UPDATEHappy Valentine's Day!


Feb 13th, 2020


Greetings, Saviors! 


We got ready special chocolates for our saviors.


Check your mailbox and have a happy valentine's day with Tree of Savior! 



Event Period


From February 14, 2020

To February 16, 2020



Who can Participate


- All saviors 



How to participate

[UPDATE] Saviors who log in during the event period can receive 5 Even Sweeter Valentine Chocolates a day, per team.

We hope you check your mailbox with a pleasure! 





Even Sweeter Valentine Chocolate:

- Increase EXP gain by 10%

- Max HP 1,000

- Recover 100 HP/SP every 10 seconds


※ The above effects are applied for 30 minutes.

※ Up to 5 chocolates can be stacked at a time.





- You can not use the Even Sweeter Valentine Chocolate and Sweet Valentine Chocolate at a time.

- Even Sweeter Valentine Chocolate can not be traded, only can be moved via Team Storage.

- If you do not eat chocolates, Even Sweeter Valentine Chocolates and Sweet Valentine Choclates will melt. (The chocolates will be removed on February 25)