UPDATECostume Collection Event

By STAFF_Brand

Dec 14th, 2020

Greetings saviors!


Complete the Collection by collecting various costumes and increase the stats!






From the scheduled maintenance on November 17, 2020

To until the further notice



Who can Participate


- All saviors



How to Participate


STEP 1. Go to Magic Association and buy [Costume Collection] and [Costume Voucher] via Contents Point Shop.


STEP 2. Use [Costume Collection] to add it to the Collection. (F11)


STEP 3. You can add costumes to the [Costume Collection] by using [Costume Voucher].


STEP 4. Get [Increase every Stats by 15] by completing the [Costume Collection]

- Every Costume Collection has the same effect.


STEP 5. Right-click on the costume registered in the Costume Collection to get the costume. (once per character).



Sales Schedule 


Schedule Item Points
November 17, 2020~ February 9, 2021
Collection: Honored Rose Theme
- Honored Rose Crimson Suit (Male)
-Honored Rose Crimson Dress (Female)

- Honored Rose Purple Suit (Male)
- Honored Rose Purple Dress (Female)

- Honored Rose Blue Suit (Male)
- Honored Rose Blue Dress (Female)

Collection: Masquerade Theme

- Masquerade Phantom of Music Costume (Male)
- Masquerade White Swan Costume (Female)

- Masquerade Weeping Frankenstein Costume (Male)
- Masquerade Weeping Ghost Costume (Female)

- Masquerade Simple Tux Costume (Male)
- Masquerade Simple Tutu Costume (Female)
December 15~ further notice Collection: Littleberk/Maru Theme

- Littleberk Happy Daily Wear Costume (Male)
- Maru Happy Daily Wear Costume (Female)

- Littleberk Simple Battle Uniform (Male)
- Maru Simple Battle Uniform (Female)

- Littleberk Exhausted Daily Wear Costume (Male)
- Maru Exhausted Daily Wear Costume (Female)
further notice 1. December Theme Collection
2. December Theme Costume: 6 kinds



- Costume Collection and Costume Voucher can be purchased only once per team, and every trade is unavailable but moving to Team Storage.

- Both purchased and registered Costume Collection, Costume Voucher can not be restored.

- Costume can be obtained by right-clicking the costume registered in the Collection (Once per character), and the costumes can be moved to the Team Storage. (Unavailable to trade.)

- Collections and Vouchers that have passed the regular sales schedule will be resold for a certain period of time at the [Season Off Content Point Store], which will be added later. (The cost will be increased.)

- The effect of Completing Costume Collection can be stacked. (Ex. when completing Collection: Masquerade Theme and Collection: Honored Rose Theme: Increases every stats by 30.)

- Contents Points can be purchased via exchanging particular items in the Content Point Shop. (Please refer to the patch note of November 17)


※Contents described in this posting may be added, deleted, or changed due to updates.