[Fan Art Festival Results] Your Revelation

By STAFF_William

Dec 24th, 2019

Greetings Saviors! 

It’s time, once again, to announce the winners of the Fan Art Festival: Your Revelation.  

As always, we greatly appreciate all the hardworking artists who took the time to participate in this Your Revelation theme.  We had to extend the voting times as we did not have sufficient votes from users during the voting period stated in our original announcement for the contest.
Anyway, as we mentioned before, prizes include: 500 TP + the next Goddess' Blessed Cube Costume + the In-Game Title ("One of a kind") and, of course, your art as an in-game loading screen(starting after the scheduled maintenance of December 31st). Prizes will still be delivered via GM message during the scheduled maintenance on December 24th.

Also please note that votes shared by the same IP addresses have been removed.

The results of the user vote are a reflection of this adjustment.

As we mentioned in previous voting results announcements, we review the submissions again before releasing the final results.

This includes checking IP addresses and accounts that have been newly created.



First, pieces chosen by you!



My first encounter

Title: My First Encounter
Server: [SEA] Telsiai
Team: Quepie




Title: The fate on your hand!
Server: Telsiai
Team name: o0Yu0o




Title: In my dream I sold my soul!
Server Name: Klaipeda
Team Name: Monstz




Title: Not The Revelator You Expected
Server name: Telsiai
Team name: Shiseptiana



tos fanart

Title: An unexpected revelation
Server: Silute
Team Name: YunaXD





Now, the Staff picks!




Title: Oh me, Oh my, Oh Laima! 
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: grummanhkt



demon queenie

Title: The Twilight Tales​
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: The_Bluesorrow



No Questions Needed_Revelation Art

Title: No Questions Needed
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Irodoma



Kissel entry 1080p

Title: Capitulation
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Kissel



ToS Contest 4 v3

Title: Leticia’s Revelation
Server: Klaipeda
Team Name: Lumenaurum