[Campaign] Wash your hands!

By STAFF_William

Feb 17th, 2020


Greetings, Saviors!


Let's wash your hands at the Fountain near the Event Notice Board in Klaipeda and take care of health and buff!



Event Period


FROM the scheduled maintenance on February 18, 2020
TO the scheduled maintenance on March 17, 2020


Who can Participate


- Characters of all levels


How to Participate


STEP 1. Find the Clean Fountain in the city of Klaipeda and wash your hands for 30 seconds at the Clean Fountain and receive a buff. 

Buff Name Effect
[Campaign] Clean Habbit Duration: 12 Hours
Restores 400 HP and SP every 10 seconds. 


STEP 2. You can receive an Emoticon: Medeina (Handwashing) for the first time of every character who wash their hands at the Clean Fountain. The emoticon is bound to the character and cannot be traded or stored at the team storage. 




- Unused The Emoticon: Medeina (Handwashing) will be automatically deleted at the end of the campaign period.