UPDATE4th Anniversary Attendance Bonus

By STAFF_William

Apr 1st, 2020




1. Attendance Bonus will be sent to the mailbox and if you do not receive the item on the day, it will be removed at 00:00 (server time).

2. You can take the item only once per team.

3. The Jumping Box can only be used by character with lv 200 or under.

4. Each Class Masters will change the Unidentified Mystic Tome to the usable Mystic Tome.

5. If you use the chracter slot voucher after extending your slots to the maximum, 33TP will be given instead of the slot.

6. [Event] Attribute points 10,000 Ticket given on April 5 will be removed on April 21 during on our scheduled maintenance, so please use the item before it is removed.