Episode 13 : Scar of Fate

By STAFF_Brand

Jan 22nd, 2021

Greetings, Saviors. This is the Tree of Savior Developer Team. 


3 postings will introduce Episode 13 updates, with new stages and protagonists, with a brand new system. 



1st : Episode 13 : Scar of Fate

2nd : New Classes and Class Adjustments

3rd : New Contents, System and System Adjustments


This first posting is about Episode 13 : Scar of Fate, new scenario, area, and characters.





Story Outside Revelation



Orsha and Mirtinas


The kingdom that the Saviors have protected by following the Revelation from the goddess Laima, is once again threatened by other Demon God and Demons. Powerful beings like the Demon God Giltine are searching for Mirtinas, the source of chaos that even the goddesses can't handle. The people of the kingdom, who had barely escaped the end of their destruction, gathered in Orsha and dreamed of hope but...


The Beholder's forces are starting their march...



Beholder, heading to Orsha


Orsha and the Kiren province, where the Kruvina incident took place in the past, became the producing area of Mirtinas, a powerful magical ore formed by a mixture of energy from human, goddess and the demon.

To seize the Mirtinas in his grasp, Beholder leads his forces to attack Orsha and takes the risk of declaring war against human kind.

The Saviors must save Orsha, invaded by the force of the Beholder, and stop his ambition to destroy the Divine Tree.



At the Birthplace of the Adventure...



Several revelators passed this place to head to Orsha with a group of refugees. Lemprasa Pond, once full of warm sunshine, lost its ambience in the aftermath of the war led by the Beholder. Hardly anything will match the scenery in the Savior’s memories. 

Now, in this Ashy Pond, the Saviors must find out the Beholder’s objective from the demons of Lemprasa Pond along with the goddess Lada.



The Valley of Chaos and the Deathly Forest



Several numbers of Mirtinas Crevice upheaved in the Woods of the Linked Bridges. The demons under the power of the Beholder steadily mines the Mirtinas from the crevice. 

In the midst of endless questions and dangers, the Goddess of Lada and the Saviors must move quickly to stop the demons from mining Mirtinas.



Ashy Battlefield



The Beholder and his forces were not the only demons that decided to visit Orsha. Demon God Ragana who opposes Beholder’s ambition, and Demon God Baiga who is interested only in the Mirtinas have also brought forces of their own, turning Paupys Crossing into chaos. The Saviors must continue their search for Mirtinas Vault in order to win among the forces of Beholder, Ragana, and Baiga.



Standing at the Crossroad



At Issaugoti Forest, Savior receives a proposal between Beholder, Demon God Ragana, and Demon God Baiga that can't be easily decided.

The future of Orsha lies in the choice of the Saviors. Only the right choice will protect Divine Tree and Orsha from danger, so you must choose carefully.



Scar of Fate



Saviors will face the Beholder, Demon God Baiga, and Demon God Ragana in person. You must survive between Demon God and Demon King, each acting with their own desires, to protect Orsha. At the place arrived after withstanding the Beholder's fierce attack, Saviors will encounter the new Demon God. Why did the new Demon God appear before the Saviors?

Find the clue behind the reason in Kirtimas Forest.



Main Characters of Episode 13


Goddess Lada


Goddess Lada was exploited in the Kruvina experiment held in Orsha and areas nearby in the past. As a consequence, Orsha became full of Mirtinas, which was made by a fusion of her energy, Kruvina, and human. Taking responsibility in the situation, Goddess Lada heads to Orsha.





The Beholder invades Orsha, after the Mirtinas that formed in Orsha and Kiren province.

Other Demon God and Demon King coming after Mirtinas is nothing but trouble for the Beholder. He will mercilessly exterminate those that get in the way of his objective.



Demon God Baubas


Demon God Baubas is the one always referred to as the strongest demon ever since Episode 12-2.


After Episode 12-2 passed, Baubas is looking for supremacy in the world.


He has a desire to force humans to have loyalty and faith in himself in order to gain the upper hand in conflicts with Goddesses like Ausrine.




New Class Master



Clown Master Jorick Show


Show, who has been a genius since he was a child, grew into a complacent person that shows off his ability. But ever since he became the Master, he hasn't been doing as much as he used to, as if he were a little conscious of the weight of his position. As a natural- born fighting maniac, he enjoys battle just by itself. He will not hesitate to make any sacrifice for the value he thinks is right.



Arquebusier Master Rudmila


As soon as Rudmila became an adult, she volunteered to join the Royal Army and built up her achievements in battle. Returning from her death in Medzio Diena with a major injury, she recognized the need for a sniper. Since becoming Arquebusier Master, she has been working on training snipers to carry out missions after herself.





Orsha Episode Reorganized


Orsha, the main area of Episode 13 as indicated above, will be greatly reorganized.


After the end of Episode 12-2, the Orsha Episode area has become out of touch with all but a handful of areas nearby due to the invasion by the Beholder and Demon Gods. Its historical time zone will also change to after Episode 12-2.



As a result, the future expansion scenario will be staged in the Orsha region, and the existing Episode 1-4 [Orsha] quests will not be available. The development team is planning to further expand the world and region of Tree of Saviors based on the reorganization of Orsha Episode in Episode 13.



This concludes the introduction of Episode 13 : Scars of Fate.

The 2nd posting will be about New Classes and Class Adjustments.


Thank you.



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