the number and scale of stats for the Vibora weapon will be changed with the update of the Goddess system. Thus, the number of Goddesses' Blessed Gem and fee needed for transcendence of Goddess weapon will be united and the limitation on Weapon Type Change.



The transition to the character-based growth system that we’ve announced so far is currently being planned and developed, and there is a possibility that the details may change upon actual application. But the core goal is to lower the height of psychological and temporal hurdles in growing and playing multiple kinds of characters compared to the present.

Besides the equipment, the cost of investing in characters for High Attribute can apply as an obstacle to growing multiple characters. At this point, it is difficult to unilaterally reduce the cost of High Attribute, but first, we are planning to update in the future by removing the condition that requires several High Attributes of level 20 or higher in certain content.




2. Class Adjustments

Tree of Savior reorganized 4 classes into 5 classes in 2018, and changed the class into not a circle unit but a class unit.


2-1. Changes in Performance and Roll of Support Class


There are lots of support classes in various forms besides normal dealers. Skills that simply enhance your combat ability are distributed in many dealer classes, but there are also a number of complete support classes consisting of skills that directly affect the party's combat power.

Representatively, from the healer class that improves the survivability of the party, and the support classes that enhance the combat power, they are essential in various contents. 

The Healer Class, represented by Priest-Oracle-Dievdirbys, is essential for all contents except for some Auto Match contents, and having 1~2 characters with Thaumaturge-Enchanter-Corsair or Appraiser-Falconer-one dealer which is a combination of all subclasses in high level raids and Joint Strike Raids is much more useful than to put any 3~4 dealer combination character.


To make sure anyone can clear the contents by reaching the capability that content requires is what Dev team pursues the game. Definite role-sharing party play, represented by tanker-dealer-healer-assistant, provides interesting gameplay, but if this role belongs only to the class, you will have to make a very important decision to grow and invest in equipment for a long time. 

As we go to higher content, it becomes harder to turn back from being excluded from the party compositions for not being a specific build.

Also, it is obvious that characters grown only for the effective party play in current systems like healer or sub builds have difficulties playing the Solo contents, and even if it is supported by a few exception systems, it is difficult to guarantee the same performance as the dealer class.


Thus, the Dev team is in the process to adjust party support classes' skill composition.

With these adjustments, we plan to gradually shift the importance of roles in party play from class attribution to gimmick selection or item setting, so that you can have a minimum of independence in any combination.


The Auto Match content that was applied so far, the provision of a gimmick buff that can cover the role performance to some extent, the performance adjustments of some party sub skills through the balance patch, and Corrupted Sphere and Assister Heal were all in the same context.

 By Support Class, it means the Class that has multiple skill that ‘gives effect to the party’. For skills that affect the party is a skill that directly manages the status of party members such as  ‘Swell Hands’ which increases the combat ability, ‘Heal’ that recovers HP of party members, etc.

 Every class will have limitations on effect and the number of party skills and have their own damage dealing skill by a certain level or more.  For the total support class that currently has no deal skill, it will be changed to have 1~2 party skill and 4~5 damage dealing skill.

This adjustment is for a number of Cleric class (Priest, Dievdirbys, Oracle, Pardoner, Paladin, Plague Doctor, Kabbalist, Miko, etc), and some other class (Templer, Peltasta, Chronomancer, Pied Piper, Appraiser, Thaumaturge, Enchanter, Linker, etc). Also some dealer classes that will be affected by the adjustment (Schwarzer Reiter, Falconer, Corsair, Hunter, etc) will also be adjusted.

The Support Class Adjustment has a close relationship with the Common Class Extension.



2-2. Common Class Extension


When support classes are organized, a Common Class system that can be selected from any class is applied.

Common Class is a class that anyone can select regardless of the character’s class and classes that are structurally appropriate in each class will be selected. 



The class to be changed to the Common Class is being carefully selected, and the (reorganized) support classes described above, or classes relatively free from weapon restrictions, are the main targets.

The same number of classes will not be drawn for each class, and classes suitable for the new system will be selected. If the Dievdirbys is selected as Common Class, Swordsman will be able to build a class including the Dievdirbys.

Details will be on another posting in the future and will have it on the way with a special event.




3. Arcade Contents


Dev team is planning to gradually improve the play pattern that is currently focused on Challenge Mode. 

As the main approach to achieving the goal, we are preparing a playing method that goes not only by traditional capability but also content beyond the way of it. 

Content that aims to provide a new experience every time via rogue-like based arcade content and content that lowers the importance of character’s capability with Assisters are also being planned.

We plan for these new Arcades to become content enjoyed by the saviors playing the game.


First, new arcade contents using character and Assister.

Through arcade content, we will diversify the farming process, which is concentrated in the challenge mode, and provide useful rewards for the season, alleviating the centralization of the challenge mode, and provide another experience to the saviors.


Character-based arcade content is produced as content that wins or loses according to internal build-up and rules, almost excluding the performance of existing characters and items.

The first character based content is Stage Dungeon Contents, where you can meet distinctive monsters at each stage. 


Saviors can constantly choose and enjoy a variety of attack methods through powerful buffs and upgrades that can be obtained by clearing the stage. Sometimes you can get a powerful hidden buff and clear the stage easily.


As you progress through the stage, you can choose to continue growing and look for opportunities to turn around with special luck. In a constantly changing situation, players can make multiple choices. This content can be played by 1-5 players, and we plan to provide seasonal rankings by adding up personal rankings.



Another Arcade Contents is a game based on Assister.

The current Assister plays only a passive role, which is slightly involved in the character's combat ability, but in the new content which is under development, it plays an important role in cooperation and competition among users by combining multiple Assisters in various ways.

Since it is based on Assisters, the influence of the character is minimized, and there is a gap that comes from growing the Assisters itself, but we aim not to be required as a key element of competition. We are developing with the aim of researching and utilizing the combination and synergy between Assisters by lowering accessibility away from character growing. 


‘Token of the Goddess’ will be given as a reward for the new contents.

Token of the Goddess is a concept of season coin. Token of the Goddess will be consumed in systems such as Goddess rank equipment enhancement instead of silver, and new Token of the Goddess will appear when the new season (new equipment and raid) comes.

Token of the Goddess will be mainly provided in new contents rather than the main silver obtaining area like challenge mode. Token of the Goddess can be purchased by silver, but it is better to obtain it by playing the new contents.



4.  Additional Field Contents


4-1. New Hunting Ground


New Hunting Ground where you can defeat very strong monsters and get a reward will be added. We are preparing as the final farming area for players who have reached high-level capability that require higher entry conditions than the existing Sole Hunt. In this Sole Hunt, you can obtain materials that can open Sealed Additional Socket of Goddess rank weapon and Special Gem that you can equip in that Socket.




4-2. Housing Craft Room


We are preparing content that can produce useful household items by collecting special products. By collecting special products from the various areas (field), you can create various types of items through the production facility in your personal housing.





5. PvP Contents Organization



In PvP contents, we are planning for an organization of Team Battle League and Guild Territory War.

As introduced in the class reorganization above, if the organization of the party support classes of extreme healing, extreme tanking, and extreme buffs is done, the frequency of winning or losing based on the presence or absence of a specific class is expected to decrease.

For Team Battle league, we are planning to modify the number of members, combat map, and scoring method, and ranking reward per season will be added.

Guild Territory War is also being played unintentionally due to the weakness of the rules, so some rules and changes are being considered.



6. Expansion of Scenario


6-1. Episode 13-2


Dev team is preparing for Ep.13-2 update. As the main stage of Episode 13-2, 3 additional areas of Ashaq Underground Dungeon will be added, and it will begin by exploring events in the destroyed suburbs of Orsha that were not covered in Episode 13 with Pajauta.


New area and episode quest will be added on Episode 13-2 and there won’t be a level extension 

With this area added, we are planning to make it available to receive EXP via quests in 450~460 level areas.


 <Artwork of Boss and NPC that’ll be added in the new area >

6-2. Episode 14


Episode 14


Episode 14 is currently under planning, and the area is scheduled to take place in the former episode of Orsha, in the Delmore Outskirts and its sub-area. We will introduce the details through a separate post after the episode 13-2 update.





7. Adjustment for Achievement System / Extension on Guild Board Function


7-1. Adjustment for Achievement System


The development team is planning a reorganization and additional updates of the Achievement system. 


Team based Unification

With the goal of update, the Achievement system that accumulates progress by character will be integrated to accumulate each character's achievement by team unit. Through this, the Savior who has grown multiple characters will be able to share the achievement rewards with all the characters by adding up the points of the specific achievements that the characters have accumulated in the team achievements. In addition, achievements that could only be achieved 1-3 times per character, such as event achievements, can be shared by all characters in the team.

 (*However, this does not apply to some achievements and achievements that have already been developed as team unit achievements.)


UI/System Adjustment

The development team thinks that the current achievement system lacks UI convenience and does not have attractive rewards except for titles. Thus, we plan to improve the UI and related systems of achievements after the achievements are integrated in teams.


The achievement UI will be separated from the current Character Info (F1) UI and integrated with the Adventure Journal, and in the long run, the Collection will also be integrated with that UI. I’ll provide information and rewards for Challenge/Adventure/Collection content to the saviors more easily and clearly through the UI improvement.

Additional Achievement and Reward

With the Achievement System adjustment, we are planning for additional Achievement and reward. Through this, we will develop and update the challenge results achieved by the saviors in the game, such as adding difficulty to new content or existing content, and limited-time events, as achievements and rewards appropriate for them. This will be provided in a way to record and commemorate achievements from simple content repetition records to clearing specific raids in the shortest time or highest difficulty and will be updated periodically.


Details about Achievement System adjustment will be on another posting when the development of UI and reward item is completed.



7-2.  Extension on Guild Board Function


The last thing to introduce from the Roadmap is the Extension of the Guild Community Board function.

The Channel function, which hasn’t been updated for a long time is added to the guild community board. The guild master can create the channel and guild members can participate in the channel so that the guild master can figure out the number of guild members or login status. Also, guild members can visit the channels they are in or the channels they’ve registered as shortcuts.



This concludes the brief introduction of the new content and updates planned for 2021. We will also do our best to manage improvements and bug fixes for the existing system. We are sincerely thankful for your support and interests and we’ll make a great effort for a better game.


Thank you.



※ Contents, values, and attached materials described in this posting may be added, deleted, or changed when applying to the live server.