Item Restore Policy

By STAFF_Brand

Jan 6th, 2021

Hello saviors,
This policy is a service designed to take care of unrestorable damage such as accidental loss of items or receiving items that cannot be used by the savior.
Therefore, if the item is lost as a result of using the system where there is a possibility of destruction, or if the item received can be used or retrieved in other ways such as trading, it is basically excluded. 



<Item Restore Policy>

- Items can be restored when the ticket is reported within 3 days after the incident.
- Items cannot be restored if there isn't any data or if the item has been normally traded/consumed. 

- We cannot help with the damage caused by a shared account or hacking.

- Items deleted according to the deletion date announced in the notice cannot be restored.

- Items obtained via abnormal use (bug, abusing, hacking, etc) of the game cannot be restored.

- Item might not be recovered due to limitations on the system even if it isn’t mentioned in the [Non-restorable Types] category.

- 1 item can be restored per 1 ticket. (When restoring the Selection Box, 1 from 3 restore counts will be deducted per box.)

- Items that have been used as a material for crafting via Blacksmith cannot be restored.

- Transferring items or information to another account is impossible because the relationship between the accounts cannot be proved.  



(1) Details of Policy


① The service will be provided 3 times a year per account.

② Following cases will be excluded from restoration: Restoring item due to a change of mind, item that changes according to chances per attempts, when a part of the items are already consumed, expired timed items, and other cases that violate the service policy.



(2) Restore Range

① Restorable Cases


Dismantle Equipment

If the item is dismantled by mistake, we will withdraw the obtained Nucle Powder, Sierra Powder, Enchant Jewels and restore the item in its original state. 

※ The items stated above to be withdrawn has to be in the inventory when you send us a ticket.

Changing Trade Status of items after personal trade  If the Trade Status of the item or the number of Total Untradable number is changed after personal trade, the item can be transferred to another character in the team. (Only once per item)
Discard item We will restore the item when the item has been discarded in the Field or Dungeon by mistake.
Received by mistake

If an event or reward item given via Message box/NPC/Item box is received by a character other than the one you wanted, the received item will be withdrawn and the item will be given again. (Tradable items are excluded.)

※ Item is only restored when the ticket is sent within 72 hours after receiving the item by mistake.
※ Title can be restored if it was given as a form of item.
※ The item stated above to be withdrawn has to be in the inventory when you send us a ticket.
※ Cannot be restored when the item is crafted (Enhance/ Identify/ Transcendence/Awaken/Enchant Jewel/Appearance change/Socket expansion, etc) and is in different status than it was when received.

Character/Companion Delete

Can be restored when the Character/Companion is deleted.

※ Make sure the Slot is available in the lodge, and if you have character with the same name as the character you want to restore, please change the existing character’s name before sending the ticket.


Unrestorable Cases

Type Content
Enhanced/Transcended/Awakened Equipment  Cannot be restored when the equipment such as Weapon, Armor is enhanced, and when the items are destroyed due to failing the Enhancement/Transcendence.
Class Advancement/ Change Cannot restore or reset to the previous status when Class is advanced. Class change point cannot be restored when class is changed.

※ You can change the class by collecting the Class change point in the Advancement Info.
Ichor Cannot be restored when:
- Item is consumed due to failure of extracting Ichor
- Item is consumed due to failure of  transmuting Ichor
- Cannot extract when Ichor is equipped in the equipment
- Item is consumed due to success of extracting the Ichor

※ Fixed Stats/Random Stats Ichor can be unequipped via Teliavelis NPC in Fedimian.
Item Stat Cannot restore or reset if the stat of the item is changed by using Enchant Scroll, Magnifier, etc
Title Cannot be restored when the title from event/quest reward is applied directly to the character
Consumed Item When some of items that requires withdrawal are consumed
Expired Item Expired item cannot be restored
Craft All items related to crafting cannot be restored.
Stat/Skill/Attribute/Arts Cannot restore or reset when you acquire Stat/Skill/Attribute/Arts.

※ Stat/Skill/Attribute/Arts can be reset by using Stat Reset Potion/Skill Reset Potion/Attribute Reset Potion/Arts Reset Potion.
※ Arts learned from previous Class cannot be restored when changing the Class Tree.
Equipped Gem Gems cannot be restored if the gem is equipped with the equipment.

※ Gem can be extracted via Blacksmith NPC.
Socket Cannot be restored to the previous status when the socket is added to the equipment.
Legend Card Enhancement Enhancement material cannot be restored when the Legend Card is enhanced.
Gem/Card Enhancement ※ Legend Card is enhanced by chance, and therefore the material used to enhance the card won’t be restored.
※ The item to be withdrawn has to be in the inventory when you send us a ticket.
Assister Card Assister registered in the Assister Cabinet cannot be restored.

※ Only unused Assister Card in the inventory can be restored.

※ Any kind of restore policy won't be applied when opening the packages purchased with TP, regardless of the reason.


(3) How to send a ticket


STEP 1. Go to [Support] category on our official website.


STEP 2. Write a ticket with a steam account that matches the team name.


STEP 3. [Item Recovery] need to be mentioned in the title. (Category: ETC)


STEP 4. Write the details.

- When and Why the incident happened.

- Which character has the item.



※ The policy might change due to updates.