UPDATEKnown Issue: October 14, 2020


Oct 14th, 2020

Greeting Saviors!


We became aware of the following issue:



Time spent inside instanced dungeons and PvP areas is not counted as time logged-in for the Halloween Attendance Event.



We are currently fixing the issue so in the meanwhile, please stay in areas other than instanced dungeons or PvP areas for the Halloween Attendance Event.


The compensation for this issue will be announced later on. 



[UPDATED] Also, the expiring date of the Halloween Event costumes that can be changed into permanent items will be adjusted from '7 days' to the 'last day of the event'.


Adjusted Costumes:

- [Halloween] Sky Blue Laima Kindergarten Costume (Male)

- [Halloween] Sky Blue Laima Kindergarten Costume (Female)

- [Halloween] Black Wolf Costume (Male)

- [Halloween] Black Wolf Costume (Female)

- [Halloween] White Tracksuit


Also, we're now fixing the issue that Guild promoition board is not  showing up properly, during this procedure, the market may not working properly for moment But we will fix as soon as possible. 


[UPDATED] The Guild promotion board is now fixed.




Thank you for your patience and understanding.



IMC staff