4th Anniversary Class Reset

By STAFF_William

Mar 31st, 2020

Greetings, Saviors!


In order to celebrate the 4th Anniversary of Tree of Savior English Version, we would like to give you a chance to change your class for free!



Event Period

FROM the scheduled maintenance on March 31, 2020
TO the scheduled maintenance on April 14, 2020



Who can Participate

- All Saviors



How to Participate


STEP 1. Find the Reset Helper NPCs in the cities and talk to them. You can choose one of two: receive up to 3,000 Class Change Points or a set of Attribute and Skill Reset Potions (1 of each, 14 Days)

※ Please note that this is only 1 time event per character. If the character received either Class Change Points or the Reset Potion set, the character cannot receive additional Class Change Points or Potions. 





- Please note that the total Class Points a character can accumulate cannot exceed 3,000 points.

- Each class the character has at the moment of interaction with the Reset Helper NPC will determine how many Class Change Point the character receives: a character with only 1 class will receive 1,000 Class Change Points and a character with 3 classes will receive 3,000 Class Change Points.