List of Issues: July 13, 2020


Jul 13th, 2020



- The issue that the attribute Druid: Wolf Spirit isn't applied on Lycanthropy.

>> The tooltip of the skill will be corrected.


- The issue that the damage of Summon Familiar skill isn't changed by equipping a weapon.


- The issue that cannot receive buff during Sanctuary: Liberty(Physical).

>> You cannot receive any buffs during Sanctuary: Weaken, applied after Sanctuary: Liberty(Physical).


- The issue that the evasion rate of skill Redemption is not normally applied.

>> It's normally applied, but the icon or marks are not shown.


- The issue that hair dye is not applied to hair.

>> The hair dye only applies to hairs that never changed their style.

>> The hair dye is for the wig, and thus will be applied on the wig.


- The issue that Moringponia targets to watch the NPC, and not the player.


- The issue that unable to connect the game due to commander existed.

>> This is a temporary issue. If the message pops up, please try to re-connect after a moment.


- The issue that the motion emoji does not show on the UI. 
>> Click "^_^" on the right of the chat tab, then select "motion". The motion emoji window will pop up.


(new) - The issue that Steam guard is not applied in game.
>> You should activate the steam guard on mobile.
>> How to activate steam guard:


(new) - The issue that the Annihilation skill cooldown is generated for 5 seconds, after using Ritirarsi.


(new) - The issue that speech bubble is not applied in game.
>> You should set it on information window. 




- The issue that additional damage of skill Aspergillum is not normally applied.

- The issue that the effect of skill fade is not normally applied in challenge mode.


- The issue that damage is increased due to combination skills between the barrier and a certain skill.


- The issue that Steam Guard is not applied in-game.

- The issue that the reward of Stamp Tour does not transfer to Team Storage.


- The issue that cannot receive the final reward for Stamp Tour.


- The issue that already cleared guild quest is not counted.


- The issue that players can be forced to participate in parties by a certain command.


- The issue that Pit-a-pet Dress glows supernova.