Lovely Rolly Polly: SUGAR HIGH


Mar 20th, 2020


Greetings, Saviors! 


A week of the Rolly Polly Event has passed and Thank the goddesses! So many saviors has delivered candies to masters of their preferences.
Therefore we would like to hold one more small event with saviors' great support.
The candies given to NPC will be counted until the April 7th, the end of the event, and an emoji of the NPC who received candies the most will be made and handed out.


Please send candies to the NPC you like, since NPC most high in sugar can be sent as an emoji!



Event Period


From March 10, 2020

To April 7, 2020 



Who can participate


- All saviors



How to Participate


- Deliver candies to masters you like



How is it going now