Assister Event


Jun 1st, 2020


Greetings, Saviors!


There's no friends like the Assisters! Assisters are here to join the savior's adventure in ToS! Complete the Assister quest to get an Assister of your own and receive chat emojis along with the rewards!




Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on June 2, 2020
TO the scheduled maintenance on June 30, 2020

Who Can Participate

- All users 

How to Participate



1. Receive the Assister Quest from the [Kedora Alliance] Geraldasia in Klaipeda.
2. Clear the quest Alongside Assisters(5) during the event period and receive items from the inventory. (Once per team)



Event Rewards



- Attribute Point 10,000(14 days) x2 (Can be stored in team storage/Cannot trade)
- Emotion Package : Maru (3 types) x3 (Can be stored in team storage/Cannot trade)
    - Maru (3 types) chat emoji is registered when used.

- Assister Card Album : Select x4 : Only 1 of the 5 cards can be chosen and obtained.
- Assister Card Album : ALL x1 : Obtain 5 Assister cards.






- Assiter quests can also be continued after the event period but the rewards will not be given.
- The registered Assisters are shared between teams and can be used in all characters.
- The following emojis are registered when using [Emotion Package : Maru (3 types)]: