New Server Pre-Registration Event

By STAFF_William

Jan 28th, 2020

Greetings, Saviors!


The Pre-Registration Event for the upcoming New Server will be held. Don't miss the great opportunity to boost your New Server's experience!



Pre-Registration Period


From the scheduled maintenance on January 28, 2020

To the scheduled maintenance on February 11, 2020


How to Pre-Register


STEP 1. Log-in to the New Server and create a new team.


STEP 2. Wait until the New Servers are open. All players who register during the Pre-Registration period will receive special rewards during the scheduled maintenance on February 18, 2020

Special Rewards for Pre-Registration

- Lv.400 Legend Growth Weapon Selection Box x1
- Growth Weapon Stage 5 Transcendence Voucher x1
- Growth Weapon +11 Enhancement Voucher x1
- Medeina Emoticon: Flustered and Joy
- Character Slot Voucher x1
- x8 EXP Tome x3
- Enchant Scroll x10
- Silver Ichor Extraction Kit x10
- Miracle Seeds x 30
- Goddess Sculpture x30
- Token: 7 Days x1



Team Name Unique one per account per region
Team Name Change Price 5 TP during Pre-Registration Period / 150 TP for Service Period
Account Limitation 1 account per region








1. I have a team named "Savior" in the Original Server. Can I use "Savior" in the New Growth Support Server?
- No. If there is already the same name exist in the Original Server, you CANNOT use it in the New Growth Support Server, and vice versa. 


2. My account has a team in the Original Server. Can I join the New Growth Support Server with this account?
- No. You have to use another new account. 


3. What will be counted as "Pre-Registration"?
- You have to log in to the character selection screen and finish typing in the team name and create the team. If you can try creating a new character, your Pre-Registration is complete. 


4. Can I make a new character right now?
- Yes, you can. But you won't be able to access to the game until February 11th, 2020. 

※The FAQ will be updated continuously.