Episode 12 Updates

By STAFF_William

Feb 19th, 2020



1. Max Level expanded to 450. 


2.  Talk with the Magic Association NPC in Klaipeda or Orsha to receive special rewards for level 440 and above, once per character. 

Level Additional Reward
440 Skill Point Potion x1
441 Stat Point +10
442 Stat Point +10
443 Stat Point +10
444 Stat Point +10
445 Stat Point +10
Skill Point Potion x1
446 Stat Point +10
447 Stat Point +10
448 Stat Point +10
449 Stat Point +10
450 Stat Point +10
Skill Point Potion x1

- Total special rewards will be Stat Point x100 and Skill Point Potion x3. 

- The Stat Points and Skill Points from the Special Rewards will be sent to the market as items. 

- Skill Point Potion is not tradable and can be used only by the character of level 440 or above with all 4 classes at maximum levels. 

3. Players can change the skin color
- Players can select a skin color on the character creation menu and the options are added to the customizing UI.
- Existing characters can have new a skin color on the [Change Skin] menu at the [Hair Stylist] NPC in [Beauty Shop].

Skins TP
Basic Skin 1 54
Basic Skin 2 54
Basic Skin 3 54

- A coupon stamp is given upon skin purchase.
- ‘Gender Switch’ does not change skin color.


4. New Class Masters are placed. 

Profession Class Class Master Location
Swordsman Blossom Blader May Saalus Convent
Wizard Terramancer Damir Borkan Saalus Convent
Archer Arbalester Vilnius Saalus Convent
Scout Crusader Uolios Wahid Saalus Convent
Cleric Rangda Zofija Eleonora Stogas Plateau


5. Maximum Damage Cap is now 10,000,000.


6. Players now can unlock classes without clearing the sub-quests.

- When collecting the item [Powerless Gohei ] to unlock Miko class, talk to [Merrisa] NPC in [Manahas] to receive the item regardless of your progress in the previous quests.
- When collecting the item [Rune Stone of Ice] to unlock Rune Caster class, talk to a newly added [Gailas Jonas] NPC in [Gateway of the Great King] to receive the item.




1. AoE Defense Ratio for companion is fixed at 1.



New buffs for the new and returning Saviors.


1. [Individual Buff] will be applied to all new and returning characters across all area except PVP zones. 

MaxHP  Character level *10
MaxSP Character level *4
SPD +3
PATK Character level *10
MATK Character level *10
DEF Character level *10
MDEF Character level *10
- Buff can be removed by Mouse Right Button click.
- The buff will be provided again if the character moves to another map.
2. [Party Buff] will be applied to all party members when new or returning Saviors join the party. This buff will be applied differently to currently playing characters and new/returning characters. 

- New/Returning Characters
  - Rooting Chance +2,000
  - EXP +50%

- Current Characters
  - Rooting Chance +1,000
  - EXP +50%



New Area


1. New areas for the Episode 12 will be added. 

Area Name Recommended Level
West Jungers Road 421
Vienibe Shelter 426
Tvirtumas Fortress 431
Skalda Outskirts 436
Rinksmas Ruins 441
Path of Desition 446



Combat Formula


1. Damage formula by target
- Damage (%) = ((Offense Stat - Defense Stat) / (Defender Lvl * 30) * 100


2. Add. Damage Formula
- Additional Damage = Offense Stat - Defense Stat (Consider any values below 0 as 0.)


3. HP/SP Recovery Formula
- Final HP Recovery = (HP Recovery / (Char. Lvl * 10)) * 0.2 * Max HP
- Adjusted SP Recovery formula is not included in this update.


4. Formulas for Critical Rate, Block Penetration, and Accuracy in PvP
- Item Stat = ((Offense Stat - Defense Stat) / (Defender Lvl * 15) * 100
- The formula applies only to PvP area, except friendly duels.





1. Party members may not enter a content if the party leader did not enter.

- Affected Contents: Level Dungeons, Uphill Defense mission, Earth Tower missions, Unique Raids, Legend Raids

- For Level Dungeon, entering the Level Dungeon right away will be affected. 


2. Party members may enter the Challenge Mode first. 


3. Party members can re-enter the content freely if they were already in the content area whether party leader is present or not. 


4. Party members may enter a guild quest if guild member with authority to start the quest enters the content regardless of party leader. 



Legend Raid

1. [Tomb of the White Crow Legend Raid: Casual Mode] is added.
- Casual mode is a bit easier than 5-player mode. This new mode provides [Skiaclipse Feather].
Changes for Casual mode
- Raid difficulty is lowered for solo gameplay.
- [Life Essence] object that recovers players’ HP is added.
Object Life Essence
Number of Objects 3 (Share waiting time to reuse)
How to Use Interact with Spacebar while a green visual effect is displayed around the object
Effects Instant recovery of 80% of Max HP. Grants a healing buff.
Healing buff: Additionally recovers HP equal to 80% of Max HP over 15 seconds
Waiting Time to Reuse 1 minute 30 seconds
A red visual effect is displayed during waiting time


- One guaranteed [Skiaclipse Feather] and a [Varnaclipse Costume] or [Varnaclipse Helmet Costume] at a chance are given upon clear.
- Players can enter [Tomb of the White Crow Legend Raid: Casual Mode] 3 times a week per team and make another admission by using a [Legend Raid Portal Stone]. (Weekly entry count resets every Monday at 6am.)


2. Monsters in [Tomb of the White Crow Legend Raid] are no longer immune to [Linker] Joint Penalty.
- This is applied to both regular and Casual modes.


3. A new raid, [Lepidoptera Junction: Legend] is added to the game.

Name Lepidoptera Junction: Legend
Entry Level Lv.420
How to Enter Acquire a portal after finishing [Unpredictable Movement] quest, which is available at [Chronomancer Master] NPC in Stele Road.
Entry Cap 5 times a week for each team
When reaching the entry cap, spending [Legend Raid Portal Stone] x10 allows the team to make another entry.
Required [Legend Raid Portal Stone] increases by 1 on every additional entry. It resets on every Monday at 6am.
Rewards One of the items below is rewarded with different chances.
Moth Powder
Pyrmas Tantalizer Wings
Antras Tantalizer Wings
Pyrmas Moringponia Wings
Antras Moringponia Wings
Moringponia Pyktis Necklace
Moringponia Triukas Necklace
Moringponia Isgarinti Necklace
Moringponia Kantribe Necklace
Moringponia Juoda Necklace
Moringponia Pyktis Bracelet
Moringponia Triukas Bracelet
Moringponia Isgarinti Bracelet
Moringponia Kantribe Bracelet
Moringponia Juoda Bracelet
Demon Lord Tantalizer Card (Legend Card)
Craft Can craft new legend accessories at the NPC [Teliavelis] in Fedimian with [Moth Powder], [Planium], and [Unique Accessories].
The required Unique Accessory is based on the Legend Accessory to craft.
[Moringponia Pyktis/Moringponia Triukas/Moringponia Isgarinti = Pyktis]
[Moringponia Kantribe = Kantribe]
[Moringponia Juoda = Juoda]
The amount of materials differs based on the equipment to craft.
[Necklace = Planium x4 + Moth Powder x10]
[Bracelet = Planium x3 + Moth Powder x5]
e.g.) Crafting Moringponia Pyktis Necklace requires:
[Pyktis Necklace + Planium x4 + Moth Powder x10]
Notes  Silver and EXP are not rewarded from Unique Raid Dungeon.
Instanced Dungeon Multiply Tokens and Instanced Dungeon Reset Vouchers cannot be used for Unique Raid Dungeon.
[Secret Cube Gold] appears upon clearing a raid. Interacting with it to claim more rewards at a cost of some silver. (Max 2 times while token is in use)


4. New titles for clearing Lepidoptera Junction: Legend are added.

Titles Conditions
Parallel Existence Given to the members of the first party to clear Lepidoptera Junction: Legend in the server.
Other characters in the team receive the title when entering the game individually.
Time Walker Given to the characters that clears Lepidoptera Junction: Legend within a certain period.



5. Changed method to claim Earth Tower rewards.
- Rewards for defeating boss monsters every 5 floors are now instantly granted in Earth Tower [Lolopanther/Solmiki] and a Secret Cube Gold appears.
- Interacting with the cube to claim the rewards once more at a cost of some silver. (Max 2 times while token is in use)



6. Lepidoptera Junction: Legend (Normal) is added.
- 5-player Legend Raid, [Lepidoptera Junction: Legend Raid (Normal)] is added to the game. It is easier than Lepidoptera Junction: Legend Raid and the pre-existing raid has been renamed and [Lepidoptera Junction: Legend Raid (Hard)].
- You can select difficulty and enter the raid through the [Lepidoptera Junction: Legend Raid] portal in Stele Road.
- The following buffs will be granted on players upon entry to [Lepidoptera Junction: Legend (Normal)] and falling in the raid will not remove them.
[Physical/Magic] Attack +50%
[Physical/Magic] Defense +50%
- Normal and Hard modes share the entry count.
- Players can enter the raid max 5 times a week per team and obtain 1 to 3 Moth Dusts at random on completion.
- Players can create a Moth Powder using 5 Moth Dusts.
- Completing the Normal mode does not grant players with a title and a Secret Cube, nor leave a clear time record.


7. [Charm of Protection], [Dispeller], and [Skill Scroll] cannot be used in Legend Raid.



Unique Raid

1. New Unique Raid, [Lepidoptera Junction: Unique] is added.
Difficulty Name
(5 members) Unique Raid
(Solo Raid) Unique Casual Raid
Name Lepidoptera Junction
Entry Level Lv.420
How to Enter Acquire a portal after finishing [Unpredictable Movement] quest, which is available at [Chronomancer Master] NPC in Stele Road.
Entry Materials 5 Members: [Raid Portal Stone] x6
Solo: [Raid Portal Stone] x3
Rewards One of the items below is rewarded with different chances. Solo Raid will only reward Spirit Fragment: Moringponia.
- Spirit Fragment: Moringponia
- Lv.400 Unique Accessory Recipe
- Exclusive Costume
- Exclusive Hair Costume
- Tantalizer Card
(With 30 Spirit Fragment: Moringponia collected, you can select a Lv.400 Unique Accessory Recipe.)

※ Silver and EXP are not rewarded from Unique Raid Dungeon.
※ Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token and Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher cannot be used for Unique Raid Dungeon.


2. Unique Raids [Magic Research Facility] and [Asiomage Testing Grounds] now directly offer equipment rewards instead of Spirit Fragments.



Instanced Dungeons

1. The [Return] button is now activated 5 seconds after finishing an Instanced Dungeon.
- After defeating a boss, the button stays inactivated until players claim the rewards.
- The button gets activated 5 seconds after defeating a boss, regardless of claiming rewards.


2. You can also view the numbers of reward claims and defeated boss monsters of Instanced Dungeons at the Instanced Dungeon panel.


3. Changed method to claim Saalus Convent rewards.
- Certain amount of silver, determined by character’s level, is rewarded to inventory upon defeating the final boss in each mission.
- The system inflicts a debuff on the characters that stay inactive for pre-determined time to prevent them from receiving the rewards.


4. New Lvl 400 Dungeon is added.

- Previous mercenary missions and Saalus Convent missions are merged into [Lv.400 Dungeon].
- Missions in [Lv.400 Dungeon] differs based on the day of the week.

Day of the Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Dungeon Crystal Mine Seven Valley Catacombs Canyon Belt Castle (Saalus) Siauliai Royal Mausoleum

- EXP, Talts, and Silver are rewarded based on the completion rate and one Blessed Shard is given regardless of completion.
- [Blessed Shard x1, Talts x6, 100,000 Silver] are rewarded with a 100% completion rate at .
- If the character’s level is higher than +30 from level of the Instanced Dungeon, the silver rewards reduces based on the exceeding levels.


5. Mercenary missions and Saalus Convent mission are deleted.

- The items from Mercenary missions can now be obtained from Lv.270 and above Free Dungeons. Items from other missions, except Crystal Mine mission, can be obtained from fields.
- Lv.270 and above Free Dungeons offer Ithildin Ore, Ferinium, and Portium.


6. Clearing a Unique Raid: Casual triggers a [Goddess' Blessing] event.

- Each entry costs 9,500 Silver.
- Goddess' Blessing event lasts for a minute and it will be removed upon moving to another area.
- Goddess' Blessing event provides players different chances to obtain different items.

Dungeon Obtainable Item
First Refuge: Casual Spirit Fragment: Prodigious Kugheri Balzermancer x1
Spirit Fragment: Prodigious Kugheri Balzermancer x30
Prodigious Kugheri Balzermancer Card
Former Fantasy Library: Sausis Room 9 Spirit Fragment: Froster Lord x1
Spirit Fragment: Froster Lord x60
Demon Lord Froster Lord Card
Magic Research Facility: Casual Spirit Fragment: Wastrel x1
Spirit Fragment: Wastrel x60
Wastrel Card
Asiomage Testing Grounds: Casual Spirit Fragment: Asiomage x1
Spirit Fragment: Asiomage x60
Asiomage Card
Astral Tower Closed Quarters: Casual Spirit Fragment: Ignas x1
Spirit Fragment: Ignas x160
Ignas Card
Tomb of the White Crow: Casual Spirit Fragment: Skiaclipse x1
Spirit Fragment: Skiaclipse x150
Lepidoptera Junction: Casual Spirit Fragment: Moringponia x1
Spirit Fragment: Moringponia x60
Pyrmas Tantalizer Helmet Costume
Pyrmas Moringponia Helmet Costume
Antras Tantalizer Helmet Costume
Antras Moringponia Helmet Costume

- Ripped 1,000 Attribute Point Tickets, Practonium can be found in all dungeons.
- 100 Ripped 1,000 Attribute Points Tickets can be exchanged with the item, 1,000 Attribute Points.
- World message is displayed when a player acquires 30 or more Spirit Fragments, Legend Cards, or a Costume.



Challenge Mode

1. Method to count entries of Challenge Mode is changed.
- Instead of the previous count indicator in a debuff form, the count can be viewed at the Instanced Dungeon menu (F10).
- The other functions remain as they were except for the above-mentioned change. The entry count of Challenge mode resets at 6 in the morning.


2. Party of 2 or more members will receive item drop bonus if the Challenge Mode is completed in the areas of level 420 or above. 

Party Member Drop Bonus
2 x2
3 x3
4 x4
5 x5


3. The number of monsters to defeat to create a Challenge Portal decreased to 100.



Hunting Ground


1. Required monster kills to activate a portal to the Guardian's Antechamber of Irredian Shelter will be reduced from 1,000 to 100. 


2. 2 healing objects, Life Essense, will be added to the outer Sewer area where the Misrus spawns. 

- [Life Essence] object that recovers players’ HP is added.
Object Life Essence
Number of Objects 2 (Share waiting time to reuse)
How to Use Interact with Spacebar while a green visual effect is displayed around the object
Effects Instant recovery of 50% of Max HP. Grants a healing buff.
Healing buff: Additionally recovers 10% of Max HP over 16 seconds
Waiting Time to Reuse 1 minute 30 seconds
A red visual effect is displayed during waiting time





1. All episodes have been relabeled. 

- All main quests were categorized into episodes.

- After clearing all quests of each episode, you will be able to receive helpful rewards once per team.


2. Episodes can be viewed on Quest info panel (F5) and if you click [lists of quests] at the bottom of the panel, you will be able to view all quests of each episode.


3. Once you receive rewards for completing an episode, you won't be able to receive the rewards again from the same episode when playing with other characters, yet you still can re-play the quests.


4. Players who had completed some episodes before the update can claim the rewards from episodes they had completed.


5. All items of the rewards are able to transfer to the team storage, except EXP cards and enhancement cards.


6. Types (main, sub, repeat) of some quests are changed.


7. Rewards and Playability have been improved.


8. Some conditions for clearance have been eased and sub-quests for Lv.300 and below now offers more EXP.


9.  Quest lines have been improved.


10. Sub-quests now open to the players.
- Players who completed Episode 10.
- Players who possess a character at Lv.390 or above.


11. Upon meeting the conditions, players can enjoy Orsha quest line.

- New characters created within the same team after clearing [Goddess Gabija], the last quest of [Episode 5 - Flame Guarding Tower], can interact with Knight Titas in West Siauliai Woods and begin Orsha quests.
- While conversing with Knight Titas, selecting an answer [I am heading to Orsha] will lead you to [Lemprasa Pond] for Orsha quests, while [The goddess appeared in my dream] leads you to Klaipeda quests.


12. Quest Objectives window has been improved.

- Quest Objectives window now has a function of auto-registration.

- Quest Objectives window now has [Display Quest to Party], [Check Quest Location], and [Unable Quest Window] icons.

- A confirmation message now displays when returning to the previous area with a recommended level that is beyond 30 levels than yours.


13. Clearing an Episode will now reward EXP cards instead of EXP points directly applied to the character. 


14. New Mercenary Post Quests for Episode 12 will be added. These quests will be available from the Receptionist Ramda and can be repeated up to 10 times each. 


15. Emergency Quests will be triggered in the new Episode 12 areas if certain number of monsters were defeated. 

- EXP and one of the items below will be given as a reward if the Emergency Quest was completed on time. 

Blessed Shard
Lv.430 Awaken Abrasive
Sandra's Detailed Magnifier
Attribute Points 100

- Emergency Quest can be completed for unlimited times. 

- Monsters from the Challenge Mode are not counted for the Emergency Quest. 

- Emergency Quest will be abandoned automatically if the character leaves the area for any reason. 

- Emergency Quest cannot be done as a party. 

- Emergency Quest does not reward class EXP. 


16. After completing Episode 3-1, Goddess Saule now opens a portal to [Rukas Plateau].





1. Only 10% of Additional Damage will be applied in PVP environment. 



Gemstone Feud


1. A character may not re-enter the Gemstone Feud if the character attempts to re-enter more than 3 times.


2. The team will not be changed after re-entry attempt. 



Team Battle League


1. The amount of healing in Team Battle League is adjusted to 0.3


2. Debuffs added to Team Battle League

Debuffs Effects
[Blood Clot]
(Decreases healing received)
- Takes effect 10 seconds after the beginning of a round and its stack increases every 20 seconds. (Max 9 stacks)
- Healing received is reduced by -10% per stack
e.g.) 10000 HP Healing without [Blood Clot]: 9000(-10%) on 1 stack, 8000(-20%) on 2 stacks...... 1000(-90%) on 9 stacks
(Increases damage received)
- Takes effect 10 seconds after the beginning of a round and its stack increases every 20 seconds. (Max 9 stacks)
- Damage received is increased by 10% per stack.
e.g.) 10000 damage received without [Skirmish]: 11000(+10%) on 1 stack, 12000(+20%) on 2 stacks...... 19000(+90%) on 9 stacks


3. Players now do not gain 300 additional HP on entering Team Battle League.


4. Durations for the following skills are changed in Team Battle League
※ The changes in skill duration apply only to Team Battle League

Skills Changes
Chronomancer Reincarnate duration is halved.
[Reincarnate: Ally]
Oracle Prophecy duration is reduces by 1/3.


5. Costumes are rewarded based on the weekly rankings. (Costumes last for 7 days)

Rank Reward Name
First Place Conqueror Aukso Helmet Costume
Conqueror Aukso Costume
Second Place Contender Sidabrine Helmet Costume
Contender Sidabrine Costume
Third Place Competitor Valis Helmet Costume
Competitor Valis Costume


6. The character levels will be adjusted to 450 as the maximum level is expanded to 450. 



Guild Missions

1. Time records for Battle in Sulivinas Lair are now recorded down to the second instead of to the minute.


2. Invincibility buff is now granted on Boruta on at the end of Guild Missions: Sulivinas Lair.


3. A system message is now displayed to notice players about the participating characters when [Guild Missions: Sulivinas Lair] begins.



Guild Territory Wars

1. Tooltip for Guild Territory Wars [Guardian] buff now has been detailed.

- Damage Reduction 10/15/20/25/30/40/50% (Max 7 stacks)


2. Guild Mileage is now obtainable from Raid Casual Mode
- 4 Guild mileage for clearing Legend Raid / Legend Raid Casual
- 2 Guild mileage for clearing Unique Raid / Unique Raid Casual


3. Logic to force-return characters upon conquest of the spot in GTW is changed.
Characters upon conquering a spot Logic
Guild members who had captured and lost the spot Force-returned to the nearest city in 5 seconds and unable to re-enter the area for 20 seconds
Members of other guilds that did not conquer the spot Unable to re-enter the area for 20 seconds



Content Point Shop


1. A new Content Point Shop is added to the game.


2. Collect Contents points by participating in various in-game contents and use them to purchase items at the Content Point Shop run by Magic Association NPCs in Klaipeda and Orsha.

- Enter [/totalPoint] in the chat to view your points.

Points obtainable from Conditions Obtainable Points
Level Dungeon - 10
Unique Raid - 20
Unique Raid: Casual - 20
Legend Raid - 50
Legend Raid: Casual - 30
Uphill Defense Mission Normal: Stage 10 or above 5
Hard: Stage 5 or above 20
Very Hard: Stage 5 or above 50
Saalus Convent Mission - 10
Request Office Mission - 5
Challenge Mode Clearing Stage 5 or above 5
Clearing Stage 6 or above 20
Clearing Stage 7 or above 30


3. Characters in a team share the [Contents Point]. Each team can earn up to 2000 points a week and the cap resets on every Monday at 6 am.


4. The system entirely resets [Contents Point] every 3 months.


5. The items purchased from the Contents Point Shop are transferrable to Team Storage.


6. Using [Gesture: Wave] grants the gesture to all characters in the team. Press F8 to open the Macro menu and view them.


7. Items on sale in the [Contents Point Shop] change periodically.




1. Materials required for crafting Raid Portal Stone are changed.

Items Changed To
Sierra Powder 3
Nucle Powder 300


2. Areas to acquire [Recipe - Legend Raid Portal Stone] is changed.
- The item is obtainable from Challenge Stage 5, 6, and 7. (The chance increases with stage.)


3. The system message displayed when trying to equip unidentified equipment is more detailed.


4. [Recipe - Misrus Chain] is now obtainable from [Spirit Fragment: Misrus].


5. Equipping 3 costume items of the same kind grants benefits to the character.

Costumes Set Effect (2 parts) Set Effect (3 parts)
Pyrmas Tantalizer Set Damage received from Moringponia -10% in Lepidoptera Junction Physical Defense, Magic Defense +1,000 in Lepidoptera Junction
Antras Tantalizer Set Damage dealt to Moringponia +10% in Lepidoptera Junction  
Pyrmas Moringponia Set Damage received from Tantalizer -10% in Lepidoptera Junction Healing +10% in Lepidoptera Junction
Antras Moringponia Set Damage dealt to Tantalizer +10% in Lepidoptera Junction Magic Attack +1,000 in Lepidoptera Junction


6. Acquisition locations for the following items are changed.

Item Name Monster that drops the item Monster spawn area
Vienarazis Two-handed Mace Kugheri Symbani Nobreer Forest
Gale Slasher Green Goblin Warrior Taniel I Commemorative Orb
Pierene Sword Nukhalong Phamer Forest
Windia Rod Vilkas Ziburynas Forest
Aufgowle Bow Mouringaka Yudejan Forest
Silver Hawk Lyecorn Arcus Forest
Vienarazis Mace Red Anchor Martuis Storage Room
Lionhead Shield Boogey Box Valandis Room 2
Pygry Spear Nightshadow Fox Cub Teresh Forest
Sacmet Virdney Mishekan Forest
Lionhead Dagger Vilkas Assassin Mollogheo Forest
Vienarazis Staff Wiz Valandis Room 91
Double Stack Gear Valandis Room 2
Elga Rapier Rampal Valandis Room 3
Lionhead Cannon White Beetow Teresh Forest
Dragoon Piper Flammel Valandis Room 91
Intasurta Gloves Scarecrow Jeromel Park
Trinity Sword Old Hook Escanciu Village
Velniup Cockatrice Fedimian Suburbs
Fortis Sakmoli Owl Burial Ground
Seimos Sword Darkness Anchor Main Building
Wizard Slayer Lapasape Shaman Altar Way
Naktis Tripede Pilgrim Path
Seimos Two-handed Sword Darkness Anchor Main Building
Tilly Two-handed Sword Red Infrorocktor Mage Tower 3F
Seimos Rod Pure Loftlem Main Building
Tilly Rod Flask Mage Mage Tower 3F
Excel Bow Kepo Starving Demon's Way
Seimos Bow Colifly Main Building
Tilly Bow Pyran Mage Tower 3F
Seimos Crossbow Colifly Main Building
Seimos Mace Pure Loftlem Main Building
Pavaisa Shield Gravegolem Fasika Plateau
Ledas Shield Stumpy Tree Magician Goddess' Ancient Garden
Seimos Spear Darkness Anchor Main Building
Tilly Spear Arma Mage Tower 3F
Seimos Pike Darkness Anchor Main Building
Maledic Kepa Raider Sunset Flag Forest
Seimos Staff Pure Loftlem Main Building


7. Required amount of materials for some recipes are changed.

Recipe Relevant materials Amount
Recipe - Ulstermite Mithril Ore 50 > 5
Recipe - Pheltremin Mithril Ore 50 > 5
Recipe - Achiva Bracelet Pheltremin 20 > 2
Recipe - Mirti Bracelet Pheltremin 20 > 2
Recipe - Ufhor Pearl Bracelet Pheltremin 20 > 2
Recipe - Pik'o Pearl Bracelet Pheltremin 20 > 2
Recipe - Akro Galia Bangle Ulstermite 20 > 2
Recipe - Aiskus Bracelet Ulstermite 20 > 2


8. Using [Token] unlocks Additional Storages in Team Storage.

- An Active Time-limited Token or Premium Token unlocks 6 additional storages in Team Storage.
- There are 70 slots in each additional storage and the entire Team Storage shares Max. stack for each item.


9. [Ruby Anvil] is added to Blessing of the Goddess reward list.

- [Ruby Anvil] can be used on equipment with 0 Potential. The equipment won't be destroyed upon failure. When you fail in enhancing equipment at +15 or below, the ENH will decrease by 1. If the equipment is at +16 or above, the ENH will decrease to +15.
- Blessing of the Goddess Magic rewards now includes [Recipe - Ruby Anvil] instead of [Goddess' Blessed Gem] and Legend rewards includes [Moringponia: Ruby Anvil Box].

Item Name Item description
Recipe - Ruby Anvil Crafting Ruby Anvil required the items below:
- Advanced Golden Anvil x20
- Goddesses' Blessed Gem x10
Moringponia: Ruby Anvil Box Contains Ruby Anvil x10.


10. [Advanced Golden Anvil] is obtainable from monsters in Outer Wall Sewers Free Dungeon.


11. Some Moster Cards are excluded from the colletion lists. Players who already had complete the collections will receive cards that had been used as materials.

Collections Excluded Monster Cards
Collection: Royal Mausoleum Workers Lodge Templeshooter Card
Collection: Royal Mausoleum Constructors' Chapel Canceril Card
Collection: Royal Mausoleum Storage Archon Card


12. [Deleted Gem] items are removed from the game.

- Items which were being shown as [Deleted Gem] are now deleted. [Monster Gem Selection Box] items equal to the deleted amount are sent to Market Retrieve Tab.


13. New buff icon and tooltip are added for [Bonfire] items.

- The icon and description are referred to the Bonfire adjusted on earlier update.


14. Time-limited [Goddess Sculpture] and [Miracle Seeds] are now transferable to Team Storage.


15. [Nucle Power] and [Sierra Powder] can now be stacked up to 99,999.


16. Some items can now be obtained from alternative areas.

Item Monster to drop Monster appears in
Fortress Pag Clamper Delmore Hamlet


17. A confirmation message now displays when uneuipping a Monster Card with ‘Unequip’ button.
- An instruction added to inform that only armor can be exchanged when players try exchanging weapons at the Operator of Kedora Merchant Alliance.


18. Some factors of [Legend Equipment] Set skills are changed.

Ataka - Cooldown changed. (8 > 1 second)
- Cannot be used during cooldown of other set skills.
Proverbs - Proverbs set options are applied at all times.
- Increases Max damage to 4 million and increases damage by 20% for a single attack delivering over 999,999 damage.
(Cooldown: 2 sec)
- A [Cooldown changes to 1 second] effect is added to Lv.1 Dragon Stren
Skidas - Cannot be used during Cooldown of other set skills.
Atagal - Atagal now delivers 4 physical attacks instead of 1 attack.
- The effect is not applied to options which causes additional hits.
(e.g. Masinios Crossbow, Enchant Fire,  Frieno Set, etc)
- The results of Atagal effects do not trigger Atagal effects.


19. [Ataka] set stat skill damage will be adjusted. 
- [Ataka] skill damage based from monsters will only apply up to 10,000 to character. 


20. The tooltips of Item [Planium] and Buff [Looting Chance] will now be in more details. 


21. The tooltip of Buff [Looting Chance] will now include [increase the drop rate of Legend Materials]. 


22. The tooltip of Item [Planium] will now inlcude [Legend Material]. 


23. The Looting Chance has been increased the drop rate of Planium. It now will inform in more details. 


24. The [Uphill Defense Shop] will now sell [Lepusbunny Headband]. 
- It will cost 3,500 Uphill Defense Points.


25. Additional [Wings of Vaivora Coin] will be given when signing in for the Wings of Vaivora Attendance Check. 


26. New items will be purchasable at the Wings of Vaivora Coin Shop

Item Name Required Coins
Emote Plus: Dionys 40
Emote Plus: Goddess Vakarine 60
Emote Plus: Dionys and Goddess Vakarine 50
Pamoka Solution EXP x2 (14 Days) 15
Challenge Portal Scroll (14 Days) 1


27. Lv.430 Unidentified [Dysnai] equipment and Unique grade [Vaivora] equipment will be added. 

- A server announcement will be made if a player obtains a Unique grade Vaivora weapon. 


28. Lv.430 Unidentified equipment will have higher minimum option values than currently available equipment. 

- Rare grade Lv.430 equipment will have option range from 20 to 100%. 

- Unique grade Lv.430 equipment will have option range from 80 to 100%. 

- Unidentified Unique or better equipment of Lv.430 or above will yield more Nucle and Sierra Powder 10 times than normal and will yield a Unique Enchant Jewel. 


29. 2 new Magnifiers will be added. 
- The new [Sandra's Magnifier] and [Sandra's Detailed Magnifier] will grant a chance to change a desired stat when used on the unidentified item. 
- The new Magnifiers can be obtained throughout the in-game contents and can be used to items with random stats of Lv.430 or above. 
- You may select any number of stats and change them into the desired type and value with [Sandra's Magnifier]. 
- You may select only 1 stat and change the value with [Sandra's Detailed Magnifier]. 


30. [Weapon Accessory] for two-handed weapon will be added.

- [Weapon Accessory] can be obtained and upgraded as same as normal equipments.
- [Weapon Accessory] can be equiped at the subweapon slot when a two-handed weapon is equipped at the main weapon slot. The [Weapon Accessory] has Physical and Magical Attack as main status.
- [Weapon Accessories] of each grades of Lv.350~Lv.430 will be added.
- Legend grade Weapon Accessories of Velcoffer, Savinose Elder, Skiaclipse Varna will be added. Blacksmith Teliavelis of Fedimian can craft these Legend grade Weapon Accessories.
- Unique grade Weapon Accessory will be added to the drop list of Unique Raids.
  - Masinios Trinket, Wastrel Zvaigzde Trinket, Asio Trinket, Skiaclipse Trinket.
- Unique grade Weapon Accessories of fixed options will be added to the reward list of World Boss Moringponia and Hunting Ground of Outer Wall Sewer.
  - Moringponia Trinket, Misrus Trinket.
- You may purchase a Weapon Accessory from the equipment shop in the Gemstone Feud Uniform Mode.
31. A new item [Ark] will be added.
- You can obtain an [Ark] after completing Episode 12.
- You can add EXP and level up the [Ark] by using Combine Ark function during rest mode.
- Please refer to the Game Guide for more details on the Ark.
32. Random options of unidentified items will be added/changed. 
- A series of new blue random options that reduce the damage from [Attack against type Target] will be added. 
Attack against Cloth Armored Target Offsetting Attack against Leather Armored Target Offsetting Attack against Plate Armored Target Offsetting Attack against Medium-type Target Offsetting

- These new stats will be applied to pre-Episode 12 items when re-identified. The values will be based on pre-Episode 12 value range. 
- The additional damage by 8 properties and resistance stat against them will be combined into [Additional Damage] and [Additional Damage Resistance]. 
- Each property additional damage and resistance values will attach to the pre-Episode 12 items will be summed into Additional Damage and Additional Damage Resistance. 


33. Ichor extraction and transmutation will be reformed. 
- Ichor extraction success rate will be doubled. 
- Ichor transmutation will now require only 2 pieces of required equipment. 


34. Item dismantle system will be reformed. 
- Any transcended items will have 10% chance per each transcendence level to yield additional 50% Nucle or Sierra Powder when dismantled. 


35. [Weapon Average Attack] for each weapon type has been adjusted.

Weapon Weapon Type As-is To-be
One-handed Sword One-handed Weapon 1 1.1
Rod 1 1.1
Crossbow 1 1.1
One-handed Blunt Weapon 0.9 1.1
One-handed Spear 1 1.1
Rapier 1 1.1
Dagger One-handed/Sub-weapon 1.1 1.1
Pistol 1.1 1.1
Two-handed Sword Two-handed Weapon 1.2 1.3
Bow 1.2 1.3
Two-handed Blunt Weapon 1.08 1.3
Two-handed Spear 1.2 1.3
Staff 1.2 1.3
Cannon 1.3 1.3
Musket 1.3 1.3
Weapon Accessory Two-handed/Sub-weapon New 0.12


36. [Min~Max Attack Range] for each weapon type has been adjusted.

Weapon Weapon Type As-is To-be
One-handed Sword One-handed Weapon 0.05 0.03
Rod None None
Crossbow 0.1 0.03
One-handed Blunt Weapon 0.05 0.01
One-handed Spear 0.05 0.1
Rapier None None
Dagger One-handed/Sub-weapon 0.05 0.08
Pistol 0.05 0.08
Two-handed Sword Two-handed Weapon 0.1 0.2
Bow 0.1 0.2
Two-handed Blunt Weapon 0.1 0.1
Two-handed Spear 0.1 0.3
Staff None None
Cannon 0.15 0.5
Musket 0.15 0.35
Weapon Accessory Two-handed/Sub-weapon New None


37. Enhancement/Transcendence/Repair costs for each weapon type have been adjusted.

- Enhancement cost

Cost Rate (previous) Cost Rate (changed)
One-handed Weapon 1 One-handed Weapon 1
Two-handed Weapon 1.2 Two-handed Weapon 1.2
Dagger, Pistol 0.8 Dagger, Pistol 0.8
Shield 0.66 Shield 0.8
    Weapon Accessory 0.6
Total enhancement cost (previous) Total enhancement cost (changed)
One-handed Weapon + Shield 1.66 One-handed Weapon + Shield 1.8
One-handed Weapon + Sub-weapon 1.8 One-handed Weapon + Sub-weapon 1.8
Two-handed Weapon 1.2 Two-handed Weapon + Weapon Accessory 1.8


- Transcendence cost

One-handed Weapon Cost Rate (changed)
One-handed Weapon 0.8 One-handed Weapon 0.8
Two-handed Weapon 1 Two-handed Weapon 1
Dagger, Pistol 0.6 Dagger, Pistol 0.6
Shield 0.33 Shield 0.6
    Weapon Accessory 0.4
Total enhancement cost (previous) Total enhancement cost (changed)
One-handed Weapon + Shield 1.13 One-handed Weapon + Shield 1.4
One-handed Weapon + Sub-weapon 1.4 One-handed Weapon + Sub-weapon 1.4
Two-handed Weapon 1 Two-handed Weapon + Weapon Accessory 1.4


- Repair cost

Cost Rate (previous) Cost Rate (changed)
One-handed Weapon 12 One-handed Weapon 12
Two-handed Weapon 19 Two-handed Weapon 12
Dagger, Pistol 7 Dagger, Pistol 7
Shield 7 Shield 7
    Weapon Accessory 7
Total repair cost (previous) Total repair cost (changed)
One-handed Weapon + Shield 7 One-handed Weapon + Shield 19
One-handed Weapon + Sub-weapon 19 One-handed Weapon + Sub-weapon 19
Two-handed Weapon 12 Two-handed Weapon + Weapon Accessory 19


38. The numbers of required materials for granting Legend equipment set stats have been adjusted.

- Weapons

Type Previous Changed
Velcoffer Pamoka Solution x24 Pamoka Solution x15
Savinose Pamoka Solution x26 Pamoka Solution x17
Varna Pamoka Solution x26 Pamoka Solution x17
Moringponia Moringponia Crown x6 Moringponia Crown x4
Misrus Misrus Chain x6 Misrus Chain x4


- Shields now require the same amount of materials as shields now is considered as a ‘weapon’.

Type Previous Changed
Velcoffer Pamoka Solution x6 Pamoka Solution x15
Savinose Pamoka Solution x8 Pamoka Solution x17
Varna Pamoka Solution x8 Pamoka Solution x17
Moringponia Moringponia Crown x2 Moringponia Crown x4
Misrus Misrus Chain x2 Misrus Chain x4


39. Stats from Awakening and Enchantment can be transferred to another equipment.

- Vaidotas in the Miner's Village will now offer services to transfer stats from Awakening and Enchant Jewel to another item. 
- Transferring stats will cost silver, and the amount required will increase as the item level difference increases. 
- The Awakening stats transfer will only be available to the item of same level, of same type, and of same grade. 
- The Enchant Jewel stats transfer will only be available to item of same or higher level. 
- The Enchant Jewel stats transfer will cost 3,000,000 silver per 1 level difference. 


40. The tooltip of Skiaclipse Sword will now include [Only applies to Swordman skills]. 

- The item effects will be applied to the skill if the Swordman Tree skill requires one-handed sword or all equipment. 


41. A growth weapon will be provided if a character advances to a class that requires specific gear. 

- Swordman: Peltasta, Rodelero, Murmillo (Shield) / Retiarius (One-handed Spear)
- Archer: Quarrel Shooter, Arbalester (Crossbow)
- Scout: Schwarzer Reiter, Bullet Marker, Sheriff (Pistol)


42. The Lv.400 Kedoran equipment provided as reward for the Previous Quests for Episode 12 will be +11 enhanced, 10 stage transcended gear. 

- If you already received the Kedoran equipments with lower transcendence, you may talk to Neringa in Orsha to upgrade to stage 10 trasncendence after Clearing Demon God Ragana (3) quest and having Kedoran equipment of stage 9 or lower transcended. 


43. Basic DEF of [Leather] type armors will be increased by 50%. 


44. Awakening will now require both Awakening Stone and Awakening Abrasive. 


45. The level of Enchant Jewel in the Remnants of Bernice Point Shop will now be 430. 


46. Unique grade items will no longer be automatically stage 5 transcended when crafted. 


47. The level of Popo Shop Rental Equipment will now be maxed at Lv.430.


48. Tooltips of some equipements will now contain more detailed information. 


49. Nucle and Sierra Powder will not weigh 0.1. 


50. [Proverbs] set stat will change to the following. 
- Passive effect: Increases Max damage cap by 1,000,000.
- Deals 20% additional damage upon a landed hit that deals more than 999,999 damage.
- Additional Hit Cooldown: 2 seconds
- Dragon Strength Lv. 1 Effect
- Additional Hit Cooldown decreases from 2 to 1 second.
- The Max damage cap increase effect is not stackable.



Personal Shop

1. The time for enchanting with [Enchanter] Enchant Armor is reduced to 5 seconds.



Game Settings

1. New options for Skill Effect Sharpness are added to the [Graphic Settings] menu.

※ Some quest effects may not be displayed properly with low settings.




1. Some buttons on lists are displayed more sharply.
Ex) Lodge Channel List, Title List, etc.

2. [Complete] tap in Market UI has been renamed as [Market Retrieve Tab].

3. Press F1 to open the Character menu and equip a Speech Bubble.

- Speech Bubble items grant speech bubble skins to all characters in the team. Player can set each character’s speech bubble.

4. Motion Emoticons are added.

- Motion emoticons are literally moving emotions that appear on speech bubbles. Players can view them by clicking on the icon at the right side of the chat.
- Motion emoticons cannot be sent along with text, nor be ‘Shouted’.
- Motion emoticons are shown frozen on Normal, Party, Guild, Group, and Whisper chats.


5. Additional storages in Team Storage can be named.


6. Players can rename storages via [Rename Storage] option on the Storage tab drop down menu (right-click).


7. The [Party (F6)] menu displays alongside with content entry window, which requires players to be in a party, when the player is not in a party.


8. [Hide letter effects] option is added to graphics settings.

- With the option enabled, the text displays upon slow down, critical hit, or buffs granted by [Pyromancer] Enchant Fire does not display.


9. The maximum Zoom Out range will be expanded.

- Some objects may interfere with the expanded zoom sight. 

- This does not apply to PVP areas. 


10. The tooltips of the following Monster Cards will be changed from "Increases damage against Medium-sized monsters" to "Increases damage against Medium-sized". 

- Reaverpede, Cerberus, Canceril. 



Goddess' Grace


1. The [Goddess' Grace] reward list will be changed.

Grade Before After
Legend Moringponia Crown Box Moringponia Crown Box
Moringponia: Ruby Anvil Box Moringponia: Ruby Anvil Box
Unbound Skiaclipse Card Unbound Skiaclipse Card
Demon Lord Moringponia Card Demon Lord Moringponia Card
Enraged Misrus Card Enraged Misrus Card
Unique Moringponia Unique Equipment Set Box Moringponia Unique Special Set Box
Mystic Tome Page Collection (x10) Mystic Tome Bundle Special Set Box
Sandra's Magnifier Box Sandra's Magnifier Box
Magic Mystic Tome Page Mysterious Magnifier
Sandra's Magnifier Sandra's Magnifier
Sandra's Detailed Magnifier Sandra's Detailed Magnifier
Recipe - Ruby Anvil N/A
Normal Hero's Support Box: Punishment Hero Potion Selection Box
Hero's Support Box: Protection Enhancement Coupon: 100,000 Silver
Enhancement Coupon: 100,000 Silver Attribute Points: 100
Blessed Shard Blessed Shard

- You can receive [Moringponia Unique Weapon Selection Box] x1, [Moringponia Unique Armor Selection Box] x1, [Moringponia Crown] x1 when opening [Moringponia Unique Special Set Box].
- You can receive [Mystic Tome Page] x10 and [Attribute Points: 10,000] x3 when opening the [Mystic Tome Bundle Special Set Box]
- You can craft [Goddess' Support Box: Punishment] or [Goddess' Support Box: Protection] by using the [Hero Potion Selection Box]. The recipe can be purchased from Item Merchants in the cities. 





1. Boss monsters’ ‘pulling’ effect is deleted.

- "Armaos, Kabad, Moyabruka, Nepenthes, Pbeta, Reaverpede, Rikaus, Turtai, Vel's Chariot, Wooden Centurion,
 Wood Houngan, Yeti, Gosarius, Moringponia (Field Boss), Tainted Gargoyle, Demon Lord Hauberk, Succubus, Mummyghast, Tetraox"


2. Below Summoning monsters’ ‘pulling’ effect has been replaced with ‘slowing down’.

- Succubus, Mummyghast





1. Players now can get to [Isolated Scriptorium] in Valandis Room 91 through [Seal of Space].