Regarding the recent suspension of players

By STAFF_Sawyer

Jan 2nd, 2020


Greetings, Saviors.



The event exploit we posted an announcement about previously is still under investigation and the final decision regarding to the matter have not yet been made. We wanted to let you know that the players who have been banned have only been banned temporarily while our team confirms and fixes the issue.



A miscommunication within imcGAMES caused the misleading answers to tickets, which informed players that the bans given out were permanent. We have a strict set of regulations that we follow prior to issuing a permanent ban, which requires our staff to identify the issue with close scrutiny.



We sincerely apologize to the players who have been affected by the confusion caused by the miscommunication between our staff members. We are working hard to resolve and correct the issue at hand and to provide a satisfactory solution to all players affected by this issue.



Once again, we offer our sincerest apologies to all Saviors who we have confused over the issue.