UPDATEWinners: ToS Task Force Second Event!

By STAFF_Brand

Aug 25th, 2020

The ToS Task Force "Get Ready! TOS Task Force!" second event has finally ended [Link].

Thank you for your interest in the event.


Here are the lucky 10 saviors!

Thank you for participating in the event and please look forward to the next event. 


2 users from Klaipeda:

Cerasis, Thu


3 users from Telsiai:

Yoso, Berdengguhit, NyxoS 


[Update] 5 users from Silute:

GoldenCristal, Chocobabes, Lupica, Taeli, BolinhoDocinho


* We are deeply sorry about the inconvenience.

2 users from Silute had incorrect regulations, so we had to change 2 users from Silute.
We are again sorry and have updated the new winners.


Check out the Winner's Screenshots!




- Summer Wave ALL Package (3 Costume & Weapon Selection Box)

- Orange Heart Sunglasses

- Yellow Ribbon Hairband

- Starfish Hairpin

- Little Sand Castle

- Seagull on Top

- High Summer Sunglasses

- Summer Flower Hairpin

- White Ribbon Straw Hat

- Attribute Points Box (Rank S) x1


 * Rewards will be given on August 25, during the scheduled maintenance.

 * Rewards will be sent to the Mailbox and be deleted after 2 weeks.